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Dayo Dubose
Dayo Dubose

Dayo DuBose was born and raised in Boston Massachusetts. He possess a Bachelor’s Degree the from University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts, additionally, he hold a Juris Doctor’s Degree from Indiana University School of Law, Bloomington, Indiana and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Global Supply Chain Management from Indiana University Kelley School of Business.

After starting his career as a criminal defense and family law attorney Dayo Dubose was offered the opportunity to defend a stock broker during arbitration in a Financial Industry Regulatory Case (FINRA) After successfully defending the action he became fascinated with the business side of the law. Eventually he transitioned to helping small business in contracting disputes and gained enough experience to eventually defend those same businesses in contracting litigation against large companies.

After years as a contracts attorney Dayo DuBose eventually pivoted to working with pharmaceutical companies such as Takeda, helping them integrate the then new GDPR requirements into their current agreements and negotiate new terms Master Service Agreements. It was at Takeda that he caught the procurement bug.

His background encompasses excellent experience directing contract administration and management for companies spanning the technological, manufacturing, and law sectors. From maintaining key relationships with suppliers and service providers to negotiating optimal and cost-effective contract terms, providing legal counsel to in-house clients on a diverse range of transaction or litigation oriented legal matters, conducting indirect RFx preparation and administration of major contracts

Dayo DuBose gained extensive experience in contract management and procurement at Merck, and Estee Lauder. Dayo DuBose helped negotiate the major logistics contracts for the vaccine roll out at Johnson and Johnson. Dayo DuBose assisted in helping rebuild the procurement department of Chubb insurance after major resignations left it thin. He worked on planning, procurement, and logistics at Regeneron when primate shortages and lab space were devastating the market. Dayo DuBose brought change, stability, and growth to what was a greatly destabilized department at Regeneron.

Dayo DuBose is a married to Andrea DuBose and together they have three beautiful daughters. #girldad!  Dayo DuBose and his family currently live in the Tri-State area in particular Newark, NJ, where although Dayo DuBose has found some success has settled his family there because he wants to contribute to the continued growth of the city. He is a member of the historic Phi Beta Sigma fraternity and enjoys spending time with his fraternity brothers.

When Dayo DuBose is not spending time with his family, he is an avid sports fan. Dayo DuBose loves all things New England sports, whether it is the Patriots, Red Sox or Boston Celtics he thoroughly enjoys cheering on the team. Dayo recently got a chance to go to game four of the 2022 NBA finals in Boston.

When not with family, friends, or working he and his wife Andrea run a small transportation and Logistics company called DuBose Consulting and Logistics. To date they currently have 5 employees and are looking at over 1.2 million dollars in revenue in 2022.

Where would he like to go? He would love to teach at a historically black college or university, and Dayo DuBose would love to become Chief Procurement Office of a major company or municipality. To date Dayo DuBose has already saved his company over 50 million dollars in savings in just over 8 years in procurement. He truly loves the job and loves the excitement and challenges it brings.  He also loves being a husband and father and running what has become a multimillion-dollar business is excited about any and all new challenges that may forth coming.