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Haris Brko Biber

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Haris Biber (born 13th January 1997), also known as Brko, is a Bosnian professional kickboxer from Sarajevo. His professional kickboxing career started in 2014 when he was 18. As a ten-year-old, he enrolled in the world of kickboxing and developed his complete fighting style. Many years of effort and training have resulted in many victories and experiences.

He is a multiple national champion in the disciplines K1, Low Kick, and Full contact and winner of numerous international tournaments.[1] Biber also competed for World Fighting League (WFL) and King of Kings (KOK).

Biber is a member of Hemmers Gym (formerly Golden Glory) in the Netherlands, where he trains with some of their other great fighters like Marat Grigorian and Errol Zimmerman among others.

Amateur career[edit]

Haris Biber began his kickboxing career as an amateur, training with Gazija Gym.

Professional career[edit]


Biber made his professional debut in 2014. in Serbia, against Nikola Aleksic. He won his debut by decision.[2] In 2015, Biber fought against Murad Abdo, for the title Switzerland Professional Champion at WKU Fight Night, and won by decision.

In 2016, he fought at K-1 World Grand Prix, as the youngest fighter at the event.[3] He fought against Rafal Gorka, and won by a decision in 3rd round.[4]


Early in 2017, he achieved another series of victories at the kickboxing competition in Zurich, Switzerland, where he defeated a much older and more experienced opponent, Philipp Stöckli, who has an enviable career behind him, by knockout in 3rd round.[5] The same year he went back to Switzerland and fought at WKU Fight Night of Thai and Kickboxing - 4 Man Tournament, and won against Luca Negreira in the 2nd round by knockout, and lost against Rene Aergger by decision.

In April, he got the opportunity to fight on April 22[1] at an event at KickBox Platinum CUO Wuppertal with the older and more experienced fighter Dennis Wosik. He lost by a decision.

Haris defeated Selmedin Didic by unanimous decision at the Sarajevo Fight Tournament 8 Men event.[6] He also won against Levan Guruli by decision and lost to Novak Radulovic in the first round by doctor stoppage.

In October, he won against Valenton Cukaj by unanimous decision at the Salzburg Fight Night event.


In April, he competed against Andrea Enzo and won by knockout in the first round.[7] After several months of recovery from an unpleasant injury, Haris' next fight was against Rasim Alunovic in September.[8] In the first round, Biber already knocked his opponent to the floor, and in the end, won by decision.[9]

His last fight in 2018 was in October at Fight Night Wil All4One in Switzerland,[10] against Jordy Laret - a member of one of the world's best kickboxing clubs, Amsterdam's Mike's Gym. Haris won this fight by decision.[11] He was close to winning by knockout in the first round when he knocked down his opponent with a terrible blow, however, Jordy was given more than allowed 10 seconds to recover and thus managed to continue the match.


In April, he was scheduled to face the European champion in the ISKA federation,[12] Ali Cakir at Vendetta Champions Night in Istanbul.[13] He lost the fight by a decision.

In July, he fought at a Pit Bull Promotion event in Istanbul where he won against Sahmar Memmedzade by decision. A month after, he went back as an honorary member of the Turkish selection[14] but had three opponents canceling the match in Istanbul. First, he was supposed to fight the Dutch kickboxer Kevin Hessling, who canceled seven days before the match, and after that, the organisers found a replacement in the Portuguese fighter Rudi Mendes, who also gave up, so he was replaced with a French fighter Mohamed Soumah. However, Biber found out that he would fight against the Greek representative Kostas Papadopoulos only at the weigh-in. He won this fight by a decision.[15]

In November, he fought Dejan Ristevski at Basovic Brothers Memorial Tournament[16] in Sarajevo and won by KO in the first round.[17][18]


In May 2021, he participated in the Splendid Grand Prix in Budva, where he fought against former European champion Remzija Dacić.[19][20] In the first round, he suffered a leg injury, but he finally achieved a great victory.[21] Biber defeated former European champion Remzija Dacić by unanimous decision of the judges after a three-round fight.[22][23]

King of Kings (KOK)[edit]


In the summer of 2019, Haris won against Ermin Lugan at King of Kings (KOK) event by KO in the first round.[24]


In 2020 he was scheduled to fight at King of Kings (KOK) again. Originally, his opponent was supposed to be Chiko Kwasi,[25] from the team that includes Badr Hari, but he couldn't make it due to contracted COVID-19.[26] Haris got a different opponent, Serbian fighter Ognjen Rauković, and won the fight by decision.[27]

World Fighting League (WFL)[edit]


Biber subsequently left Gazija Gym from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and joined Hemmers Gym (formerly Golden Glory)[28] in the Netherlands, whose members include, among others, Alistair Overeem, Errol Zimmerman, Marat Grigorian, and many world-famous fighters. In early 2021, Biber signed with the Netherlands-based organization WFL.[29]

Haris, who had a record of 20 wins and 5 losses in his professional career thus far, made a debut in the WFL (World Fighting League).[30] He was scheduled to face a two-time world champion in the WFL organization Jay Overmeer in 2021. Haris lost his debut fight in the third round by referee's stoppage.


For his second fight, he was supposed to have a fight for the WFL in March 2022, however, his opponent Mark Trijsburg canceled at the last minute.[31] He stayed in the Netherlands and continued to train, and soon found out that on March 20 he was supposed to fight another Dutch fighter, Damian Ori. Unfortunately, he also canceled the fight. However, the fight between Mark Trijsburg and Haris Biber was rescheduled for June at the 4-man tournament[32] for the belt of the WFL organization. He lost by decision to Mark Trijsburg who took the belt home with him and became the new WFL champion in the -77 KG category.[33]

In October 2022, it was revealed that Biber would take part in the Main Card fight for the WFL. He ​​returned to the ring with a victory, even tho he broke his toe during the fight. He won by decision,[34] celebrating against Manuel Gomes, a fighter from the Dominican Republic.


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