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File:Jasperking.jpg Jasperking.jpg
BornMichael Philip Edo
1 January 1984
Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria
🏳️ NationalityNigeria
💼 Occupation
👍 FacebookJasperking
📷 InstagramJaspernationmovement

Jasperking Biography[edit]

Michael Philip EDO ( born 1 January 1984) professionally known as Jasperking of jaspernationmovement is a Nigerian Afro Dancehall hip-hop musician, songwriter, composer, and entrepreneur. He gained wide spread attention after participating on the Benson and Hedge Music Competition in South South Zone of Nigeria Edo State in 1999, he is from Edo State but born and raised in Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria. He attend Ehgosa Grammar School Benin[1] and passed to Auchi Polytechnic where he came out first class Sociology Graduate, and also worked as a presenter at E.B.S.TV EDO BROADCASTING SERVICE . He came to Italy Milan 14-july 2017 as an independent artists and he gained a disturbing offer from a record company called Visory Records[2] in Italy, from than he began to blast the air with songs like "Money", "Flash up your lighter", "Black queen", "Our own", his most latest single that is tumbling the internet is called "Original party" and more is expected of this talented super artiste, he is from the families of five siblings and he is the second son , he has worked with dancehall select as DJs based in Milan like DJ Massi Lester[3], of the agora in Milan Italy, raw dancehall selecta of Milan Italy, good vibes sounds of Milan Italy.

Early Life[edit]

Early life was the building stage of his career in 1996  at the sir Victor uwafo music academy where he was thought music and it's rudimentary,    his father was in the Nigeria  Armed forces the mother was a trader at a time he lost his father and his mother became a widow taking care of 5 children all alone he will go to big concerts performing live, with buju 1da Banton,  Shabba Ranks, Ninja man, Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre Busta rhymes Bob Marley songs , those influence build him up together today that made he  a super afro dancehall hip hop musician, all this today he call (afro rag hop vibes)  this is a  combination of reggae, hip-hop, high Life , afro beat music all together,

Personal Life[edit]

I’m living a life of purpose with my service to mankind – Jasperking MPE

It is one thing to be talented and another thing to consciously contribute to the development of a society. It takes a different kind of initiative to be able to look into the society, see what’s wrong and then purpose to contribute your quota to effect change.

Jasperking MPE, a rapper, entrepreneur who also doubles as the CEO of Jasperking Nation recently took up a project to reach out to young girls in our society. He purpose to give a number of girls sanitary pads. There has been articles of how some girls whose parents cants afford a pads uses clothes and other improvised materials during their menstrual period and this results in some girls missing classes. Knowing how this will greatly impact our society, we had a chat with Jasperking to give us a hint into what the project is all about.

When asked what the project was about and why he chose to embark on such project? Japerking said, “The humanitarian project is a way of giving back to the community”. He said, “it’s a way of impacting lives and also I think it’s necessary to educate the youngsters about peer pressure & life after school. If everybody who has done something for themselves feel the need to comeback and help the society in their own little way, our society will become a better place before we know it.”

We further questioned him to know if he thinks this was a right step project in the right direction? Jasperking said, “YES.. I think it is the right step because it’s also a way of connecting with my fans and promoting my brand & music. I have female fans and I know they have needs, especially those who do not have much privilege to enjoy what makes life easy; and since a menstrual cycle is a constant in a female’s life, not having a privilege to buy pads should not mess up one’s life when that menstrual cycle is around the corner. This makes this project very important or if I may use your words, “right”. It been in a good direction relays back to how I am also using this avenue to promote myself, my intention and my craft; so it’s definitely a right step in a right direction”.

It is obvious how naive teenagers can be when faced will the responsibility of having to take care of their menstrual period with all the cramps, pains and cleaning that comes with it. And we live in a society where there is too much pressure going around such that parents sometimes forget their children’s birthday, talk less their daughter’s menstrual period. Many families can not afford to feed well talk less making extra money available for their daughter’s menstrual cycle; so we understand what he meant when he said it is a very sensitive topic; and we can agree any less it is not spoken about enough.


My first single (MONEY) was released June 22, 2018 recorded by visory Records, and the second album of 8 tracks album which was called "Our Own Album" was released April 12, 2020 recorded by Records DK. The third album of 9 tracks album titled "King Kong album" which was released 2021. Jasperking , now has four singles backdated for 2022 coming soon songs like original party released March 28, 2022 , he also has joko dropping soon etc.


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