DLInk DAP 1520 Setup

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The DLInk DAP 1520 is a wireless extender that connects with a prevailing WiFi network to repeat signals all over your home and offices. Get the best speed of 750 MBps by installing it to the most suitable position. Do the real time video streaming and online gaming even in a dead zone with a DAP 1520 device. It works with the latest 802.11ac WiFi standards The repeater is super simple to set up with WPS and web browser. The repeater uses the same network password as your prevalent home network has.

DLInk DAP 1520 Hardware Setup Instructions

Your WiFi box and the repeater must be proximate while doing the initial setup. After that, you can point to the dead zones. As the DLink DAP supports WPS and web browser setup, you can finish it within 5 minutes. The WPS setup is more brisk and it did not require any password and SSID. In spite of this, most of the users recommend web browser setup. Before that, you have to complete its hardware installation by putting it in the wall socket. Once the Power LED stabilizes, open the WLAN configuration on your PC or digital phone and connect with the DLink SSID. The SSID and passphrase are mentioned on the device back.

DLInk DAP 1520 Web Based Setup

Open any web browser and typify the web address http dlinkap local 1520 in the website section. Instead of the web address, you may also typify the IP address Do the login by leaving the passphrase section blank. If it is not giving access to the login page, then typify the password in the passphrase box as default. The Setup Wizard will reveal the interface. The basic home page will reveal which shows the current status of the DLink extender. Click the Setup Wizard symbol. Hit the next icon and it will show the WiFi network list after finishing the scanning process.

Pick the one network you have in your home to extend it. On the next interface, you have to typify the WiFi box passphrase. Set the network name and passphrase for both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks. It will tell you to obey the screen prompts to finish the web-based setup, follow it. At last, hit the save symbol to apply all the settings you modified. The DLink DAP 1520 device will boot up by itself. Once you have accomplished the setup, shut off the extender and inject to the wall socket at the dead zone

Troubleshoot your DLink DAP 1520 Extender Login

If you can't chase the web based setup page, then affirm first that the extender is firmly fixed to the wall socket and it is receiving electric current. Simultaneously, probe the router cord connections as well, It should be operating exquisitely. Affirm that you have placed the extender within the WiFi box range. Otherwise, the WiFi will not detect and it will generate an issue. Use the browser recommended by DLink such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. The web crawler should be updated to the latest version instead of the old one. Try to wipe the cookies, history, and cache of the web browser. If it still does not work, then switch to a new browser or reinstall the browser one more time.

If you are looking for the setup, then instead of dlinkap local, you can use the IP address If the web interface is still not open, then it may cause due to flawed internet connectivity or an outdated browser. Contact your internet service provider to get assure that they are giving you an internet speed as per your plan.

DLink DAP 1520 Factory Reset

If you have applied all the above tips and tricks, and you are not able to get into the web address yet, then try to reset the DLink DAP 1520 device. To reset, clasp and knob the reset button for around 10 seconds. If you are encountering an issue, then try utilizing a stick or identical tool to trigger into the reset button. The PWR LED initiates glowing randomly The repeater will boot up by itself, This process will take 1 to 2 minutes. Now stay till the PWR LED stabilizes. Once stabilized, it means the reset operation is successful. Now you have to configure it one more time to start enjoying the internet connection.