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Christoph Santifaller

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Christoph Santifaller was born and raised in Munich, Germany, he was exposed to different cultures and perspectives from a young age. His school education included a two-year stay in London, United Kingdom and one year in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Upon graduating high school, he began honing his skills in marketing by completing an apprenticeship in Munich, and later, furthering his studies in communication and design in Salzburg, Austria.

He gained valuable experience and skills during his four-year tenure in Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa. In addition to his social obligations, he successfully managed an ice cube production facility and an entertainment center. Since then, he has focused on online marketing, specializing in the fields of real estate and tourism. Today, he advises Santifaller Organization, run by his wife Ayu.

With a background that spans from Germany, London, Boston, Salzburg and West Africa, Christoph has a unique perspective and global understanding of the Real estate and Tourism industry.

Christoph Santifaller is of boundless energy, with an insatiable appetite for adventure and an impressive range of interests and hobbies. He has always been a lover of the great outdoors and an advocate for staying active.

One of Christoph’s greatest passions is surfing, and he can often be found catching waves on some of the most stunning beaches in Bali. He is an accomplished surfer, having spent countless hours perfecting his craft, and hits the waves several times a week. Additionally, Christoph is a dedicated runner and makes a habit of pounding the sand every day.

During the winter months, Christoph likes to trade in his surfboard for skis and head to the Austrian Alps for a dose of skiing and breathtaking mountain vistas.

In addition to his love of surfing, running, and skiing, Christoph also enjoys playing paddle tennis and golf, and he has become quite skilled in both sports. His commitment to staying active and continuously seeking out new challenges is a true testament to his adventurous spirit and zest for life.

Christoph Santifaller is a man who thrives on new experiences and living life to the fullest. Surfing, running, skiing, paddle tennis, and golf are just some of the activities that keep him busy and fulfilled, and he is always on the lookout for his next great adventure. His unwavering dedication to maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle is a shining example to those around him.