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Eatbrain logo.jpg
Founded2011 (2011)
FounderJade (drum and bass producer)
Distributor(s)Triple Vision Distribution
GenreDrum and bass
Country of originHungary
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Eatbrain is Drum and Bass focused independent record label based in Budapest, Hungary. Founded by Simon Gábor aka Jade (drum and bass producer)[1] in 2011. Under his direction, Eatbrain has slowly but surely grew by giving home to artists such as L 33, Agressor Bunx, Mindscape or Teddy Killerz.[2]


Simon Gábor has decided to start Eatbrain in 2011 with the label's first release, EATBRAIN001: Jade & State of Mind - Here We Go / Audio Hypnosis. After the third EP Eatbrain has arrived to it's biggest milestone by signing Mefjus and Zombie Cats[3]. EATBRAIN004: Puppet Master / Hot Glue had a big impact on the the industry. Since 2011, Eatbrain has achieved a widespread recognition as a symbol of quality in Drum & Bass and with a focus on quality over quantity, Eatbrain has quickly become a trusted source. It's through this taste-maker perspective that the label has seen to the release of numerous classics and anthems which have added to the ever-growing neurofunk DNB sound. The last few years have also seen the label expand into it's label nights and visited venues all around the globe.

Beside the Eatbrain Nights[4] they have created a new formation which is entitled, Eatbrain League.[5] It includes an always varied performance of 3-4 artists from label's artist roster.[6] Now Eatbrain had more than 60 releases by names like, Fourward, Synergy, Billain or Dub Elements and won the 'best label' prize at the czech Drum & Bass awards. [7]

Current Eatbrain artist roster[edit]

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  • Jade (drum and bass producer)
  • A-Cray
  • Aeph
  • Agressor Bunx
  • Akov
  • A.M.C
  • Axiom
  • Billain
  • Bl4ck Owlz
  • Black Sun Empire
  • BTK
  • Chris.Su
  • Cod3x
  • Computerartist
  • Crissy Criss
  • Dabs
  • Disphonia
  • Disprove
  • Dose
  • Dub Elements
  • Erb N Dub
  • Fourward
  • Fragz
  • Gancher & Ruin
  • Gydra
  • Hypoxia
  • Hyqxyz
  • Joe Ford
  • June Miller
  • Kodin
  • Kolt
  • Kung
  • Kursiva
  • L 33
  • Lockjaw
  • Logam
  • Machine Code
  • Magnetude
  • Malux
  • Maniatics
  • Mark Galaxy
  • Maztek
  • Mefjus
  • Mindscape
  • Mizo
  • Mob Tactics
  • NC-17
  • Neonlight
  • Nickbee
  • nScape
  • Optiv
  • Phentix
  • Prolix
  • Qo
  • RedPill
  • Safra
  • Signal
  • Signs
  • Splash Heads
  • State of Mind (band)
  • Synergy
  • Task Horizon
  • Teddy Killerz
  • Telekinesis
  • The Clamps
  • Tobax
  • Trilo
  • Vidual
  • Zombie Cats
  • 2N



  • EATBRAIN001 Jade & State of Mind: Here We Go/ Audio Hypnosis
  • EATBRAIN002 Mindscape & Dose: The Venom Remix EP
  • EATBRAIN003 Black Sun Empire & Fourward: The Venom Remix EP


  • EATBRAIN004 Neonlight & Mefjus: Puppet Master/ Hot Glue
  • EATBRAIN005 Jade: Smashface/ Test Subject


  • EATBRAIN006 Telekinesis: The Nightwalkers EP
  • EATBRAIN007 Teddy Killerz: The Violence EP


  • EATBRAIN008 NickBee: Animal Rage EP
  • EATBRAIN009 Mindscape: Rat Pack EP
  • Tales Of The Undead LP: VA
  • EATBRAIN010 Zombie Cats & Mefjus: Must Eat EP


  • EATBRAIN011 Kung: Devil's Finger EP
  • EATBRAIN013 State of Mind: The Full Force EP
  • EATBRAIN014 L 33: Scream EP
  • EATBRAIN015 Signs: Naked Lunch EP
  • EATBRAIN016 Dabs: Rawbot EP
  • EATBRAIN017 Hypoxia: Anova EP
  • EATBRAIN018 MachineCode: Terraform EP


  • EATBRAIN019 Billain: Colonize EP
  • EATBRAIN020 Gydra: Cyborg EP
  • Mirror Universe Album Sampler: VA
  • Mirror Universe 1: VA
  • Mirror Universe 2: VA
  • EATBRAIN021 Agressor Bunx: The Order EP
  • EATBRAIN022 L 33: Karate Album Sampler
  • EATBRAIN023 VA: Eatbrain Goes To Let It Roll
  • EATBRAIN024 Segment & Concept Vision: The Mammoth EP
  • EATBRAIN025 Hypoxia: Cognition EP
  • EATBRAIN022 L 33: Karate LP
  • EATBRAIN026 MachineCode: Mechtropolis Album Sampler
  • EATBRAIN027 Gancher & Ruin: The Chase EP


  • EATBRAIN028 Segment & Concept Vision: Roar EP
  • EATBRAIN029 Maztek: Grinder EP
  • EATBRAIN LP005 MachineCode: Mechtropolis LP
  • EATBRAIN030 Disprove: Damage EP
  • EATBRAIN031 NickBee: The Gears EP
  • EATBRAIN032 Bl4ck Owlz: Face Scraper EP
  • EATBRAIN033 Zombie Cats: Alive EP
  • EATBRAIN034 Chris.SU: Solar Eclipse EP
  • EATBRAIN035 Synergy: Helion EP
  • EATBRAIN036 L 33: Karate LP: Black Belt Edition
  • EATBRAIN037 Agressor Bunx: Properties Of Addiciton Sampler
  • EATBRAIN038 State Of Mind: Automata EP
  • EATBRAIN LP006 Agressor Bunx: Properties Of Addiction LP
  • EATBRAIN039 Malux: Warp Drive EP
  • EATBRAIN040 RedPill: Corruption EP
  • EATBRAIN041 VA: Eatbrain Goes To Let It Roll
  • EATBRAIN042 VA: Kryptomedic EP
  • EATBRAIN043 Dub Elements: Invasion EP
  • EATBRAIN044 Telekinesis: No Brain No Pain EP
  • EATBRAIN045 Mizo: Soul Reaper EP
  • EATBRAIN046 Magnetude: Steam Funk EP
  • EATBRAIN047 Gydra: Killparty EP
  • EATBRAIN048 AKOV: Shapeshifter EP
  • EATBRAIN049 Mindscape: The Reanimator Chapter I


  • EATBRAIN050 RedPill: Call Of The Warchief EP
  • EATBRAIN051 L 33: Mafia EP
  • EATBRAIN052 Task Horizon: Overclocking Reality EP
  • EATBRAIN053 Fourward: Wölfe EP
  • EATBRAIN LP007 VA: Divergence LP
  • EATBRAIN054 Teddy Killerz: Hellblade EP
  • EATBRAIN055 Synergy: Dark Machine EP
  • EATBRAIN056 Jade: Awake EP
  • EATBRAIN057 Agressor Bunx: Massacre EP
  • EATBRAIN058 Mindscape: The Reanimator Chapter II
  • EATBRAIN059 KOLT: Octopus EP
  • EATBRAIN060 Mob Tactics: Dinosaur Rock EP
  • EATBRAIN061 COD3X: Illegal Sound EP


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