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Della Beauty

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Della is a major Cambodian beauty brand headquartered in Phnom Penh. The company was founded in 2012 by Ms Leang Soriya, who has done her Masters in Commerce from Charles Sturt University in Australia. Her foray into natural beauty products has taken the local as well as the world market by storm. The company logo speaks for itself, Beautiful Inside & Out.


Della Beauty was founded in 2012 by Ms Leang Soriya, an enterprising businessperson from Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The company initially only dealt in clothing and accessories. In 2019, they diversified into organically derived beauty products consisting of essentials oils from natural herbs. Their skincare range is infused with teas, fruits, coconuts, and stem cells. It has always been their aim to provide unmatched skincare solutions in a natural and organic manner.

Product Range[edit]

Della Beauty understands how significant radiant skin is, to make a lasting impression. Della cosmetics and skincare products promise to enhance one’s confidence level because of the radiance their products provide. The products are clinically proven to maintain vibrant skin and with continuous application, the skin is nourished owing to the mineral-rich formulation.

Their diverse skincare product line fits every skin type. Hours of researching on natural ingredients have paved the path for nourishing creams, natural lotions, whitening masks, fragrant scrubs and essential oils.

The Product Range Comprises of:

1. Della Beauty Stem Cell

2. Organic Scrub

3. Della Premium Whitening Masks

4. Della Beauty Coco Soap

5. Della SOS Cream

6. Della Body Lotion

7. Della Avococo Clay Mask

8. Della Steam Box

Della Beauty Stem Cell: A unique skin repairing and anti-wrinkle formula. The product features the most sought-after powerful ingredient, namely the stem cell which is known to fight premature signs of aging. An interesting feature is that it reverses signs of aging along with providing ample moistness to the skin. The stem cell serum primarily targets at reducing wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, hydration, improving skin texture, and rashes.

Organic Scrub: Exfoliating the impurities from the facial skin gives it a fresh look. The organic ingredients can literally do wonders to the texture of the skin.

Della Premium Whitening Masks: The ingredients in the whitening masks are combined to create a unique formulation enriched with repairing capabilities that refines the skin texture, thereby providing an even complexion.

Della Beauty Coco Soap: Aimed at providing cleansing and repairing in one product, the Coco Soap has the quality to deeply cleans and nourish your skin at the same time. Its acne-fighting preparation helps fight breakouts and blemishes effectively.

Della SOS Cream: When it comes to fighting skin problems such as allergies, acne, rosacea, big pores, pigmentations, dull skin or sun spots, one SOS cream comes to your rescue. The cream not only soothes the affected area but also repairs the damage.

Della Body Lotion: The lotion brightens the skin giving it a smooth, radiant look, thereby reducing dark spot and stretch masks.

Della Avococo Clay Mask: Enriched with two star ingredients Avocado and Coco, the product is meant for attaining that glow that helps boost hydration, reduce imperfections, and even out skin tone.

Della Steam Box: An innovative home-spa set that not only saves time and money but is also hygienic. Reduce stress, promote metabolism and detox all at the comfort of your home.


Being herbal and at the same time organic, Della Beauty became an instant hit with the masses. Organic skincare has set out to become a new trend worldwide. The company specialises in whitening masks, soaps, natural lotions, scrubs, creams and the like which are sold to individuals and to beauty parlours too.

The products are available the world over through both online stores and at outlets, thanks to their vast distribution channels. The brand is creating a worldwide impression with its top-notch product line. The formulations are unique and invented by a team of experienced professionals of the beauty industry.

Research and Innovation[edit]

“Get Beauty Unlocked in a Natural & Organic Way” – Della Beauty

All skincare products at Della are made up of naturally acquired ingredients that are fertilizer, pesticides or GM free. The Della Beauty products are focussing on the cry which is the need of the hour- products that are organically derived from essential oils of natural herbs.

Developing organic products requires tremendous research and the products from Della Beauty are no exception. Tested by expert scientists from around the world, their products are formulated with specially derived ingredients to provide more skin penetration with greater effect. They take pride in the fact that their diverse skincare range is suitable for every skin type due to it being all-natural.

Products prepared with natural formulations usually garner substantial positive response because of their effectiveness and zero side effects. They are proven to maintain and enhance skin health, resulting in soft supple skin.

No to Animal Testing[edit]

Della Beauty does not support animal testing, Della Beauty's founder Ms Leang Soriya has stuck to her principles of no cruelty towards animals. None of its products or any of its ingredients have been tested on animals, anywhere in the world.

Head Office[edit]

Della Group has its head office at St 566, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Phone: +855 96 695 9555

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