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Learn from lectures by the world’s greatest minds. Watch your insights grow and your universe expand.
EXPAND YOUR UNIVERSE Learn from lectures by the world’s greatest minds. Watch your insights grow and your universe expand!
Type of Business OTT Streaming Platform
Launched February 22, 2022
Available in English

GREAT MINDS is a subscription streaming service launched on February 22, 2022. It offers Lectures from the world’s greatest intellects, which are available for global viewing in 6 languages. (English, French, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese.) Video lectures can be accessed at any time, anywhere with a smartphone, tablet, or PC. At the end of 2021, the platform opened a two-month beta trial service.

With the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in full swing and a contact-free society routinized due to COVID-19, “Great Minds” was designed with a sense of mission to provide a universal education service. Also, it had the aim of actualizing “knowledge democracy” and “educational revolution” with the best knowledge the world has to offer, through public distribution on the Internet, in a time with social class knowledge gaps widening and disinformation becoming rampant throughout social media.


The world’s leading scholars including Yuval Noah Harari (history), Michael Sandel (political philosophy), Judith Butler (gender theory), Paul Robin Krugman (economics), Esther Duflo (economics), Joseph S. Nye Jr. (political science), Sir Paul Nurse (genetics), Robert Weinberg (medicine), John L. Hennessey (IT), Yoshua Bengio (IT), and Daniel Barenboim (music), additionally to other leading intellects of the current generation will deliver their personally prepared lectures to the world viewers. Amidst a sea of miscellaneous information, they will offer exceptional insight with a realistic assessment of the times and wisdom to prepare for the future society.

Current Lectures[edit]

Lecturer Lecture Subtitles Category Introduction
Joseph S. Nye What Makes a True Leader? How to Find a Leader Politics Former Dean of the Harvard Kennedy School
The Sources of Power
Leadership Skills (I)
Leadership Skills (II)
Ethical Leadership
The Attributes of Global Leaders
Paul Krugman The World Economy Post COVID-19 2019 The Calm Before the Storm Economy Winner of 2008 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences
2020 The Pandemic
2021 Hope and Fear
2023 Post-Pandemic
The Ultimate Issue
Judith Butler Why Gender? How to Define It Philosophy Professor of Rhetoric and Comparative Literature at UC Berkeley
Not a Choice but a Reality
The Language Barrier
Center of Controversy
How to Live
Dan Ariely The Psychology of Money The Trap of Money Economy Professor of behavioral economics at Duke University
The Price of Payment
The Agony of Payment
The Value of Relationships
The Secret of Motivation
Richard Nisbett How We Think the Way We Think East vs West: Difference of Perception Psychology Professor of social psychology at the University of Michigan
East vs West: Who is Right?
Subconscious, Ruler of Consciousness
Subconscious, Primeval Ability
Intelligence: Genetics or Environment?
Peter Singer Effective Altruism Why Utilitarianism? Philosophy Professor of bioethics at Princeton University
Effective Altruism
Animal Liberation: Theory
Animal Theory: Practice
How to Live
Robert Weinberg Can Cancer Be Cured? What is Cancer? Science Professor of Biomedicine, MIT
What Causes Cancer?
How does Cancer Spread?
How Metastasis Occurs?
Will There Be a Cure?
Joseph LeDoux Using the Brain to Understand Fear and Anxiety The Scientist Who Studies Emotion Science Professor at New York University

and the director of the Emotional Brain Institute

The Pathway to Fear
The Truth of the Amygdala
Fear and Anxiety
The Theory of the Evolution of Emotions
Vinod Aggarwal The Global Trade War Start of GATT-WTO Politics Professor of Political Science and Director of the Berkeley APEC Study Center (BASC) at the University of California at Berkeley
Free Trade Agreement
US-China Technological Hegemon
US-China Economic Tactics
The In-between Countries

Coming soon Lectures[edit]

Lecturer Lecture Category Introduction
Erwin Chemerinsky What is a Fundamental Right? Philosophy Dean of the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law and expert on US constitutional law
John L. Hennessy Behind the Success of Silicon Valley Management Chairman of Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company
Paul Nurse What is Life? Science 61st President of the Royal Society, his predecessors include Newton and Huxley
Lisa Randall The Unsung Hero: Dark Matter Science Advocate of the 5-dimensional Warped Geometry Theory of the universe
Stephen Krasner Does Wealth Bring Democracy? Politics Emeritus Professor of International Relations at Stanford University
Jeffrey Sachs Sustainable Development Economy President of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network
Yuval Harari How to Survive in the Era of AI History Professor of History at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Andrew Ng A Crash Course on Artificial Intelligence ICT Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Stanford University
Daron Acemoglu Why Nations Fail Economy Professor of Economics at MIT

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