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Honoured Citizenship of Leicester

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Honoured Citizenship of Leicester is awarded to citizens of the City who are commended for a particular act, such as bravery and heroism. They are thus known as Honoured Citizens of Leicester.

Recipients of this specific and particular honour are entitled to use the Coat of Arms of Leicester ‘Semper Eadem’ as designated on their Certificate in their own right.

Coat of Arms of Leicester

It is the highest decoration bestowed on an individual in Leicester.

It is a lifelong honour and recipients are given a signed certificate from the Lord Mayor of Leicester who is the First Citizen. This is preceded by an afternoon tea with the Lord Mayor.

It is a rare honour, seldom given and only where there is substantial warrant for it, thus increasing its value, worth and recognition.

It virtues and accords precedence in terms of standing amongst holders of the honour, insofar as rankings in orders particularly when the holder holds office and other accolades.

Notable Recipients and Honoured Citizens of Leicester[edit]

  • Cllr H/CDT Gary Concepcion YC - Politician - Chairman of Leicester City’s Youth Council and Councillor on and Member of Leicester City Council. Was Honoured in August 2012.