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Jerry d’Paoli

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Jerry d’Paoli
12A3021D-2929-465E-8E10-CB6B3435B840.jpeg 12A3021D-2929-465E-8E10-CB6B3435B840.jpeg
Live at The State Theatre in St. Petersburg, FL (2012)
BornGerald A. Delli Paoli
Newark, NJ
🏡 ResidenceTampa, FL
🏳️ NationalityItalian-American
Other namesJerry’s Jam-Eez
💼 Occupation
Guitarist; Songwriter & Producer
📆 Years active  2005-2013
🏢 OrganisationAmerican Federation of Musicians
Known forGuitarist for Tampa based Hard Rock band; Dirty Black Halo
🏡 Home townNewark, NJ
FamilyDelli Paoli & Albanese families
🌐 Website
🥚 TwitterTwitter=
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Early Life[edit]

Born November 5, 1978 to a middle class Italian-American family who were residents of Newark, NJ.

At 6 years old his father would put the guitar in his hands and have him listen to Led Zeppelin.


After several attempts with cover bands that never got off the ground, Jerry had a brief stint in a local (Clearwater,FL) Journey tribute band. The band broke apart after their first show, citing the singer stage fright. Jerry decided to focus on writing his own material, joined up with singer Jim Dorian; a couple songs were written, however nothing materialized.

Jerry had decided to just focus on his job working at Sam Ash Music; it was there he met John Hale (2002). The two got together with an acoustic guitar, pen, paper and starting writing original material. Although; at this point there was no real clear direction of sound or image, “we were just cutting our teeth”. The two would go on to enlist a couple local musicians and call their new band SHIFT; a name that came from mixing cover with originals into their setlist.

SHIFT would go on to be in a battle of the bands (2005) coming in first place 2 of 3 performances. Their final performance was regional based; they would go on to place 9th, however, Jerry would go on to win second place for guitar performance, where he was awarded an Ernie Ball Music Man Sub 1.Shortly after their performance SHIFT would break up; Jerry and John going their separate ways.

End of 2005 Jerry would join an Orlando based original band; Mourning Yesterday. The time was brief just under a year and recording a demo at the famous Gainesville recording studio SkyLab.

While recording for Mourning Yesterday John had put a new sleazy rock band together, Dirty Black Halo. Jerry was invited to join, but he passed as he still had several dates to fulfill with Mourning Yesterday.

After the passing of his maternal grandfather, Jerry decided to join John with Dirty Black Halo. It was at that point that they met at a bar and decided what they wanted to do and how they wanted to present the image and sound of the band.

Incorporating a sleazy hard rock vibe (inspired by Guns n Roses) while mixing the dark gothic look that was widely popular in Tampa at the time. They would go onto open for: Quiet Riot & Skid Row at the former State Theatre in St. Petersburg, FL. Shortly after in 2007 they were offered to co-headline an across country tour with Sister Kill Cycle. The band would go on to play The Whisky A Go-Go also visiting NAMM show. During NAMM they had secured several endorsement deals with several musical instrument manufacturers: DR strings, Dean guitar, Basson Amps, B.C. Rich guitars.

Upon returning to Tampa, Jerry and John decided to start recording their first album. During this time the band would go on to open for Slaughter at Jannus Landing as well as start a business relationship with The Vaude Villians.

The first album: Thanks For The Tragedy was completed January 2009. They had signed with Brett Steele of Steele Management. The song Harlot would go on to be part of a compilation disc released by Perris Records; such artists on this disc were: Alex Lifeson (Rush), Kirk Hammett (Metallica). They were contacted by Joe Davison (Stranger Things) to have two of songs in his upcoming post-apocalypse zombie film Experiment 7. The band quickly became the go to band in Tampa to be the opening act for national acts that came into town.

2010 They decided to get back into the studio to record Burning at the Edge of Dawn. Towards the end of recording they brought in a second guitarist Dino Florez, to deliver the live sound layers they had made on the album. Mid-way through pre-production of rhe album Joe Davison contacted the band again this time to have them compose the title track for his new horror flick As Night Falls. This song would go on to being their most popular, played several times throughout the movie and becoming the theme for the film.

2011 They would go to sign with FnA Records; and Burning at the Edge of Dawn for a world wide release. The band would shortly their after open for Ozzy Osborne & Slash at the St. Pete Times Forum.

Late 2012 the band would officially call it quits until 2017 when they made the single Army of Rock and released and accompanying music video (directed by Joe Davison)

Personal Life[edit]

Jerry is married with 2 children