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Jean Loup P. G. Le Roux

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Jean Loup P. G. Le Roux
🏳️ NationalityCanadian and French
💼 Occupation
Cybersecurity specialist, consultant, and entrepreneur
Known forI&I Strategy, the Canadian Consulting Community, and Innovation Waypoint

Jean Loup Le Roux is a Canadian and French consultant and entrepreneur.[1] He is a CEO and entrepreneur who has founded I&I Strategy,[2] the Canadian Consulting Community,[3] and Innovation Waypoint.[4]

He has worked closely as a strategic advisor and consultant with many financial firms such as Morgan Stanley, Natixis, and PSP Investments, as well as many Fortune 100 companies and well-known Silicon Valley companies.[4][5][6]

Degrees and experience[edit]

Jean Loup Le Roux holds a Master’s degree in computer science and also has a background in engineering. He founded his first startup in the aerospace field, for which he won the Thales Innovation Award for achievements in Critical Infrastructure Protection. Before that, he was involved in the Diplomacy and Defense sector, working for national security.

He has taught at the University of Washington, St. Thomas University in Florida, and the Polytechnique University of Montreal.[7] Jean Loup Le Roux has also earned multiple credentials from the Department of Homeland Security, and industry certifications such as CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), CCSP (Certified Cloud Security Professional), and ISO 27001 Lead Auditor.

Public speaking[edit]

Jean Loup Le Roux is frequently invited to contribute to major Canadian news outlets and to speak at events in the UK, Canada, France, and Mexico on consulting and the tech industry.[8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15]

These include the following industry conferences:

  1. Cyber weapons proliferation[4]
  2. How to protect critical data in the cloud?[5]
  3. Shortage of tech talents: creative solutions[16]


Currently, Jean Loup Le Roux is focusing on consulting work around the world,[17][8] and utilizes applied cryptography in the fields of cloud security and privacy protection.

He is also helping companies get certified against international standards, such as ISO 27701 for privacy management, through accredited schemes with his company Innovation Waypoint.

Community service[edit]

In addition to lending his insightful business and information security acuity to his clients, Jean Loup Le Roux has founded the Canadian Consulting Community project in partnership with law firms,[18][19] helping thousands of candidates enter the Canadian job market.

COVID pandemic[edit]

Jean Loup Le Roux was a core volunteer of, a 501c3 non-profit helping hospitals and nurses access life-critical protective gear (PPE), such as respirators.[20][21] He was also directly involved in the logistics and manufacturing of millions of protective supplies to break the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada, the United States and Mexico.[22][23] Government agencies ordered millions of units, which were procured at cost (pro-bono) by Jean Loup Le Roux's companies.[24]


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