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Conservative left

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The conservative left or conservative socialism is a political combination of economic left socialism, principles of popular sovereignty with conservatism.


Left-wing conservatism is a combination, as a mixed idea defending the ideas of social justice and popular sovereignty, the defense of the family and traditional values as well as a left-wing nationalism mixed with a restriction of social progressivism, notably opposition to abortion rights, feminism and post-modernism.[1][2]


The conservative left is strongly anchored in Russian left-wing nationalism, often mixed with a strong adherence to Orthodox Christianity and its moral principles, in rejection of Westernization and right-wing economic liberalism deemed morally decadent.[3]

For Rabotyazhev “The possibility of the existence of such a political phenomenon as left-wing conservatism is explained by the fact that conservative and socialist ideologies initially had a number of points of contact. Conservatism and socialism, in reaction to the modernization process, rejected a liberal civilization based on individualism, rationalism and the power of money."[3]

Rabotyayev describes that the Izborsky Club is imbued with left-wing conservative thought, some members of which strive to achieve a synthesis of "red" (Soviet) and "white" (tsarist) traditions.[3]

The term "left-wing conservative" was used by the Russian nationalist writer Zakhar Prilepin for the founding of his political party, For Truth.[4]

A part of the Latin American left-wing that rejects neoliberalism by professing anti-imperialism and socialism has adopted socially conservative positions under the influence of religion.[2]

Religious socialism are also strongly imbued with conservatism through their moral principles.

“Left” as a relative position among conservatives[edit]

In the political spectrum, which supposes a rivalry between left and right, we naturally find some conservatives whose policies are relatively left-wing or close to innovation.[5]

“Conservative” positions on socialism: since the 1980s[edit]

Countries that moved from a socialist to a capitalist economy, such as Russia, which underwent a system change from the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China, which followed the course of reform and opening, attempt to conserve and maintain socialist elements.[6] Such a position is also called the Old Guard.[6]

“Conservative” left in the world[edit]

Many analysts describes as conservative and nationalist left slovak largest party Direction – Social Democracy, or romanian a bulgarian social democrats. In Czech republic is this political position represented by Communist party of Bohemia and Moravia, in Germany by Sahra Wagenknecht.


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