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Duncan Levin

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Duncan Levin
Born (1975-07-14) July 14, 1975 (age 48)
New York City, New York, U.S.
🏳️ NationalityAmerican
🏫 Education
💼 Occupation
👔 EmployerLevin & Associates, PLLC
Notable work
  • Representation of Harvey Weinstein
  • Representation of Clare Bronfman
  • Representation of Anna Sorokin
  • Representation of Jennifer Weisselberg
  • Representation of Oleg Deripaska
  • Representation of Miles Kwok
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Duncan Levin (born July 14, 1975) is an American criminal defense attorney who has represented several high-profile defendants including Harvey Weinstein and Oleg Deripaska. He is the founding partner in the Manhattan-based law firm Levin & Associates PLLC..[1] [2]

Early Life and Education[edit]

Levin was born in New York City, where he attended Horace Mann High School [3]. He is a graduate of Yale College, where he graduated magna cum laude, and received his J.D degree at Yale Law School [4].

Legal Career[edit]

Duncan Levin was admitted to the New York State Bar in 2003.[5]

Federal prosecutor[edit]

In 2004, Levin served as Manhattan Assistant District Attorney in the Eastern District of New York, focusing on financial crime, money laundering, and the Bank Secrecy Act.[6] [7] He was overseen by the U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch during his tenure, who went on to become the U.S. Attorney General [8]

In 2010 Levin oversaw the American government’s case to recover and return a stolen Degas painting to the French government [9].

Duncan Levin was the author of a criminal forfeiture and monetary recovery statute that was part of Governor Cuomo's 2012 budget proposal [10].

In 2014, Levin helped recover a $55 million asset forfeiture against Structure Tone, Inc. [11]

Duncan Levin served as forfeiture chief for Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr., and was responsible for managing criminal and civil asset forfeiture and money laundering. These cases included international corruption, white-collar fraud, identity theft, organized crime, terrorist financing, and narcotics cases[11] [12] [13]

Levin was the main contact with the U.S. Department of Justice on the forfeiture of $1.9 billion in the HSBC OFAC sanctions case and $350 million in the Standard Chartered OFAC sanctions case [14].

Levin served as counsel to the procedure committee of the White Collar Crimes Task Force of the District Attorney’s Association of the State of New York [14].

Defense attorney[edit]

In 2013, Levin left the U.S. Attorney’s Office and founded Tucker Levin, PLLC, a New York City-based bespoke legal consulting firm, with his partner Michael Tucker.[15]. The firm later changed its name to Levin & Associates, PLLC. [16]

In 2016, Duncan Levin assisted rapper Wiz Khalifa in establishing his cannabis company, "Young Wild and Free." The company offers a range of branded products, including the famous Khalifa Kush strain and a wax concentrate called Wiz Wax[17]

In June 2017, Duncan Levin represented Miles Kwok, Chinese real estate magnate also known as Guo Wengui, in multiple libel and defamation lawsuits filed against him in the U.S. [18]. Levin and Kwok ceased their relationship in 2019 [19].

In 2018, Duncan Levin served as legal counsel for music executive Charlie Walk, the head of Republic Records and judge on the television show "The Four." Walk was facing allegations that a former employee was attempting to extort him prior to making a claim against him for sexual misconduct. Levin filed a complaint with the Manhattan District Attorney's Office and head Walk's legal team [20][21].

In January 2019, Duncan Levin represented Harvey Weinstein, the former Hollywood producer accused of sexual assault and rape in his ‘dream team’ of defense lawyers.[22] [23] [24].

In 2019, Duncan Levin served as legal counsel for Manhattan attorney Steven Etkind, who was facing charges of stealing money intended for charity from a wealthy Long Island client's estate, using it to purchase a $3 million Southampton beach mansion, and failing to pay taxes on it. Levin argued that Etkind's actions of redirecting funds into the beach house and deceiving the IRS from 2009 to 2012 were "aberrant." [25][26].

In 2020, Duncan Levin was retained by former Libyan military commander Khalifa Haftar to defend against federal lawsuits in the United States that accused him of committing atrocities through his military company. The lawsuits specifically alleged Haftar of committing torture and extrajudicial killings. However, in 2021, Levin withdrew from the case shortly after the U.S. State Department declined to grant diplomatic immunity to Haftar [27][28].

In 2020, Levin was chosen to represent Seagram heiress and former NXIVM leader Clare Bronfman [29]. In 2020, Duncan Levin issued a statement to CNN following her sentencing. In the statement, Levin argued that Bronfman was anticipating punishment for her guilty plea, but believed that her sentence was too severe in light of her conduct. Despite media reports suggesting otherwise, the court determined that Bronfman did not finance a sex cult [30]. Bronfman intends to appeal the decision promptly and with determination. As of 2022, Levin successfully argued against the US government to drop the sex-offender label from Bronfman’s file [31] .

In September 2021, Levin represented Jennifer Weisselberg, the daughter-in-law of Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg. Weisselberg was in possession of documents relevant to investigators from the Manhattan DA's office and the New York attorney general's office [32][33]. Levin confirmed to the NY Times that Ms. Weisselberg was committed to cooperating with law enforcement [34].

In 2022, Levin filed a petition on behalf of Oleg Deripaska, the Russian billionaire and ally of Vladimir Putin, who faced U.S. sanctions for his alleged involvement in election interference and other malign activities, asking the U.S. to lift sanctions issued against him [35]. In July 2022, Levin lodged an ethics complaint against Delvey’s former lawyer, accusing her of withholding documentary evidencen

In 2022, Duncan Levin began representing Anna Sorokin, known as Anna Delvey, the subject of the Netflix series ‘Inventing Anna’ [36]. In July 2022, Levin lodged an ethics complaint against Delvey’s former lawyer, accusing her of withholding documentary evidence [37]. In October 2022, Levin successfully argued for Sorokin’s removal from a New York prison [38]. In January 2023, Levin confirmed to Page Six that Sorokin was developing a reality TV project [39].

As of 2022, Duncan Levin represented billionaire real-estate mogul Patrick Carroll [40]. In August 2022, Carroll was involved in an alleged 'billionaire brawl' in Capri. Levin told Page Six that what was meant to be a fun night out had become unnecessary drama and that everyone had spoken and things were good now. In January 2023, Page Six reported that Carroll had decided against donating $1.5 million to UNICEF after dubbing the organization "fraudulent" [41]. Duncan Levin told Page Six that Carroll is a philanthropist and will continue to donate to organizations when money actually reaches those in need.


In 2014, Duncan Levin joined security firm Pegasus Capital as Senior Vice President of Financial Intelligence [42].

Levin serves on the board of directors for Rebellion Research [43], General Cannabis [44], and GoFire [45].

Levin is a member of the New York State Forfeiture Law Advisory Group and serves on the Criminal Law committee of the Bar Association for the City of New York [10]

Duncan Levin has been included in the Yahoo Finance and Hollywood Digest "Top Successful Entrepreneurs to Watch" list [46]

Duncan Levin is a commentator and frequent contributor to Law & Crime TV[47]


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