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Carsten Thiel is a Berlin born upper level leader in the pharmaceutical industry, with an extensive array of experiences in leadership positions across the private sector. Spearheading various successful product launches, launching large-scale marketing efforts for innovative treatments, and supporting teams of world renowned biomedical thinkers, Thiel’s repertoire includes impressive feats throughout the span of his professional career. As the newly appointed President Europe of EUSA Pharma, Thiel’s all-encompassing experiences have allowed him to successfully delve into the role, which was specifically created for him.   

Carsten Thiel
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Carsten Thiel
🏡 ResidenceNew York City, NY
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President Europe of EUSA Pharma
👔 EmployerEUSA Pharma
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Early Life[edit]

Born in Germany, Thiel’s parents were both medics, and imparted the importance of service to others. From an early time, Thiel showcased an interest in the sciences, and was particularly interested in the concept of human destiny, as implied by their DNA. Young Thiel excelled within his early studies in his native country, and went on to attend the United Kingdom’s University of Bristol to pursue his undergraduate studies. There, Thiel earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry.

Upon the completion of his undergraduate studies, Thiel was accepted to attend the highly selective Max Planck Institute For Biophysical Chemistry, where he focused his studies on the behavior of particular proteins involved in the changing of healthy cells into cancerous ones. Once again, Thiel remained an exemplary graduate student, and earned his PhD from the prestigious Max Planck Institute For Biophysical Chemistry.


After the completion of his formal studies, Thiel found himself immersed in a tough decision, one that would shape the outcome of his professional life. Accepted to Harvard University’s renowned post-doctoral research team, Thiel could have chosen a path of lifelong research within the field that interested him profusely. Instead, he chose to follow his instinct, and accepted a position at the highly innovative pharmaceutical company, Hoffman la-Roche.

Initially a Communications and Product Manager, Thiel honed his leadership skills, often leading a team in market research, working with vastly experienced leaders in their respective niches. Excelling within this role, Thiel was provided with the task of spearheading the company’s initial launch into the realm of mass market dietary aides, with the launch of the newly approved Xenical. Parlaying his previous experiences, as well as his unwavering ethical compass, into a unique marketing strategy for the product, Thiel perfected his leadership skills, knowledge of the medical marketing field, and ability to generate results. Within the first year in the market, the product performed very well, earning Thiel credence, and earning the company a positive reputation amongst consumers, a highly coveted accomplishment.

From there, Thiel went on to serve in many roles related to the biomedical world, including a year long stint as a Pharmaceutical Representative. Learning each aspect of the field, for Thiel, was a means to an end, and allowed him to be an effective leader. Thiel grasped at every opportunity to broaden his horizons, an act that would undoubtedly prepare him for his newest, and most impressive appointment.

Personal Life[edit]

As the newly minted President Europe of EUSA Pharma[1], Thiel combines his previously perfected skills, leverages his vast experience within the industry, and provides a wealth of knowledge for the ever-expanding company. Focusing on the areas of Oncology care, and the treatment of rare diseases, Thiel combines his comprehensive experience with his passion for serving underrepresented populations within the medical field.


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