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Commonwealth Wharf Bridge

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Commonwealth Wharf Bridge
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Carries2 lanes of roadway
Trams (until 2017)
CrossesLonchester Canal
LocaleBetween Warden and Isembard stations
BeginsNear Warden station
EndsCommonwealth Wharf
OwnerCity of Lonchester
Maintained byHaughton Foundry
Preceded byKey North Bridge
Followed byWarden Bridge
DesignCable-stayed bridge
No. of lanes2
Construction start2015
Construction end2015
TollFree both ways
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The Commonwealth Wharf Bridge[note 1] is a fictional cable-stayed road, formerly tram, bridge in Lonchester, Mind the Gap, an "experience" in the gaming and game development platform Roblox. It currently carries a 2-lane road. Until 2017 it carried the TramWay. When the latter closed, it was converted to a road bridge. It begins between Warden and Isembard stations, and ends at Commonwealth Wharf, where there is a guided busway. Formerly, TramWay continued to Ostbank station.



  1. Name is unofficial.