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John Douglas Steuart

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John Douglas Steuart
🏳️ NationalityAmerican
🎓 Alma materUC Berkeley
Golden Gate University
💼 Occupation
Venture capitalist and entrepreneur
TitleExecutive Chairman at CountySportsZone
🌐 Website

John Douglas Steuart is an American venture capitalist and entrepreneur. John Douglas Steuart is the co-founder of multiple businesses including Savvy Properties, Cybergold, and Claremont Creek Ventures. He currently holds the position of Executive Chairman at CountySportsZone.


John Douglas Steuart graduated from UC Berkeley with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics in 1985. He later attended Golden Gate University from where he graduated with a Master’s Degree in Taxation.


John Douglas Steuart has over 20 years of experience in healthcare and technology. He spent half of his life managing, innovating, and investing in technology to create products to improve healthcare and make it more affordable. He is a venture capitalist generating high returns in start-up companies. in 1988, John co-founded Savvy Properties. John and his co-founder, Michael Kraszulyak. The company started by offering affordable housing units for students and then expanded to include other real estate services. His company grew from a very few employees to many people. After co-founding Savvy Properties, John Douglas Steuart ventured as an investor in Alafi Capital Company where he served as the Chief Finance Officer. After serving the company for seven years, he left Alafi Company and co-founded Cybergold, an internet payment and loyalty marketing company. On April 17, 2000, Inc. acquired Cybergold for $157 million. The merger was spearheaded by John himself.

John and Terry R. Knapp of China are the inventors of the living tissue implant with electrical transponder marker for both reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries. This technological invention enabled medical doctors to track devices that were implanted into humans to ensure their safety in accordance with the Safe Medical Device Act of 1990. John and Terry successfully designed an implant that incorporates a passive transponder that comes with a handy electromagnetic reader. The device codes and assesses the implant in a quick and inexpensive procedure.

In 2004, John co-founded Claremont Creek Ventures (CCV). He sat as the managing director and raised millions in LP funding from blue chip companies including Harvard, University of Michigan, Vanderbilt, and the University of California. Moreover, he increased the firm’s investment profit in the healthcare division up to 20% annually.

Under CCV, John took part in managing Natera and AssureRX. Natera provides a more innovative but less expensive method of screening embryos to determine any medical condition before implantation. This is an essential procedure to take to ensure that the offspring will not have any major genetic disease. Additionally, AssureRX is a company that focuses on collecting genetic information to determine which medication is more appropriate for patients. Roche, a multi-national healthcare company, acquired John’s portfolio GeneWeave, and in August 2016, Myriad Genetics purchased John’s portfolio company AssureRX.

As the managing director and co-founder of CVV, Mr. Steuart managed a team of investors and served on UC Berkeley Advisory Board for Lester Center of Entrepreneurship and the College of Engineering, leading health and technology practice.


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