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Emperor Blackgate

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Emperor Blackgate
File:Emperor Blackgate on the cover of Detective Comics.jpg
Emperor Blackgate strangling Batman as seen in Detective Comics Vol. 2 #20.
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceDetective Comics Vol. 2 #13 (December 2012)
Created byJohn Layman
Jason Fabok
In-story information
Alter egoIgnatius Ogilvy
Team affiliationsSecret Society of Super Villains
Notable aliasesEmperor Penguin
Enhanced durability

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Emperor Blackgate is the name of a DC Comics supervillain. He made his debut after DC rebooted its continuity with The New 52.

Publication history[edit]

Emperor Blackgate first appeared in Detective Comics Vol. 2 #13 (December 2012) and was created by John Layman and Jason Fabok.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Some time ago, Ignatius Ogilvy's parents had been murdered outside the Monarch Theater, not unlike that of a familiar wealthy billionaire known as Bruce Wayne. His father Ed Ogilvy had been a small-time crook some time ago. He had been loyal to his employers, but was murdered in the process of a business negotiation. After his father's death, Ignatius worked his way to becoming one of the Penguin's top lieutenants and eventually his right hand man. While his father had never rocked the boat, Ignatius had seen how that worked out for him and decided to own the boat.[1]

Ignatius Ogilvy was a young boy when he joined the Penguin's gang. He started off as a runner and a watchman. Ignatius first encountered Batman during an operation for the Penguin. Batman beat Ignatius' entire crew. Seeing the boy terrified in the corner, Batman walked over to Ignatius and threatened him to stay out of trouble. Obviously, the boy did not comply. Ignatius stayed with the Penguin going up in ranks after many operations. During one of those experiences, Ogilvy fought Batman as a normal henchman and took three batarangs to his left arm leaving a deep scar. After many more missions, Ignatius became one of the Penguin's right-hand men. Before long, Ogilvy became Cobblepot's favorite. The Penguin sent Ignatius on a mission by himself to collect data from a bank with a new recruit. While Ignatius got the data, the new recruit raided the bank's vault trying to impress the Penguin. However, Ignatius was not impressed and killed the man for being 'too smart'.[2]

When Joker returned to Gotham City, Penguin was recruited by the Joker to help with his plan at Arkham Asylum.[3] Penguin put Ignatius in charge of his operations in his temporary absence. However, Ignatius used the Penguin's absence to take over his gang completely. Ignatius freed Poison Ivy from an almost inescapable death and then began working under the alias of "Emperor Penguin".[4] Emperor Penguin then takes over Penguin's operations.[5]

Taking up Poison Ivy on a debt after freeing her,[6] Emperor Penguin used a combination of several drugs including Venom, the Man-Bat Serum, and some of Poison Ivy's plant manipulations in order to make himself develop superhuman strength and durability in addition to changing his physical appearance. Though he was ultimately taken down by the combined forces of the Penguin and Batman, he managed to shake Penguin's power base and put his name in the history books. After killing "the Boss" of Blackgate Penitentiary upon being incarcerated there, Emperor Penguin became the new leader of the crime organizations there as well where he takes the name of "Emperor Blackgate".[7] Emperor Blackgate later met the Wrath as they both form a partnership.[8]

During the Forever Evil storyline, Emperor Blackgate appears as a member of the Crime Syndicate of America's incarnation of the Secret Society of Super Villains.[9] Bane retrieves Emperor Blackgate for the Penguin as part of their agreement. When he brings him to the Penguin, he tells Emperor Blackgate that the Arkham fighters are not scared of Bane as he does not instill fear as Batman did.[10]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Ignatius Ogilvy is an expert tactician with a vast knowledge and understanding of Gotham City's criminal underworld. As the Emperor Penguin, he helped himself to the Penguin's trick umbrellas. Later on, Ogilvy gains superhuman strength and durability by injecting a potent combination of the powers of Poison Ivy, the drug Venom, and the Man-Bat serum into himself.


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