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Coppe Cantrell

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Coppe Cantrell
Breastplate Cover 400 x 400.png Breastplate Cover 400 x 400.png
🏡 ResidenceScottsdale, Az
🏳️ NationalityMixed race, my Father is black, Indian, Irish, Mom French, Spanish, Black, Greek, Indian
🏫 Educationsome College, and Trade School
💼 Occupation
Gospel Recording Artist, Business Owner
📆 Years active  13 years as a recording artist, 27 plus as a business owner
Notable workBehind the scenes working on my non-profit, serving others skid row, the mission
💵 SalaryNot Known
🏅 Awards#1 on world radio, and Euro radio
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Capucine Cantrell (born Nov 9, 1968) is an African American, mixed race, French, Indian, Spanish, and a number of other nationalities. Who later married Johnny Lee Jackson, to become, Capucine Jackson, she got her professional name from her dad who nicknamed her Coppe when she was just 10 months old. She is a gospel recording artist going by the name Coppe Cantrell, writer, producer, a businesswoman, and a philanthropist. She is the wife and mother of 2 children. Her native English. Her brand new single “Dance in The Dark”, has hit the number 1 spot on the World Indie Charts, and the European Indie Charts, in just 4 weeks of airplay. She is known for her boldness, and not afraid, to preach the non-compromising word of God in her music. Her song, “Pick the Gate”, that just entered radio, and gaining momentum has picked up 200 stations, in just 1 week, is a sign of her boldness. She has created 2 music videos, for each of her songs, one the official video, and the second lyrics videos. Her, YouTube Channel, is now being viewed by millions.

Early Life[edit]

Coppe was born into the Cantrell family. Her father owned his rubbish company with his father, and a landscaping business. Her mother worked for engineering companies, building helmets for jets, and was a nurse, before becoming a full-time stay at home mom. Capucine is number 6 of 11 children. Capucine did her primary education in Junior college, and a trade school. While in college, she did some sports medicine work, and was a cheerleader. She was born into a growing family, and lived modestly, but with having such a large family it was not a lavish lifestyle, and her and her siblings often shared clothing that was passed down from the oldest to the youngest. Christmas in those days were fun and she always looked for fun time with the family and remembered that was the time of getting something of her own new. Her loving parents who stayed together until the death of her father, met the needs of their family though it was touch raising a big family. Capucine being the middle child always having to be pushing the older ones up, to helping out the younger ones. She has been the one to help everyone in her family she never thought through marrying her husband Johnny “J”, that she would be able to give her family a better life, and it is through her continued support and giving that gets them through their lives, not just financially, but giving of her time to help them through their ordeals, she is always trying to fix things. Capucine could not have known that after losing her husband to suicide, that she would be given the gift to sing after reading the Bible. And getting saved, you see Capucine was tone deaf, God woke her up out of a sound sleep to give her the gift to sing and write gospel songs for him. Utilizing, the spiritual aspects of her life she has too end these generational curses placed on her family.


Coppe released her first album GOD’S PROJECT (Book I), and released her first single “Holy Groove”, on Nov 9, 2011, she had a warm reception of the song, and had the opportunity to sing in many churches, and at the Knotts Berry Farm Gospel Festival, where she was able to grace the stage with artist like the Nevil Sisters, Lecrae and many others. This was a new field for her, though the reception was warm there was not much success for Coppe, she did not have a lot of doors opened to her, because this was a new genre, and field. This soon would change, but not after releasing her 2ND album GOD’S PROJECT (Book II), her record company did not promote this digital release, and was as if it never was even put out. Things came to a halt, when various trials, deaths in the family, and herself became sick, after being exposed to some chemicals she put her career on hold. After dealing with the pandemic and recovering from the after effects of the chemical exposure, that left her with migraines 24 hours a day, shortness of breath, and pain throughout her entire body. Her faith in God, his healing power, and countless hours of acupuncture, and therapies. She moved her family to Scottsdale, Arizona, and has been able to recover, to get her life and career back on track. With the release of her new single “Dance in The Dark” which is currently number 1 on the World Indie Radio Charts, and number 1 on the European Indie Charts, is a new start to what God has promised her, and the doors that he has opened. Coppe will be releasing more singles in 2023 and her next album called “The Breastplate of Righteousness”.


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