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England's Greatest Pride - By Christen Kuikoua

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Christen kuikoua Was So Sad To Hear The Death Of Queen Elizabeth That it Led Him To Write a Quote

England's Greatest Pride - By Christen Kuikoua[edit]

Your years have been long and beautiful

You Ruled with Power and Might

Your majesty and your reign were not in question

Because God made you our greatest pride

Unfortunately, today you disappeared in the middle of the unknown

But forever, We your people will remember you Our Beloved Queen,

Queen Elizabeth, Long Lived Your Reign,

For you have delivered us from evil

And make us a family,

Although you left the throne

You will always live in our hearts

'Cause you swore to lead us with truth and integrity

Oh Dear Queen what you have done

But now you're gone

What a bitter pain

What an unpleasant reality

Our Beloved Queen is gone,

Together in unity,

We England honor your reign

The mother of our nation you were

The main soul of England

Forever your reign will be engraved

And celebrated for generations to come

Rest in Peace My Beloved Queen

England's Greatest Pride