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John Goullet

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John Goullet


John Goullet is an IT entrepreneur and currently the Chairman of Diversant LLC, a leading IT staffing firm that has twice been named as one of the nation’s fastest growing companies by Inc. Magazine. Prior to becoming the Chairman of Diversant LLC, John Goullet was the CEO and Founder of the IT staffing firm Info Technologies.

Goullet started Info Technologies in 1994 because he saw that various Fortune 500 companies were having difficulty finding qualified IT professionals. Having a background as an IT consultant, John Goullet saw an opportunity to help those companies meet their needs by matching them up with highly-qualified IT professionals. As a result, John Goullet founded Info Technologies and within five years profits soared to $30 million, with Inc. Magazine ranking it as one of the country’s fastest growing private businesses.

John Goullet merged Info Technologies with Diversant Inc. in 2010 to create Diversant LLC, a leading IT staffing and solutions firms. Under John Goullet’s stewardship as Chairman, in just 9 years Diversant has expanded its footprint to include offices in 13 locations in 46 states all across the U.S., making it one of the largest and most successful IT staffing firms in the country.

Early Life[edit]

John Goullet has always had a fascination with technology. To nurture this interest, he majored in computer science at Ursinus College, a private liberal arts school located in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. Upon graduating in 1983 with his Bachelor of Science degree, Goullet embarked on a career in the relatively new and exciting field of computers. Since it was the mid-1980s, the personal computer was just coming into vogue, while the emergence of the Internet as part of a daily life was still a few years off. Given his background in computer science, Goullet embarked on a career in computer consulting. While working in the tech would, John Goullet was exposed to the burgeoning field of IT, or information technology, which back then was suffering from a shortage of highly-skilled professionals. Seeing an unfulfilled need in the IT marketplace, the entrepreneurial-minded John Goullet got the idea to start his first company.


John Goullet started the IT staffing firm, Info Technologies, in 1994 because he saw that many fortune 500 companies were in need of IT professionals, but didn’t know how to acquire them. The idea behind Info Technologies was very simple: Mr. Goullet would use his vast wealth of knowledge in the IT field to find highly-skilled IT professionals and then match them up with fortune 500 companies who were in need of their services. Info Technologies quickly took off, and within five years was bringing in earnings of $30 million, making it one of the most successful IT staffing firms of the 1990s.

In 2010 Mr. Goullet merged Info Technologies with Diversant Inc. to form the new company Diversant, LLC.  Today, Goullet is the Chairman of Diversant LLC which has grown to become a dominant force in the IT staffing industry. Under John Goullet’s leadership, Diversant has expanded to offer IT services to a wide array of industries, including banking and financial services, energy, manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, and healthcare. Diversant also has offices in 13 locations throughout the country. By having offices all across the U.S., Diversant has a far greater advantage in recruiting a diverse set of talent that other IT staffing might otherwise left behind.

Since Diversant LLC was formed in 2010, Goullet has watched it grow by leaps and bounds. In 2019 Diversant acquired the Minneapolis-based IT staffing firm, the Alliance of Computer Professionals (ACP), thus allowing the company to expand its reach into the thriving Minneapolis tech market. Diversant’s acquisition came on the heels of the company’s acquisition of the San Francisco-based IT staffing firm Vircon in 2015. Needless to say, with John Goullet leading the charge, Diversant has expanded at a remarkable rate, which is why in just under 10 years, it has grown to become one of the largest and most trusted IT staffing firms in the country.

Furthermore, in 2019 Diversant was listed in the Top 25 of the Staffing Industry Analysts list, the gold standard in the IT staffing industry. 2019 was the fourth year in a row that Diversant moved up a place on the well-respected list, thus adding further prestige to Diversant’s already glowing reputation.

Personal Life[edit]

Although John Goullet is an IT entrepreneur at heart, he also finds that taking time out for himself is crucial to his success in business. When he’s not leading the charge in building Diversant into the largest and most respect IT staffing firm in the country, John Goullet enjoys outdoor activities like playing golf. John Goullet currently lives in the Greater New York City area.