HCR Wealth Advisors

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HCR Wealth Advisors
HCR Wealth Advisors
Native name
HCR Wealth Advisors
Financial Advisors
Founded 📆1988
Founder 👔Greg Heller
Headquarters 🏙️California,
Los Angeles
United States
Areas served 🗺️
Los Angeles
Key people
Greg Heller,Steve Weinberger,Jordan Kahn,Sam Puathasnanon,Michelle Katz,Dave Hindler,Alyssa Phillips,Shawn Landis,Carl Aschenbrenner,Jordan Hanson,Mikki Murty,Debra Gottlieb,Jane Whiteman,Elizabeth Villegas,Michelle Tu-Morgan,Amberly Hindler
OwnersGreg Heller
Number of employees
🌐 Websitehttps://www.hcrwealth.com/team/
📇 Address
📞 telephone

HCR Wealth Advisors
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HCR Wealth Advisors is a Los Angeles-based wealth and investment advisory firm that was established in 1988. It offers a rich portfolio of services including financial and estate planning, investment, risk and cash management, tax strategies, philanthropy as well as few value-added services such as a trusted network, through leadership, business consulting and custom need-based services.

It is mostly known for its client-centered approach that has resulted in an unmatched reputation of a successful wealth advisory firm with a strong commitment to the individuals they serve and a fee structure that is transparent, yielding objective and ideal financial outcomes. HCR’s team is made up of reputable and seasoned advisors, each of which contribute to the firm’s mission of keeping their clients first while helping them achieve their financial and ultimately life goals. The team is collaborative while maintaining a sharp focus on the clients’ interests so that they can achieve the financial aims they have set out for themselves. All of this is based on each client’s unique lifestyle and personal preference.

In addition to a devoted team of advisors and a client-first approach, HCR Wealth Advisors sets itself apart for a few other reasons. The firm is not driven by any types of fees or financial considerations from mutual fund companies or money managers. It also offers its clients proprietary strategies without relying on proprietary products, and their work is based on an advisory model that offers objective guidance. Another feature of the firm is that its clients’ accounts are held at institutions that are SIPC-insured.

Ultimately, HCR’s mission is driven by a fiduciary responsibility to put the clients above all interests. In other words, each decision is made in its clients’ best interests to help them move just one step closer to their ultimate financial and life goals.

The Clarity FormulaTM[edit]

HCR Wealth Advisors is cognizant of their clients’ unique situations and paths in life. As such, it has created an innovative approach to address each of their client’s circumstances, called The Clarity FormulaTM. The method offers a comprehensive, transparent, and customizable outline and thereby equips the clients with the know-how to progress confidently toward the ultimate goal.

The Clarity FormulaTM encompasses a total of eight categories that cover clients’ needs and/or circumstances.

Financial Planning[edit]

This category focuses on processes such as financial analysis, retirement planning, income review, budgeting, and net worth analysis.

Investment Management[edit]

Under the Investment Management category, clients have access to advice on active portfolio management, market research, buy & sell advice, real estate analysis, alternative investments, and individual stocks & bonds.

Estate Planning[edit]

Under the Estate Planning umbrella, HCR focuses on areas such as multi-generational planning, trust review, account title review, tax reduction analysis, and legacy planning.

Risk Management[edit]

The Risk Management category focuses on insurance review, asset protection recommendations, personal coverage review, and business protection analysis.

Tax Strategies[edit]

This category encompasses services such as year-end tax loss harvesting, tax efficient allocations, tax return review, and retirement plan optimization.

Cash Management[edit]

HCR offers cash management advisory services focusing on cash flow analysis, debt structuring, ash optimization, competitive margin rates, and pledged asset lines.


Under the category of Philanthropy, HCR offers advice on processes revolving around charitable giving, donor advised funds, charitable trust, and foundations.

Value Added Services[edit]

This category focuses on advising in areas such as trusted network, thought leadership, business consulting, and custom areas that are tailored to the clients’ unique needs.

Client Experience[edit]

In addition to HCR’s unparalleled financial advisory expertise, the firm has carefully curated an unmatched client experience. It achieved this by firmly focusing on the uniqueness of each of their clients’ personal situations and building a repertoire of services and professionals around it. HCR does not use any proprietary investment products and as such is not limited by them. Below are some of the client categories that highlight the aforementioned unique client experiences.


Athletes are HCR’s key client categories as they are resonant of the firm’s competitive drive as well as its endless focus on its clients having the advantage when it comes to wealth management.  As such, the collaborative advisory team offers several services including advice on supplemental income, charity/philanthropic strategies, tax strategies, financial education, and transitional advisory services.

Business Owner[edit]

Realizing the various simultaneous responsibilities that business owners have, HCR offers services that enable its entrepreneurs a peace of mind when it comes to effective management personal as well as business finances. These include advice on cash management strategies, CPA and M&A networking, deal assessment, long-term financial designs, and retirement plan structure.


The advisors at HCR are well equipped to help clients maintain financial stability during one of the most unstable times of their lives. With that in mind, the firm offers clients in this category the support they need while remaining educated and empowered.  Clients will have a game plan and execute it with the help of a step by step support system.

High Net Worth Family[edit]

Recognizing that clients in this category aim to preserve their assets’ safety long term, HCR helps them preserve their legacy by offering advice on 529 plans, contribution percentages, budget and expense review, estate and succession planning, and offering beneficiary/heir education and support.


In this category, HCR offers its clients advice on how to make the most out of their retirement by offering services such as social security and Medicare guidance, pension assistance, tax strategies, help with estate planning, and long-term care.