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David Kaplan

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David Kaplan
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Early Life:[edit]

David Kaplan is an independent entrepreneur, engineer, mathematician, philanthropist, system programmer, and successful project leader.


David Kaplan was born in the USSR on July 1, 1963. In 1985, graduated from the university in Vilnius with a major in mathematics and systems programming with game theory as the main area of expertise.

Main projects:[edit]

In the early 90s, David Kaplan became the citizen of Israel. He founded a company that offers consulting services for business transactions between Israel and the CIS countries. Privatization at the start of perestroika also created many business opportunities. This compelled David Kaplan to move to Moscow where he became a partner of a well-known Russian company (1) Technovaccum. The company has produced unique software, designed, and developed vacuum creating systems (VCS) for oil refineries in Russia and all over the world, as well as for extraction and storage of oil, and Technovacuum has 140 international patents.

In 2001, Russian businessman David Kaplan setup Megastone Technologie and became the head of its representative office in Moscow. Megastone Technologie is a consulting company with focus on consulting and project management, and sales of equipment of Technovacuum technology. Together, international companies Technovacuum and Megastone Technologie implemented the following projects: (2) Ryazan Oil Refinery (Ryazan, Russia), (3) Burgas Oil Refinery (Burgas, Bulgaria), (4) Mažeikiai Oil Refinery (Mažeikiai, Lithuania), (5) Ploiești Oil Refinery (Ploiești, Romania), (6) Volgograd Oil Refinery (Volgograd, Russia), and Technovacuum, 65 other oil refineries around the world. In 2004, David Kaplan founded a company that engaged in manufacturing of bended components from pipes of different sizes, the sale and shipment of metal pipes, production, sales, and supply of pipe components, as well as financing of the whole manufacturing process. Also in 2004, David Kaplan began construction of the designated oil-loading port at (7) Primorsk, one of largest in Europe. The port complex is the terminal point of the Baltic Pipeline System (BPS) located in the deep-water area in Baltic Sea of the mainland part of the Bay of Finland. The BPS project was designated by the Russian Government as a major strategic objective related to the export of Russian oil to the north and north-west. Each terminal enables to load of up to 30 mln tons of crude oil, and together up to 50 mln tons a year. Since its completion in 2006, the port has been used as a benchmark project of unique engineering and technology.

In 2006, David Kaplan established Log Global Ltd. He invested in construction and operation of Primorsk Oil-Loading Port not far from St. Petersburg (Baltic Sea). Primorsk Oil-Loading Port was in the business of oil transit (up to 30 mln tons a year from one terminal). The company also specializes in manufacturing, sale, and delivery components from metal pipes. Log Global Ltd. owned 33% stake in Primorsk Port.

During (8) the 2006 Lebanon War (known in Israel as Second Lebanon War), Kaplan’s generous donation enabled Keren Hayesod, Israel’s official fundraising organization, to renovate 17 bomb shelters at Nahariyya, spread across the whole city. The residents of Nahariyya expressed their gratitude to David Kaplan for protecting their children. The entrepreneur helped the people and the state of Israel to inform the whole world of the truth of those events. In those difficult times, his land needed support, and David Kaplan did everything he could (9) to protect the people of Israel.

In 2007-2013, David Kaplan sponsored chess tournaments and chess world. His goal was to promote this sport among the youth, which is why he invested money in a (10) chess encyclopedia, so that more people would learn about the game and fall in love with it.

In 2011-2013, David Kaplan was the Chairman of the company that managed important construction projects. The best known of those projects was the (11) Bolshoi Theater (2011) in Moscow, Russia. To restore and renovate the Bolshoi Theater, David Kaplan gathered the best restoration artists, designers, installers, and other professionals. Bolshoi Theater building is a heritage site under federal protection and a (12) UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of David Kaplan’s largest projects is the restoration of (13) Kronstadt Naval Cathedral, at Kronstadt, Russia (July 2009 – August 2012), also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In 2017, David Kaplan founded COG Limited. He invested his capital in the development of integrated e-commerce software (automatic systems and aggregators) and the growth of diversified SaaS marketplace that brings together vendors and clients.

David Kaplan has several patents for B2G for marketplaces software.

On October 8, 2017, an official ceremony was held in Jerusalem for the signing of cooperation agreement between the National Library of Russia and Israel to digitize and publish online (14) the famed Guenzburg collection. This collection is the world’s largest and one of the most treasured body of books and manuscripts in Hebrew. David Kaplan was an active participant of this landmark project. The ceremony was attended by many prominent people: Sarah Netanyahu, Lord Rothschild, Minister of Environmental Protection Ze’ev Elkin, Russia’s Ambassador to Israel Alexander Shein, National Library Chairman David Bloomberg.

The collection is currently kept at the National Library of Russia in Moscow. It contains almost nine thousand books printed in the 15th-19th cc., and over two thousand manuscripts, the earliest of which is dated the 12th century.

(15) David Kaplan made charitable donations for the restoration of Kronstadt Naval Cathedral, the Patriarch’s and Synodic residences at (16) Danilov Monastery, and many others. He has been awarded the Order of Russian Glory and Honor personally by (17) Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia.