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Ink wars

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Ink Wars is a roleplaying/gaming group on instagram that takes place in the made up place called Tranquillium.


Not much is known about Tranquillium's history; things like how it began or how it came to be is completely unknown. What we do know though, is that we are slowly spiralling downwards- be it at the fault of the government or its people, it's clear as day that there's a lack of trust and cooperation between the two. With the recent rise of accused corruption within the government due to certain skeptical decisions they made [and continue to make], tension crept upon the city, slowly consuming everyone in it. Everything was fine for about 50 years since our new Ruler came to be. History beyond that was buried. With how technologically advanced we were, the loss of records are quite strange to say the least. But, with everyone so focused on the new age and current society, not many people cared. It also wasn't a subject you had to study for anyway, so all the more reason for it to be shoved down the drain and lost in time. Any experience and stories passed down to the younger generation by their parents is usually not a good one. They often tell them how good the new Ruler is, and that in the past, the old Ruler was way more corrupt; there wasn't order, only chaos. Those with money and power had it all, and those without had to struggle. "Everyone is required to have Zone ID cards." This was theorised to be the first game-changing law, implemented 20 years ago. It seems relatively harmless, doesn't it? After this rule was implemented, everyone had to get their IDs updated all colour coded according to their respective zones. Zone 9 had none Zone 8 had red Zone 7 had orange Zone 6, yellow Zone 5, green Zone 4, blue Zone 3, purple Zone 2, pink And lastly Zone 1, colour unknown. You don't usually see anyone from Zone 1. ink.warsAnd lastly Zone 1, colour unknown. You don't usually see anyone from Zone 1. Many in Zone 9 and a handful from other zones did not go to renew their IDs, either due to laziness or just the pure fact that they couldn't. Everyone from Zones 1 and 2 had to get their IDs renewed, that is for sure. Many who were caught with old IDs were sent to Zone 8 for questioning. Some returned with renewed IDs, many did not. People of Zone 9, of course, were in an even more restricting position because of this law.

Since that law was implemented, the following laws that came after revolved around it. At the time, no one really bat an eye since it seemed so innocent. But now, it was a lot easier to divide the zones because of that one simple change. There's also been an increase in illegal activities in Zones 6 - 9, so the government added more laws that, in a way, alienated those zones out. Of course, that made many people from those areas feel that they're being discriminated against by the higher ups, but others believe it was for the best: to protect other zones from harm until the police can get to the bottom of this. One of the problems that came with all of this was how harsh the punishment can be. Things like 2-40 years in prison for going above the maximum flight height? Really? Jail time also varied from zone to zone, which made people more miserable. The lower-class zones had lengthier serving time in comparison to the middle-class zones and higher-class zones. Even kids aren't protected from the law. If you were caught breaking it, its game over. Family members are also not allowed to visit prisoners. People affected, like the offenders themselves or their relatives, were of course enraged and distraught. However, others argue that the laws are there for a reason and if they broke it, they must pay the price. Some even encouraged heavier punishment. Everything's a mess. With so many opinions clashing, people are losing sight of the bigger picture and are only set on justifying their views and beliefs they were brought up with. The world's increasingly becoming a scarier, more unfriendly place.


When it comes to the world beyond Tranquillium, not much is known. People rarely travel outside. As far as they can see, it's just natural landscape. Forests, mountains, the sea, etc. With a society that heavily relies on technology, all the nature beyond the city doesn't appeal that much. They're more of a sight to admire than a place to travel to. As for the people who do leave, there's rumours that they never come back. However, since it's already so rare that people actually do go out anyway, it's difficult to confirm anything. The government also stopped accepting immigrants about 15 years ago. There weren't that many in the first place, but every now and then some people would come by the city. Where they come from and how they found the city is generally unknown, but again, it doesn't matter all that much anymore since no one from the outside is allowed in.

fraction: Saints[edit]

Type: Gang Base: Zone 7 Leader: Rosemary (created by artbyabee on instagram) Outfit requirements: Mainly blue and black colours, and a symbol of a cross somewhere visible on their body. [e.g. Necklace, pins, tattoos] Synopsis: A group that aims to overthrow the Ruler. The main motive is to bring justice to lower class citizens. Description: The vigilante group is notorious for partaking in both peaceful and illicit activities, ranging from community projects to robberies, hacking, vandalism, and the blackmailing of large corporations that exploit their workers. They do not kill, as Rosemary despises pure violence. She acts as both the gang’s leader and mother, welcoming members with open arms yet demanding respect and snuffing out disloyalty. Standpoint: They are skeptical that the rules are put in for 'the safety of the citizens'. They believe that the government is being unfair and discriminating against people, especially those from zones 6 - 9.

fraction: Sinners[edit]

Type: Gang Base: Zone 4 Leader: Hero (created by moimoiie on instagram) Outfit requirements: The group's signature is a combination of black/white and red attire with a masquerade mask. Synopsis: A group that was founded after Saints as an act of spite and defiance. They like the way things are and want to keep it that way. Their main enemy is Saints, however will also classify other parties as foes if necessary. Description: Sinner's quarters is located at a certain alleyway in the busiest area of Zone 4. Their activities are often laid-back and generally harmless, aside from making a huge fuss against their opposed group Saints. They tend to be silent and discreet most of the time. Ironically, even if they are on the government's side, they tend to be more free with their actions (that often results to violence, which contradicts the 'safety for citizens' motto the government has been promoting). They believe that peace and order can't be obtained with only order, but also through bloodshed and fear. They are willing to use any method to achieve their goal. Sinners value knit bond, trust and comradery. Violating any of their rules may cause immediate expulsion to the group. Standpoint: People from the lower zones have higher criminal rates when compared to other zones, even before the newer, more controversial laws were implemented. Therefore, Sinners believe that the government is doing so to protect the people.

fraction: 18175[edit]

Type: Gang Base: Undefined Leader: Wynner (aureilion on instagram) Outfit requirements: None Synopsis: An unorganised, random batch of misfits who's fed up with all drama. This is a self-aware, ironic group that decided to join the fray and make life even more inconvenient for the main big gang groups. Description: 18175, or R6 for short, is a chaotic neutral gang formed by a young man sick of the non-stop chaos caused by the other groups in Tranquillium that interferes with their daily lives. It doesn't matter what zone you're from, as long as you're up for standing against the rest you're more than welcomed to join. As they say, if you can't beat em, join em. The gang's hideout shifts from zone to zone, always making sure they don't get caught while causing causing trouble for the other gangs. All in all, 18175 is like an unruly group of young people wanting to take a stand of their own. Standpoint: They're people who don't really seem care as long as it doesn't affect them. That is why they're stepping in now- because the other two gangs have been a great disturbance, causing inconvenience and even scaring some citizens. It's pretty bloody annoying, so they're here to either add more fuel to the fire or to try to put it out. Whatever it is, their main targets are the gangs in the city.

fraction: Peace holders[edit]

Type: Law enforcement agency Base: Zone 2 Leader: Cherie (port.trail on instagram) Outfit requirements: Clothing tends to have more of a earthy tone to it, but this is not required. However, stripes must be incorporated somewhere on ones outfit. Synopsis: An organisation working under the government to maintain the peace in Tranquillium. They're policemen, but focus more on big, threatening groups so that the main branch can turn their attention to other issues. Description: With Cherie leading the Peace Holders, their main goal is to persuade the people to keep their faith in the government. Even though they've made a few seemingly skeptical decisions, Peace Holders want the citizens to feel at ease and that they're doing the best they can. However, coming from the police department, they also need to reenforce the rules but hope to do so peacefully. Standpoint: Their reasons, opinions and views may vary greatly. Some just wanted to become policemen, some want to support the government, some want the money to support their family, some are in it for the bragging rights and some are here for the power.

ZONES- 7 to 9[edit]

<Zone 9> is the garbage zone. Literally. It's trash upon trash piled up on top of each other. This zone was initially created to be an area for the city's waste, separated from the rest of Tranquillium by fence gates. However, since its creation people have been taking refuge in that zone and are in hiding. A sort of underground city has been rumoured to form there. [On the surface: A pile of trash. Below: Cheaper Tokyo but underground.] Outcasted zone. <Zone 8> is where the main prison is located. [A really big and dull looking prison.] Official zone. <Zone 7> is the agricultural zone. They focus more on things like farming, fishing, lumbering, etc. which requires a lot of labour. Some people use the latest technology to get the job done, others like to use the classic methods. [Barns, crop farms, fish farms, green houses, some flower shops, houses scattering across the land, more greens. There is also a cluster of apartment buildings all in one section of the zone filled with more plants and greenery.] Lower-class zone.

ZONES - 4 to 6[edit]

<Zone 6> is the industrial zone, so a lot of factories and such. There's a lot of things that modern-day machinery already helps with, but there's also a number of things that require people's assistance, such as maintenance (if necessary). [Just a whole cluster of buildings and tall structures. And some apartments here and there. Most of the time you ship things to this zone to get them fixed, unless it's a small thing- then you could just visit one of the small repair shops in other zones.] Lower-class zone. <Zone 5> is the most tech savvy zone. The latest gadgets can always be found here. From engineers to fashion designers to top chefs, you'll find more innovative and creative people here. [W h o a, technology.] Mid-tier zone. <Zone 4> is where the more conventional people are. Large businesses and companies can be found here, as well as schools. The people who work here are generally more realistic, objective and/or analytical. Businessmen, scientists, teachers, doctors, etc. This zone also has the most number of apartments, hence this zone is the most diverse and populated. A number of people return home here from other zones because rent is considered cheap due to the small living space. [W h o a, work.] Mid-tier zone.

ZONES - 1 to 3[edit]

<Zone 3> is where most of the bigger entertainment things are at. Large concert halls, theme parks, casinos, arcades, stadiums, etc. Of course the other zones have similar kinds of entertainment spots, but this zone just puts it on a bigger scale. This is also where singers, movie stars, and all other celebrities normally live. [Like a really big circus and amusement park in the front, but in the back it's just houses.] Mid-tier zone. <Zone 2> is where the people under the government and the people with a lot of power and money live. [Looks.... rich.] High-class zone. <Zone 1> is where the Ruler is. Information on this zone is also scarce. However, we can see that this zone is heavily guarded. It has a sort of high wall protecting it, and above it is a transparent electrical barrier. [No description.] Official / high-class zone.

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