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Jay - Carter Music

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Jay - Carter Music
BornMimmo Francesco Attanasi
🏡 ResidenceNew York
🏳️ NationalityItaly
Other namesJay-Carter
💼 Occupation
🥚 TwitterRealJayCarter
👍 FacebookJayCarterGroup
📷 Instagramrealjaycarter

Early Life[edit]

Jay-Carter, the pseudonym of Mimmo Francesco Attanasi( Manduria, May 6, 1989) is an Italian songwriter and rapper in the American-English language.

He rose to fame with the publication of his single, “Crazy Money GoingUpTown”, in 2015. It achieved good success in both the United States and Italy. This success was repeated with further releases of Money Rain (2020), Ronchiverdi Club (2021) and The Glory (2022).

As of 2022, Jay-Carter is recognized as one of the most renowned rappers in both the US and Italy.


Jay-Carter was born in Manduria and lived small town in Puglia in Latiano, Italy. He began his studies in the IT sector as he was passionate about technology as a child. However, at the age of 17, he discontinued his education due to several health reasons.

After a few years, his condition worsened to a significant extent. Upon the worsening of his condition, he was taken to the emergency ward of a hospital. At the hospital, his condition remained critical. In fact, his health condition stayed critical for more than a month.

As doctors continued to address his intestinal issues and problems, Jay-Carter attempted to find his inspiration in song writing. He began to write lyrics and dedicated himself to rapping. He began to find solace in music, more specifically writing lyrics and rapping when he could.

His life took a turn when he dreamed of being an established rap artist. While he was in the hospital, he dreamed of being a successful rap artist and recording songs in his own recording studio. It was the turning point in his life and he eventually began to focus on this vision.

From the very next morning, he began to feel a lot better. Other than just feeling better, he even began to react better to such an extent that he claimed to have been saved by the dream that he had. It was a stimulus for him and with the passage of time, this stimulus turned into a passion.

With time, his passion only increased for writing lyrics and rapping. While at the hospital, he began to think about being discharged and focusing on his own career as a rapper. He thought about how he would pursue his career and be a successful rapper.

When he was discharged from the hospital, he began his search for a producer who could assist him with his goal. Even though he wanted to be an independent rapper, he knew that he had to find someone to help him. Therefore, he began his search for a producer who could help him and make his dream a reality.

During his search for the producer, he looked at the lyrics about hospitalization that he had written. Upon reconsidering the lyrics, he began to feel that the lyrics were not really complete. He wanted to engrave the Italian lyrics that he had written about hospitalization. However, since he believed that they were not completed, he thought about what could inspire him further.

Upon thinking about it for days, he finally came to theconclusion that he had to visit the distant world that would further inspire him and would help him continue his journey. He decided that visiting New York, specifically Franklin Avenue was in order if he really wanted to be a successful rapper. He realized that it was a distant world and it was going to help him in his journey.

Therefore, in order to visit Brooklyn, he began to save money. It took him some time before he collected enough money to buy a ticket to Brooklyn. He purchased the ticket and left for Franklin Avenue to be introduced to American rap. He knew that Franklin Avenue was popular for American rap and that is what he wanted to be exposed to.

Therefore, upon reaching to Brooklyn, he immediately began to form connections and expand his network. When he arrived in the US, he did not have sufficient financial resources. In fact, his economic conditions were quite difficult. He did not possess a stable source of income and thus, his financial resources were limited to a significant extent.

Still, he did not give up. Even though he experienced some serious language barriers, he continued to work hard. He frequently visited different renowned neighborhoods and even followed ghetto kids. He used to follow ghetto kinds in hopes to learn about their languages and behaviors.

It even led him to learn more about the American rap language. Since he was raised in Italy and his first language was not really English, he struggled to a significant extent. However, following black kids and studying their language enabled him to also get familiar with the American rap language.

Eventually, he began to meet people who believed that he would be able to excel in rapping. In a foreign country, it was difficult for him to interact with new people. Still, he did meet many people who believed in him and recognized his passion for rapping.

Through the expansion of his network, he began to meet and interact with people who had connections in the industry. They invited him to compete against and challenge well-known rappers in the neighborhood. For starters, he began to compete against rappers who were recognized well in different freestyle competitions.

That was the moment when his rapping career really began and he was able to record his first song, "Crazy Money going Uptown". It was soon followed by his video that was distributed by Sony Vevo USA.

2014 – 2015

It was in 2014 when he released his first rap song, "Crazy Money going Uptown". Following the release, he eventually became a real celebrity and his videos began to be distributed by Sony Vevo.

He began to actively participate in American life and interact with several artists. Some of the prominent artists that he interacted with include Kalia Methven, a prominent fashion designer, Angel Salazar, Dominick Mancino, Vado, DC YounFly, Florida, Dj Whoo Kid, Cam'ron, CeoMiamiMike, Soulja Boy, Dj Premier, and Fred the Godson.

It is, however, important to note that he established strong relationships with boys who lived in the ghetto as they supported him to a great extent. During the same time period, he was also invited to interviews with Radio Impacto2 and Tv Azteca in New York.

Eventually, he worked on the second song track, "My Pain Turned into a Monster Success", and released the single in 2016. The song track attracted great attention and further added to his fame.


October 18, 2016 released a track against the artist

The Game, a remix of "OOOUUU" by Young MA to defend Meek Mill in a dissing (feud) that he despises with the latter's girlfriend, the famous Nicki Minaj.

2017 – 2018

During this time period, he worked on and released a new single and video, " They Don’t Want To See Me Rich". The single contained sampling of opera music that was produced by Valentine. The opera music that was featured in the single was Carmina’s Choir.

In 2018, Jay-Carter appeared in “The Voice of New York,” an important magazine that reported his story and even highlighted the success he had made as a rapper due to his perseverance and determination. The magazine also highlighted the struggles and challenges he faced in Brooklyn and how he continued to work hard.

2020 – 2022

In 2020, he worked on a single in Italy and it was titled "Money Rain". When he was asked just why he returned to Italy in an interview, Jay-Carter responded that he had come back to shoot for Money Rain. After that, the pandemic emerged and due to it, he was unable to return to New York. In addition to it, he also mentioned that he would get back as soon as possible. He continued that he had studied production in Florida and he would like to use it and pursue some projects in Italy as well.

Meanwhile, in 2021, he collaborated with G Unit Capo. This new single was entitled as “Cartel” and the song itself talked about life in prison and the dreams that will never be abandoned in spite of the challenges and difficulties that are faced.

Meanwhile, in September 2021, he worked on a new single and released it. The song was entitled, "Ronchiverdi Club". The single even featured Dj Greta Tedeschi. After a month of releasing the single, Jay-Carter even reached 20 million views on his Instagram video.

In 2022, Jay-Carter collaborated with Dromanoti, a rapper from New York. In collaboration, they even launched a new song, "The Glory", which talked about life, differences, and their enemies.


Jay-Carter is actively investing his time in continuing his career as a rapper in both the US and Italy. He has collaborated with several artists till now and he will continue to work on both his singles and even collaborate with other artists to release new songs. His more recent songs have acquired significant attention and Jay Carter hopes to reach even more people and release enthralling songs for his audience.


• Crazy Money Going Uptown – 2015

• My Pain Turned Me into a Monster Success – 2016

• The Don’t Want to see me Rich – 2017

• Lifestyle – 2018

• Money Rain – 2020

• Cote D’Azur – 2021

• Cartel 2021

• The Glory 2022

• Ronchiverdi Club – 2021


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