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Imdadul Sheikh

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Imdadul Sheikh
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Native nameImdadul Sheikh (ইমদাদুল শেখ)
Faridpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh
🏡 ResidenceFaridpur, Bangladesh
🏳️ NationalityBangladeshi
🏫 EducationSadardi High School
💼 Occupation
📆 Years active  2020- present
🏢 Organisation
Known forMusical Artist.
🏡 Home townFaridpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh
🥚 TwitterTwitter=
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Early Life[edit]

Imdadul Sheikh is a Successful Bangladeshi Pop Singer, Social Security, Software Engineer, Computer Operator/Programmer, mobile expert, Social Activist & Youth Entrepreneur. He was born on 10th Oct 1999, Faridpur District in Bangladesh. He is currently student at B.A, Study in Bangaratna College, Gopalganj. He is the Younger boy of Aynal Sheikh and Aklima Begum in his family. From a very early age, he was attracted by Software Engineer, Computer Operator/Programmer, mobile expert work. He is also a good writer. Now he lives in Bhanga Town in Bangladesh.


Musician in Bangladesh did not show any age limit when it comes to dreams and aspirations. At a very young age he set up his own company called the World of Love. Sakib Ahmed Fahim is spreading love music around the world through his various solo songs as well as international podcasts Spotify, MusicMatch, Amazon Music, Apple Music. This field has attracted young and dynamic youth and one such name is Imdadul Sheikh. He has made a breakthrough in this field so that everyone can lead it and Imdadul Sheikh has remained a household name in the industry. Imdadul Sheikh is a Software Engineer, Computer Operator/Programmer, mobile expert, Social Activist & Youth Entrepreneur. He continues to do business with his clients around the world with time-tested digital marketing strategies The world today is governed by the internet. We see a smooth transition of our day to day business activities happening at the instant. Marketing and advertising is no exception. We have professionals called digital marketing experts who look out for an equivalent.


Imdadul Sheikh's family members include parents, four brothers. Imdadul Sheikh is the eldest of the brothers, 2nd brother named 'Saiful Islam', 3rd brother Rafiqul Islam and 4th brother Rafi Adnan.

Marital Status[edit]

Imdadul Sheikh got married on 23 May 2021 to Urmi Akhtar, a girl from Kapuria Sadardi village of the same police station. Currently a son has been born in their house. His name is Imtiaz Ihan.

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