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Since there is no 1 good skin routine that’s universal, everyone experiments and finds one that suits their skin the best. As for Body Detan, there are a few suggestions that can be followed for good results. We will be using the Daluss detan with multiple skin routine products since they blend well together. What does a detan do? Why is it so important? So, a detan is the process of removing dirt and radiation from the skin. Caused by the harmful UAV rays from the sun. Thus helping balance the skin tone by removing the tanned skin. The Deten skin care routine suggestions: Start with a good face wash to cleanse and get rid of all the dirt caused by pollution.

A Detan face scrub after the face wash is a good way to go. For a Body Detan, you can use the detan body scrub from Daluss.

Use a papaya-rich lotion or cream to nourish the detanned skin.

An Aloe Vera-based moisturizer is good for exfoliated skin.

A sunscreen or an SPF-based moisturizer to finish up. And thus Daluss provides 100% natural products which are cruelty-free, for more information visit Daluss.