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History of Aflao

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Aflao people are Ewe ethnicity group of West Africa. After getting back from Babel to the mother land Egypt, Africans people began fighting for power, and slave trade between africans before the arrival of europeens.

In 10th century Ewe people, Kotafon people, and Adja - Ewe people left Egypt Soudan from Soudan to Nigeria, from Nigeria Ewe people remained in Togo - Tado and Kotafon people remained in south- Est Togo ( Old Togo ).


In 13th to 14th century Ewe people from Tado are scattared in south Togo ( Old Togo or Togoland  : from south - west Benin to south-Est Ghana ). Succession war , slave trade and Dahomey kingdom pressure in west Africa scare away people of pedah, Xlwa and They become refugees in Aflao land in Ghana and Togo.

Aflao now is a vast land divided by Togo and Ghana border.

Aflao is Ewe etnicity land ; south-Togo.

Aflao Ghana.

Aflao Ghana is located in south-Est of Ghana

We have Aflao of Togo and Aflao of Ghana. th lands of Aflao are ruled by kings called in Ewe Togbui or Torgbui or GA.

The tradition and culture of Aflao people is coming from Ewe ethnicity. Agbadja is the best rythm of music of Aflao[1].

Aflao Kingdoms[edit]

- Aflao Gakli

- Aflao klemé

- Aflao Sagbado


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