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Karlos Xavier

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Karlos Xavier
Karlos Xavier.jpeg Karlos Xavier.jpeg
Native nameCarlos Xavier Cordova Figueroa
BornKarlos Xavier
Esmeraldas, Ecuador
🏳️ NationalityEcuadorian
🏫 EducationTechnical University of Loja (studying)
💼 Occupation
Singer-Songwriter, Musician, Actor
🌐 Website

Karlos Xavier his real name is Carlos Xavier Cordova Figueroa was born on July 31, 1988. He is a young 32-year old arising Singer-songwriter, musician, producer, actor from Esmeraldas, Ecuador.


Karlos Xavier was very young he already showed interest in music, his artistic life began in 1999 when he won first place in the song contest Romantic in the parish Tonsupa, in different genres such as ballads, merengues, cumbia, salsa and finally reggae, at 16 he wrote his first song. Don Carlos Córdova and Emma Figueroa have always had the support of their parents. He joined a group of technocumbia "Anthrax" for two years, then became part of the group "Beder and his rumberines" in which he sang sauces, cumbias and ballads sometimes acted as soloist of some genres including reggaeton.[1]

In 2006 he made a video of a romantic reggaeton called “it was only an adventure” a month after making this video he had to leave the country to meet his mother, he is currently in Italy but this does not prevent him from singing to Your country, your people, your land.[1][2] Karlos Xavier in fusion with new rhythms and musical cultures, in Italy choose to sing Bachata and Salsa. In 2009, he launched his first LP that contains 5 songs, of which “Touch Your Body” and The Heart Screams Me ”stood out. In 2011, he released his first album entitled "Another Life" dedicated to his wife and the fruit of the love she had in her womb.[2]

In February 2014, he released his second album entitled "Little Piece of Heaven" album dedicated to his first child, a theme in which he demonstrates the joy that a father / mother can have when they see their child for the first time, the emotion and the crying of happiness to see those little eyes, that helpless creature, the fruit of our love! In this album there is also the song “Canto A Mi País” theme in which Karlos Xavier, together with other artists, pays tribute to the emigrants! Theme of authorship of Karlos Xavier, demonstrates the nostalgia he feels to be away from his native country.[3]

The album "Pedacito De Cielo" contains 21 songs some in collaboration with artists of national and international fame! In January 2016, one of his songs (I love you, I love you) was recognized as a gold single for over 25,000 “online” sales recognition for the record company he works with. C. editions In June 2016 he presents his new album called “Give me a Smile” with 19 unpublished songs in genres of: bachata, salsa, cumbia, pop and acoustics. This album includes "I love you, I love you."[4]

Song List[edit]

Songs Released
Loca 2019
Canto A Mi Pais 2014
I love you, I love you 2016
Don't provoke me 2019
You tell me 2014
Let's make love 2014
You didn't teach me to forget 2013
Aruñando Mi Piel 2016
Me Fascina 2014
Little piece of sky 2014
Mi Loca 2016
Amiga Mia 2019
Quiero Quiero 2014
Un Fuerte Abrazo 2019
Tu Me Vuelves Loco 2014
A Fuego Lento 2014
Se Apago La Llama 2014
Regálame una Sonrisa 2016
Dawn 2014
fall again 2016
5 Centavitos 2014
Let me get a lightning bolt 2016
Other life 2014


  • Elementary School (fine arts).
  • High School (Tacito Ortiz Urriola, Luz y Libertad, Colegio, de Agosto) in the city of Esmeraldas.
  • Technical University of Loja (studying).

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