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High performance work

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high-performance works


The high-performance practice is often described as the process which is being generally undertaken by an organization to increase their capacity of work and to retain high performing individuals. This helps in the long-run success of the company to greater effect so that success can be brought in easily (Tan et al., 2020. Is returning to work during the COVID-19 pandemic stressful? A study on immediate mental health status and psychoneuroimmunity prevention measures of Chinese workforce). For this, a high-performance working system is being generated within the organization. Engagement of staff and acquiring talents is a vital thing to do so that a high-performance system prevails in the organization. The theme of this wiki is to find the high-performance working trends during the time of covid19. It will give insight into the aspects of high performance which is needed to sustain the deadly pandemic of covid19.

Working trends for high performance

According to Shan and Tang, 2020. The value of employee satisfaction in disastrous times: Evidence from Covid-19 which states the fact that Covid19 has created an opportunity for experimenting with the remote work culture. This is developing a culture where managers shall orient themselves for leading remote team members effectively. For this, it requires a high degree of patience level, and giving lessons to the leaders about the workers who weren’t on board can be productive as ever. However, it should be kept in mind that high-performance workers are required during this present condition more often than not. Below are three things that need to be kept in mind for high-performance trends. These are:

Engagement through proper communication

According to several industry experts who have foreseen the future due to the strike of covid19, was asking the managers to manage the workforce on a remote basis. The major reason being the lockdown that begins as early as March and to maintain the communication. This led to an increasing in the frequency of communication that was needed. Thus, it is mentioned by many experts that increasing the communication frequency helps the employee to feel like they are in the office and increases their engagement level significantly. This is only possible during the time of getting proper feedback from the superiors frequently. Therefore, it is very much essential for the managers to communicate and make conversation with the employees for increasing productivity.

Accountability and expectation

Expectation can be viewed as the thing that nothing can happen if none wants anything from any person (Risley, 2020. Maintaining Performance and Employee Engagement during the COVID-19 Pandemic). Therefore, it can be observed that whether the employee is remote or not, they are the ones who are accountable for the expectation that the organization is keeping for increasing the performance during the hard times. For this, it is very much essential that the managers should provide clear and precise collaborative expectations. Thus, collaboration always comes in handy so that success can be brought in with a collaborative approach and a sense of responsibility can be generated for future success and overcome difficult times like this pandemic. On the contrary, Chanana, 2020 Employee engagement practices during COVID‐19 lockdown states that during the initial phase, managers need to be more explicit about the responsibilities and metrics of the worker who is working remotely. The main judgment standard should be the excellence of doing difficult work with ease. Fort this, the talent of the worker is the vital parameter that can be used to form the collaborative work culture and holding accountable for bringing success. This helps in avoiding conflicts since the manager and the employee is not in the same and communication only taking place over any digital platform. Therefore, the expectation level should be clear and achievable for the employees so that there is no gap or stone left unturned.

Individual optimization

It can be viewed that the office environment cannot be matched with that of the homely atmosphere. This made many workers think that that office environment helped them in keeping focused. Thus, keeping a good focus on the aspects of work, it helped in better optimization of the individual talents. However, the working culture has changed a bit where the external structure of the working location of the employee is dictating the production level significantly. Therefore, managers must be able to know these aspects where the circumstances are very against them. On the other hand, WOLOR et al., 2020. Effectiveness of E-Training, E-Leadership, and Work Life Balance on Employee Performance during COVID-19 state the fact that managers can easily imitate or make replicas of the working environment for the remote workers in a certain manner. For this, the managers need to identify the things that any particular employee is capable of which ultimately help in generating success at work. The manager can make video calls with the teams on a daily where every employee could meet others and setting up a reminder system about the working and break time. Thus, this is the main thing in optimizing the performance level significantly.

Evolution of performance management to mitigate covid19

As stated by Ahmed et al., 2020. Impact of employee engagement and knowledge sharing on organizational performance: Study of HR challenges in COVID-19 pandemic who opines that setting performance standards and giving appraisal helps in increasing the productivity and the morale of an employee. However, the rating system has fallen drastically and companies have been lopsided with unfavorable business conditions. Several business units have been underperforming and many working thereby incurring huge losses. Many organizations have started to believe that their organizational structure is prone to high risk like this never before and the performance management system is not that much developed for coping up with the economic instability like this never before. The structure is not dynamic enough to sustain the high risk that covid19 has brought in. Therefore, the term agility has come upon an urgent basis which could harmonize some difficulties due to the shift of this marketplace. Below are certain things that would help in maintaining the high-performance level of employees during this time. These are:

The setting of agile goals

It should be noted that setting and not achieving the goals is not the right thing to do. Thus, an agile approach is needed for setting the much-needed goals (Novitasari et al., 2020. Work-Family Conflict and Worker’s Performance during Covid-19 Pandemic: What is the Role of Readiness to Change Mentality). Therefore, the goals needed to be adjusted and aligned with the current needs so that it helps in judging the criteria through which employees’ can deliver high values for the organization. The agile mindset would therefore help in encouraging the employees for owning the goals and expectations about the change can be accepted easily. Therefore, the management should give the manager's authority and flexibility for tailoring the setting of goals and manage the individuals during the time of making changes. Thus, a positive environment is being created when the managers and the employee's lookout for opportunities for pivoting the change, and the management should reward them with necessary things for implementing those changes on a positive note. The rating system will not change without a prior warning.

Proper conversation

The frequency of performance review is very much essential and should be done daily. For this, a viable management framework needs to be established which will help in gaining n a rhythm of a collaborative approach and a shared vision of being accountable for the performance and development of the employee. The conversation that will take place should be more than just a formal talk with different outcomes. This is mainly because everyone in this universe is facing difficult times and the moods of everyone are changing at a fast pace. Also, the manager should be more focused on the identification of opportunities and communicating the pivotal for making changes. Risley, 2020. Maintaining Performance and Employee Engagement during the COVID-19 Pandemic states that a coaching conversation creates a two-way communication channel. This helps in discussing the needs and the challenges that the employee faces in the workplace. A training program could help in doing. Further, it allows the remote worker to stay engaged with the team through ongoing coaching conversations.

Figure 1: Feedbacks made by managers Source: (Bartsch et al., 2020. Leadership matters in crisis-induced digital transformation: how to lead service employees effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic) Dynamic adjustments It can be seen that due to the unprecedented downfall in the economy of the organization, the incentive structure has shifted drastically. It should be kept in mind by the management that making financial incentives in this changing marketplace should not be a driver for increasing the motivation of the employees. The adjustment should be dynamic so that no one gets a financial burden. However, incentives should be provided to those employees who are taking the extra burden on their shoulders for making exceptional contributions. Shan and Tang, 2020. The value of employee satisfaction in disastrous times: Evidence from Covid-19 state that the management must make a performance-based approach where the expectation of the organization will be clearly defined. This will certainly make the teams focus on the clearly defined outcomes and having a better performance indicator. Therefore, the employees and the manager should be engaged in meaningful conversations with tracking the progress of the employees effectively.

Conclusion It can be observed that making goals for high performance is always the key to success. However, with the global pandemic, it has become difficult for the organizations to tackle the performance level. It has fallen drastically. This Research is shading light on those things where high-performance aspects are being discussed. It highlights the evolution and the working trends that managers need to adopt for maintaining the decent shape of the employee performance level significantly. For this, managers are adopting different styles and shifting the working style so that remote workers can stay connected. Thus, the research concludes that both the employees and the management need to stay connected through various means of communication for overcoming the performance problems and the pandemic together.  


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