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Venies, the creator who transcended the concept of everything with a single thought, brought forth time and space. After that, Venies birthed Bluto, a Sphere. Upon Bluto's creation, he questioned his purpose, asking Venies why he was brought into existence. Venies responded, 'I brought you into existence to create what you want to create,' granting Bluto the freedom to manifest his desires. Bluto pondered if this was his purpose, to which Venies clarified that he possessed free will and the power to transcend the concepts of all his creations, including space and time.

Bluto, though not the creator of space and time, still transcended these concepts, wielding power and freedom beyond their limitations. Bluto then initiated the creation of the first dimension, which contained the initial multiverse. From this dimension, he birthed an infinite number of dimensions, each containing its own multiverse. Bluto subsequently created Heaven and Hell. The Soul Realm, distinct from Heaven, serves as a transcendental space where the souls of those who perform good deeds but do not worship Bluto, the god, reside. Heaven is reserved for those who worship Bluto and fulfill their purposes, while Hell is for those who have done bad things and worship evil entities or false gods. Then Bluto told Venies about his creation. He said heaven is infinite in size and transcends the concept of the 6th dimension. Both heaven and hell are 7-dimensional realms, which is why they transcend the concept of the 6th dimension. Bluto also explained that each higher dimension transcends the concept of each lower dimension. In the soul realm, an infinite pool transcends dimensionality, holding the souls of those who don't worship anything but still do good things on Venies. Saif expressed love for Bluto's creation, to which Bluto said thank you. Then Bluto created three beings, each of these beings was created to serve their purpose. The first being named Rolless was made to guard the heavens from invaders. Rolless, a being that transcended the Concept of the 8th dimension, was said to have the power to destroy the multiverse. Then he creates Lotus who was sent to the gates of the hells to prevent people from trying to come up as innovators. Lotus was said to be so powerful that he could crush the universe in his hands and was believed to transcend the concept of the 12th dimension. Then he created Roku, a being who was made to maintain balance in all creation. He existed above the Concept of space and time in the 15th dimension. Then Bluto created man and also created another species called the Luluf. He created them with 2 sexes: male and female. They were said to be stronger than man and smarter. Bluto put them on planet F-12, which is a planet that has gravity slightly stronger than Earth's and is 4 times larger. Luluf females are between 7-8 feet tall and males larger in 10-8 feet tall average and they had a red sun. Then he put humans on planet Earth after Bluto created his sanctuary, a place that is beyond the Concept of his creation. Then he waited 1 billion years after that the Luluf, with their high naturally gifted Intelligence, they took over the multiverse and enslaved almost every species, even humans. Then, with their high technological advancement, they managed to transcend their 3 dimensions and went to the 4th dimension.

'Lolbleto, their esteemed leader, serves as the driving force behind their civilization's relentless pursuit of transcending dimensions. Their collective ambition revolves around ascending to the elusive 7th dimension, spurred by Lolbleto's desire to assert dominance over the realms of Heaven and Hell. Lolbleto knew the god Bluto wasn't stupid; he knew that so. He trained tirelessly, preparing himself for the imminent confrontation with the guardians foretold in the Book of Bluto. After a millennium of rigorous training, they finally ascended to the 7th dimension. Upon reaching the gates of Heaven, Lolbleto, accompanied by his army, confronted the colossal guardian said to be as vast as the universe itself. Addressing the guardian, Lolbleto inquired about their name. The guardian, Rolless, revealed their purpose: to safeguard the heavens from invaders until the end times. Undeterred, Lolbleto declared his intention to seize control of Heaven and Hell, asserting dominion over all creation. Rolless, resolute in their duty, refused to yield, initiating a fierce battle. Despite Lolbleto's fury and unleashed powers, Rolless repelled his armies with a single swing. Enraged, Lolbleto gathered his strength, launching a powerful blow that sent Rolless hurtling through the heavens. Then Rolless created a sword made from the water of heaven and tried to hit Lolbleto, but he easily dodged it with a reaction speed faster than the speed of light. Lolbleto swiftly moved behind Rolless and killed him. Lolbleto had control over the 1st to the 7th dimensions in the heavens, and with speed faster than time itself, he flew to the hells and struck Lotus, causing a shockwave that shattered the gates of hell. Lotus attempted to use his strongest attack, but Lolbleto easily withstood it and with one punch, he killed Lotus and took control of the hells. Knowing he had limited time, Lolbleto acted quickly. After one thousand years, he finally gained the power to transcend the concept of the 13th dimension. He then flew so fast that he surpassed the concept of space and time, and in his heightened state, he struck Roku. In retaliation, Roku punched him, sending Lolbleto flying nearly 50 million light-years away. As Roku approached to deliver the final blow, Lolbleto consumed a power-up pill and, with a single strike, fatally wounded Roku. Roku's last words were, "Bluto told me there will be a man who will end your empire, that will end your endless amounts of torture." Lolbleto laughed and said, "There is no being that will transcend me," but deep down, he feared the arrival of such a being. Disgusted that it was going to be a human, Lolbleto then went to the third dimension and slaughtered nearly 60 billion human babies, but Bluto didn't let one baby die; he was the chosen one. The baby's mother, named Lumtiss, was guided by Bluto to a tree where she gave birth to the chosen one, whom she named Lulufkif—a boy destined to destroy the empire of the Luluf. After that, Bluto disappeared. While Lumtiss was resting, a space monster killed her. With her last breath, she cried out Bluto's name and said, "Protect my baby." After a long night, Lulufkif was crying when a traveler took him in. Even though he knew the boy was human, he still took him in because he disagreed with what the Luluf had done. He took the boy to his house and raised him. After 16 years, Lulufkif noticed his unbelievable strength; he had the ability to carry houses and trees. While gathering wood, Lulufkif noticed a glowing tree. He approached it and tried to touch it; then the tree spoke, "My name is Bluto, the creator of all," and Bluto told him, "Your destiny is to defeat Lolbleto and take down the Luluf empire once and for all. In bluto told Lulufkif to sit in put his head in close his eyes in Lulufkif did what he was told in bluto gather his power in give Lulufkif the ablilty to get stronger as he train in Lulufkif ask what happend to his parents l bluto said your mother die when she was sleeping with you in your father was killed by a Luluf guard after hearing thr news Lulufkif was furious after that Lulufkif said "I will end their empire," Lulufkif declared with determination, turning to Bluto for assistance. "Bluto, create a pocket dimension for me—a training ground."

Understanding the urgency in Lulufkif's request, Bluto nodded in agreement. With a wave of his hand, he conjured the pocket dimension, shaping it to meet Lulufkif's needs.

As the portal materialized before them, Bluto gestured for Lulufkif to enter. "Go ahead, Lulufkif. Step into your training ground."

Entering the portal, Lulufkif immediately noticed the increased weight of the gravity, much stronger than what he was accustomed to. Struggling against its force, he turned to Bluto. "Why is the gravity so heavy here?" he asked.

With a knowing smile, Bluto replied, "The gravity in this dimension is ten times stronger than that of your home planet, F-13 after the bluto faded away in left Lulufkif on his own Lulufkif trained their After Bluto faded away, leaving Lulufkif to train alone, Lulufkif dedicated himself to honing his skills in the pocket dimension. For nearly seven years, he immersed himself in rigorous training, pushing his limits and striving for mastery.

Finally, feeling confident in his abilities and believing he had attained the necessary power, Lulufkif called out to Bluto. In response, Bluto appeared before him, his presence commanding and enigmatic as ever. Then he asked bluto to release him bluto said no you will have to do it your self Lulufkif asked how I do not have such abilities Bluto said I given the power to do it wait a swipe of his hand he created a portal after Bluto said go in complete whst you have been chosen to do after that Lulufkif returned to his childhood home he Realize his step-father have died but he didn't let the guilt of his passing father overwhelm his Destiny after that he flew around the planet faster then the planet faster then light himself destory all of the Luluf Technology in freeing the species of the planet from the Luluf then he the general of the planet where is Lolbleto the general Replied Lolbleto is trying to to go beyond the soul realm that ws on thr book of bluto Lulufkif said I will not let him do that Lulufkif ask where is he tho the general said Lolbleto is in thr 16th dimension after that he gathered his Lulufkif, start moving faster than the concept of space and time, broke the bounds of each lower dimension as he transcended. He finally reached Lolbleto's citadel. Upon realizing Lulufkif's arrival, Lolbleto was prepared. He walked toward Lulufkif and said, "I'm guessing you are the one spoken of in the prophecies, said to take down me and my empire."

"How did you know that?" Lulufkif asked.

"Because Roku spoke about you," Lolbleto replied.

"I'm guessing you are right," Lulufkif responded, "because I will take down your empire for what you have done to billions of babies and trillions of species."

With his speed, he ran to Lolbleto and punched him, causing a shockwave that began breaking apart the citadel. The. Lolbleto moved away in said thst was a pretty hard punched but IT ISNT ENOUGH TO TAKE Me down then Lolbleto created a sword out of nothing in rushed towards in with Lulufkif extermly fast reaction speed he easily dodged Lolbleto then he created a a ball of energy that had the power to destory the soul realm in he through it at Lolbleto casuing his death

After that he went to all the dimension   putting all of the Luluf  leaders out of power in freeing all the species  from slavery     in he still wasn't done he's next mission was to take  bluto out of power for what he have do   hr named his empire  the looffroor  in put new people  in charge  after thar Lulufkif  created a new training  ground it was a pocket dimension  infinite  in size  in he went in in trained for nearly 1 billion  years  in  he finally  Decided it was  it was about time to face  bluto he dextoryed  the pocket  dimension  in flew  beyond the Concept of  Dimensiolity looking for bluto after  a long Journey he spotted  a  realm    then he sensed  a energy  a massive energy  he gathered his speed in flew into the realm in he saw a Enity  the entity said his name was kenish   in I was created  to end you Lulufkif   kenish said bluto know what were your plans in knew what you trying to  do  Lulufkif  said even if he knows that still dosnet change my Destiny to end  he's Existence then kenish said WHY WOULD  YOU WANT TO KILL BLUTO  he created  you  he is your creator  Lulufkif Replied even though he is my creator thst still  dosent Justified him for letting Torture in endless  amounts  of kids to die just for enjoyment  in with a single wipe    Lulufkif  created  a shield around all creation  to  prevent the Destruction of creation  because  he still  didn't have the  power  of Absolute creation in with a single below he punched Kenish  Causing shockwaves in destorying the realm  they were in  Kenish  created  a blast that had the power  to destory  all of Dimensionality Lulufkif  easily dodged it  in he created  a sword that desotry things that exist  beyond the Concept  of  existence in Dimensionality   in  hit Kenish   Seriously wounded  but with Kenish  extermly  good regeneration he recovered    in with he's speed he grabbed  Lulufkif  throughing him  in puncing him casuing shockwaves  that  Slightly caused a crack in the  shield  in Lolbleto  created a blast aiming  for the shield    Lulufkif   in Lulufkif  seriously  wounded     he was seeing nothing  but blurriness Instantly  Lulufkif  came  into the  realization  of what kenish was doing  in with he speed  he flew  towards the blast that could  potentially destory the shield tanking the energy    in  control  bluto half way dead  floating in the void of nothingness in  said I will not  let you do this I WILL NOT LET YOU DESTORY  CREATION  in with  a  boost of energy  he flew to Lolbleto  punching  him casuing creations  of each shock wave casuing  the creation of realms thst exist beyond  the  Concept  of all bluto creations  in  destorying them  at the same time in  while kenish  was unconscious  Lulufkif' created a energy  blast destory half of kenish   in  with Kenish Final moments  he  said I will give you the eyes of a god  this eyes would  give you the ablilty  to see bluto while he id in moving  in kenish  last words were that you need the power of Absolute creation to defeat  bluto  then  Lulufkif    Lulufkif  took out his eyes in put in he's new eyes     he realized that he can  see things way better then he did before he  realized that he can absorb kenish power in he did it in he felt kenish power floating  through  him  with a  boost of speed   he was looking for bluto  then  he came across  a new  being  Lulufkif  felt this energy  of this new being so he came across  it Lulufkif  ask what is your name KeishalolIn said my name is KeishalolIn in I will end you in the name of bluto     my creator is Bluto  in  KeishalolIn  tried to  trap Lulufkif   in a Infinite time loop but ie couldn't     KeishalolIn ask why didnt it work Lulufkif  said my speed  exist above the  Concept  of time I'm not bound by it  then   Lulufkif   slowly  walked to KeishalolIn in grabbed his neck    in created  a  realm  in through  him in it  after  that KeishalolIn was angry  so  he gathered  his energy   in created a  ball with a color that was never  seen before

KeishalolIn stated the ball had the power to destroy a high outer being instantly. KeishalolIn threw it at Lulufkif. Despite Lulufkif's instantly strong durability, he tanked it, created a sword, and flew toward KeishalolIn with speeds beyond the concept of measurement. KeishalolIn easily dodged and hit Lulufkif on the back of his head, grabbed him, and threw him across the realm. Lulufkif got up and clashed with KeishalolIn, causing the destruction of the realm. After nearly 2,000 years of fighting, Lulufkif won. With his last breath, KeishalolIn gave Lulufkif the knowledge and understanding of things as a god. Then Lulufkif finally finished KeishalolIn and absorbed him. Lulufkif decided to go back home, where he realized that someone else was in control. Furious, with speeds faster than light, he flew to the citadel to meet the ruler. Lulufkif asked, "Who are you?" He replied, "My name is Loofro, and I'm in control of your empire." Worried, Lulufkif asked, "How did you get in control? What happened to my family?" Loofro said, "Your family was executed by a being named Kalol." Lulufkif figured it was Bluto's doing, so he took Loofro out of power and went to the Soul Realm. There, he swam in the Pool of Souls, grabbed his family, and breathed life into them Lulufkif asked his wife more about KeishalolIn She said, "When KeishalolIn went to their citadel, he slaughtered all of our armies and killed us. KeishalolIn stated that he was the one who would end Lulufkif and stop him. He also said he is the one will destruction all of creation in the name of bluto "Lulufkif, consumed by fury, soared towards KeishalolIn with determination in with a single punch he

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