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G.O.D. (feat. LIL TOOLIT)[edit]

G.O.D. is Dillan's biggest song to date. It has 1,000 plays across all platforms. A quote from Dillanm himself shows that this track wasn't really supposed to come out: "This song was originally gonna be scrapped due to me forgetting about it, but one day I got bored and sent it to LIL TOOLIT and he was like “yo that shit fire, I’m down to drop a verse” and I agreed. This was back in November 15th, 2020. But was sitting on the backburner before that for months. I made it around the same time my song Budget came out. I was working on an EP with that song and this one and I chose to instead release Budget as a single, later paving the way for this song."

Of course, Dillan was dealing with a leaking channel and decided it was best to just put it out, and now it is his most-played song.