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Jason Hope

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Jason Hope is a professional based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. He is a notable investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who can accurately be described as a futurist. He is an individual that is passionate about the emergent world of technology and has lent a great deal of support behind the development of the Internet of Things concept. Jason is also an ardent supporter of the scientific research that is currently being undertaken in the area of anti-aging. He is also active politically in his home state of Arizona as well as on the national level. Jason Hope grew up in the state of Arizona and attended Tempe's Arizona State University where he studied at the W.P. Carey School of Business. He graduated from the university with his MBA degree.[1]

Jason Hope
Jason Hope - Futurist, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur

Philanthropic Works[edit]

Philanthropy is one of the key components of the life of Jason Hope. He has focussed on philanthropic giving to causes he believes in for many years now. Supporting scientific research has been a key point of the philanthropy engaged in by Jason Hope over the years. He is particularly notable for the generous donations that he has made to the SENS Foundation[2]. This organization is a leader in the research of anti-aging. By supporting these initiatives, Jason Hope feels strongly that he is lending help to the research that will give the people of the world a better quality of overall life.

Support of the Anti-Aging Field[edit]

Jason Hope is a proud supporter of the SENS Foundation[3] and this is due to several factors. He is a strong believer in the work that the organization is doing but beyond this, he believes that the approach that SENS is taking on the anti-aging topic is the right one. A big part of this approach from SENS is the concept of finding cures for the conditions that cause aging in the body to accelerate. Jason points to the fact that SENS is an organization that is willing to challenge conventional thinking on this topic. For this reason, it is an organization that Jason Hope is passionate about supporting[4] in its efforts.

Involvement with the Internet of Things[edit]

The increasing viability of the technology known as the Internet of Things is something that has become very exciting to Jason Hope in recent years. This is an excellent demonstration of his propensity toward acting as a futurist. He is increasingly excited about a world that will become increasingly interconnected as the number of globally connected devices increases each year. This is another piece of technology that Jason is convinced can make human life better across the board.

The Publications of Jason Hope[edit]

Jason Hope is a published author who has written on the Internet of Things topic. His book Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution[5] is a guide to the way that this exciting technology is quickly revolutionizing the way that people live today.