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How to certify the quality of beauty and skincare cosmetics?

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Beauty, skincare, and personal wellness are highly demanding services these days. Today, beauty is not defined only by natural appearance but it also indulges the use of cosmetic products, fitness, and skin nutrition. Cosmetics that are acclaimed to have medicinal properties are hugely in demand. Consumers want products that contain ingredients that act as nutritional supplements for their skin. Therefore, at Dermasist Innovation Lab, our experts offer testing and analysis services to ensure the development of high-quality, safe, and effective cosmetics. We conduct research for a wider assortment of beauty products in our cosmetic testing lab in Mumbai.

Cosmetic testing services from formation-to-innovation-to-market launch[edit]

We have an extensive network of cosmetic laboratories to provide high-end testing services. These services test your raw material ingredients, formulation development, and finished cosmetic product testing. In addition to this, our cosmetics research lab in Mumbai delivers expert clinical analysis, clinical testing, and regulatory approach for your journey from ideology to implantation, testing, and launching of cosmetic lines in the market. Working as your cosmetic testing and research partners, we are pledged to provide you with quality-assured data to validate the quality and safety of your varied cosmetics product range.

Governing compliance and safety testing[edit]

It is futile to admit that the use of skincare and beauty products has increased by multiple times in India. More consumers are seeking a wider range of beauty products to restore skin moisture, tanning reduction, skin brightness, oil control, etc. So, the manufacturers have planned for large-scale productions to meet the needs. But it is essential that manufacturers must deliver the claim that the use of skin care products would not give exposure to harmful chemicals while applied to the body. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the safety claims of your products are validated and acknowledged by the cosmetics testing laboratory in Mumbai. This would prevent you from regulatory compliance and ensures that your products are not harmful to sensitive skin.

Testing for supporting production and quality[edit]

The quality of cosmetics is a top priority and cannot be underrated. Whether you are a cosmetic brand, retailer, wholesaler, or supplier, you should ensure high-quality products to mitigate the risk of harm to the skin of users. Therefore, cosmetic testing lab in Mumbai have cutting-edge equipment for quality assurance which is executed with microbiological and clinical trials. This testing works from various aspects such as:

• Quality assurance for raw material

• Stability testing for skincare products

• Microbiology testing

• Contamination testing and analysis

• Packaging and quality analysis

Bringing cosmetic quality to life for years[edit]

Dermasist Innovation Lab is a pioneered cosmetics testing laboratory in Mumbai bringing cosmetic quality to life. With our intuitive approach, high-end expertise, and cutting-edge machinery, we test for the quality of the cosmetic by performing various tests. Also, we ensure that your cosmetic products contain natural ingredients which are unharmful to the skin. So, with all these factors keeping in mind, you can ensure safer and result-driven use of cosmetics.

To sum up[edit]

If you are a cosmetic supplier and want to ensure the delivery of fully tested cosmetics to your customers, we are here to assist you. We have a cosmetics research lab in Mumbai offering fast, efficient, and reliable clinical trials and testing for a wide assortment of cosmetics. So, you can consult us to get safe and cost-effective solutions for your cosmetic manufacturing to quality assurance.