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Harzevil Cypress

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Iran is the homeland and cradle of "Sarvenaz" Cypresses that are known as "Cupressus Sempervirens". There are two known of these in the Abarkuh-Yazd province with the age of 1500-4500 years and a single 3000 year old one in the Harzevil county in the Gilan-Rasht Province. Moreover, according to these articles (1), (2) , (3) ,(4),& (5) there are around 27 of Sarvenaz or Cupressus Sempervierns in Iran where most of them do reside at Yazd, Shiraz, Isfahan and the Northern part of Iran, Gillan Province.

One Kind of Cupressus sempervirens

Harzevil Cypress (Near Rasht, Gillan Province, Iran) is one of the most attractive tourist site thanks to the presence of its Ancient and Evergreen Cupressus Sempervirens. The Harzevil county's history is backed to 3000 years ago which illustrates its rich civilization and culture.

Moreover, the full text of the papers can be reached as the following:

(1), (2), (3)

Harzevil Cypress is seen in Nasser al-Din Shah's travelogue to France. The name of this ancient nature is also mentioned in Nasser Khosrow's travelogue.

The road to Harzevil also has unique beauty. When you go the road up, which is toward the mountain, behind Manjil garrison, you will see big Cypress trees that have been bent in the wind.

Although the cypress tree has many subspecies, according to the upright shape of the Sarvenaz (Cupressus Sempervirens), it can be said that wherever the cypress tree is mentioned, it means Sarvenaz. This tree has always been a symbol of stability, freedom, greenness, and freshness, and it is stable against pollution, cold, and drought.

Cypress, along with Platanus and pomegranate trees, has always been praised by Iranians.

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