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Diary of a High school girl

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Diary of a High School Girl

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Tina. She also has an Anna-named twin sister. Tina likes to keep a daily journal. However, she had a relatively typical life. Tina loves to write poetry, and it's the only thing she does well. She does not, however, ever reveal her poems to others. So no one is aware of her poetry-writing abilities. She only writes poems in her diary. But Tina never calls that book a diary in public; she just calls it a notebook because kids in her middle school think that only losers write diaries. That is why she always buys a diary that has no written diary on the book cover. She makes an effort to fit in at her middle school, but she is simply a nameless kid. Except for the school bullies, she never made friends and hardly ever caught the attention of other students. Although she has a difficult time at school, she is supported by a wonderful family. Her parents, her twin sister Anna, and her older brother. She will begin high school with her twin sister Anna, consequently, she is no longer in middle school. Anna has been home-schooled her entire life because of some heart issues. Her parents decided to send her to school because she was in good health. Since Tina's older brother just two years ago completed high school, he is an expert on this matter. One day at dinner time, Tina's mother asked Jake to have a conversation to Tina and Anna about his high school experiences. Jake explained that high school is quite different from other types of schools. You have to take a ton of lessons, and you need to dress like a cool kid. If so, the bullies will have a perfect target to pick on. Watch out for those mean girls. Anna questioned, "Who are those mean girls?" Then Jake persists, "There will always be a gang of mean girls in every high school, every year. Three, four, or five are all possible. Those mean girls are quite wealthy, and they also believe themselves to be incredibly attractive. If you stay out of their way, there won't be any issues, but if you try to annoy them or outdo them in popularity, they'll ruin your life. Then, when Jake tries to continue talking about mean girls, his mother stops him because she thinks he's making Anna afraid. The following day was Tina and Anna's first day of high school. Because Anna was so childish, Tina told her how to act like a cool student the night before. Next, they went to their school. Everything at school was going smoothly until they looked at their schedule and realized their classes weren't the same, requiring Anna to switch to her class. Tina first worried for Anna, but she later made the decision to put her own needs first. . Tina walks into her first class and finds a seat. A strange-looking girl requests for her to sit next to her, but Tina declines because she thinks she looks so strange and filthy. Unfortunately, Tina's seat was taken by one of the mean girls, who then made her sit somewhere else. Tina was spared from having to sit next to the girl who looked unclean. Tina and Anna catch up during lunch, but no one will let them sit next to them, so they are forced to sit alone. One week later, Tina hits herself, noting that she had held it together for a week and that it was now the weekend. Tina didn't have any plans for the weekend, but Anna is going to a singing competition on Sunday. Anna won first place, and as a result of her lovely voice, she got an offer to work as a recording artist. So, after the weekend, when they went back to school, Anna became very popular. Anna had no time for Tina and everyone else wanted to sit with her. Tina consequently feels lonely. Tina mistakenly believed that because her sister was by her side, she wouldn't feel lonely. Tina is not the only one who feels jealous of Anna. Also, the mean girls are jealous of Anna because all the students are paying attention to her more than them. One day, Tina was writing poems because she had participated in a poem-writing concert in school. While she was writing the poem, Anna came to her room and asked her if she could help, but Tina wouldn’t let her help and asked her to leave the room. The next day at school, one of the mean girls came to Anna and asked her to steal the poem from Tina because she also participated in a poem-writing concert and she didn’t know anything about poems. Anna didn’t understand that and she thought that the mean girl was asking her for that poem because she wanted to read it, so she stole the poem from Tina and gave it to that mean girl.The next day at school, the teacher was announcing the winner of the in-poem writing contest and the poem named "Rainbow," which was Tina’s poem, so Tina knew that she was the winner, but when the name was announced, it was that mean girl's name, but it couldn’t be because the poem was Tina. Tina thought that the mean girl stole her poem, but there was no way that the mean girl stole her poem because she didn’t even know about Tina. The only one who knew about the Tina poem was Anna. So, she asks Anna if she stole her poem from that mean girl. “I didn’t know you were writing that poem for consent, and I thought that mean girl was asking for that poem just to read. I didn’t know she would do that." Tina understood Anna, but she was angry at Anna, so she decided not to talk with Anna and stay away from Anna and all the people from school. One day as she was moving through the school corridor, she noticed three mean girls harassing Anna. Those mean girls are jealous of Anna's popularity growth compared to them. When Tina informs the teacher, the girls are sent to detention. Anna praises Tina for protecting her, and Tina then understands that she shouldn't be jealous of Anna's fame since she loves her sister no matter what. She didn't need to feel lonely even if she had no friends. She has her sister by her side, so she doesn't have to feel bad about not having friends even though her sister is busy with her friends.

Knowing this, she made the decision to start a fresh diary for the new academic year. '

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