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How To Reverse The Symptoms Of Venous Insufficiency Naturally?

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What is Venous Insufficiency?

Before knowing the causes of venous insufficiency, you will have to understand the function of veins in the body system. Veins are types of blood vessels that carry deoxygenated blood to the heart from the lower parts of the body. Moreover, they are small single-way valves. Faulty veins often fail to complete this function properly due to weak vein walls making the blood circulation slower allowing blood pooling in the legs. This condition is referred to as reflux. Reflux may be exhibited in many ways such as:

● Pain, heaviness, tiredness, itchiness, and restlessness in the legs.

● Blemish of the skin of the ankles and legs

● Infections of the skin of the legs (cellulitis)

● Wound patches in the legs.

If you are experiencing any one of the symptoms, get vein treatment san Jose. However, there are many ways to cure the insufficiency, but it can be treated naturally in its earlier stage.

Natural Methods to Treat Venous Insufficiency:

The only way to diagnose the problem is to notice their symptoms. Although the damaged vein walls can’t be treated completely in natural ways there are numerous ways to ease the impact of the reflux to minimize the cause of occurrence. Get vein treatments in San Diego, if the problem is not controlled through these natural ways.

Compression socks:

Vein doctor la Jolla may recommend compression socks to patients who are diagnosed with venous insufficiency. Choose the right pair of compression stockings so that they can help to reverse symptoms including leg heaviness, achiness, fatigue, and swelling. Moreover, you can consult a vein specialist in San Diego for useful tips on how to find the right compression socks.


The movement of veins depends on muscle contractions to maintain proper blood circulation to the heart. Therefore, if you are physically inactive the process may be obstructed causing venous insufficiency. Without regular exercise, blood circulation through the veins can be affected. Vein doctor California may recommend to the patient a regular exercise for at least thirty minutes to enhance blood circulation. Also, take frequent breaks from sitting or standing to enhance mobility.


Elevation of legs becomes necessary as it allows gravity to naturally pull blood back to the heart. By doing this, you can make your legs feel less achy and swollen at the end of the day. You should elevate your legs to the level of your heart. Moreover, you can purchase a leg elevation pillow after consultation with a vein doctor near me to maximize the result.

Proper skincare:

Venous insufficiency may often cause rashes on the surface of the skin at its mild stage. At the advanced stages, you may experience infections and wounds. If people take good care of the skin like:

● Hydrate- Choose greasy ingredients like coconut oil to intact skin.

● Avoid hard chemicals like fragrances and anti-microbial

● Avoid rubbing and scrubbing the skin throughout the day

● Use a clean pair of compression socks daily.

Foods and supplements:

Horse Chestnut: One essential ingredient in curing venous insufficiency is horse chestnut extract. According to research, horse chestnut extract can reverse the symptoms like leg inflammation and aching. Moreover, it may reverse skin damage and discoloration.

Water- Intake a sufficient amount of water for staying well hydrated as it improves the viscosity of blood.

Anti-inflammatory diets- Selective foods are known to be inflammatory and could interfere with optimal circulation. People should avoid foods if they are attempting an anti-inflammatory diet such as animal products, processed food, and fried food. Therefore, choose naturally derived foods prepared at home.

Consult a vein specialist before taking any type of food supplements.