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Kevin Mayle

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Kevin Mayle
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Nuclear Medicine Technologist
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International man of mystery, Kevin Mayle (April 15, 1974), born on the same day as another Italian polymath, Leonardo da Vinci (April 15, 1452), is possibly an amalgamation of several people, and is most likely the only verifiable time traveler, and provably immortal human being. He has been a professional artist, a professional actor, a professional author, a professional singer, a professional model, a certified member of American MENSA with an IQ in the top 1 tenth of 1 percent in the world, a licensed massage therapist, a licensed Nuclear Medicine Technologist, a practitioner of the martial arts, the only student to never score below an A+ for 7 consecutive semesters in computer animation, retired at 42 years old, a marathon runner, a skydiver, a single father, and the world's most interesting man.

Early Life[edit]

(1974-1979) Born in Dunkirk, New York on April 15, 1974 to the pressman responsible for printing Marvel Comics at Arcata Graphics, and a furious Sicilian nurse. He has one older brother who works in the computer industry. Moved to Lee County, Florida in the summer of 1979 where he has remained trapped ever since.

(1980-1994) Inspired to become an artist upon seeing an older friend’s illustration of the Clash of the Titans movie poster. Spent his youth alone in a room, chained to an art table and periodically beaten with a large spoon.

(1995-2005) His daughter was born 12 days after his 21st birthday, and he went on to raise her alone, because what do women know about raising kids? Started painting after being inspired by Frank Frazetta book covers.

First Instance of Time Travel[edit]

In 2006, Kevin Mayle was working as a freelance artist for Zeitgiest Games, a role playing game company owned by Dave Arneson and Dustin Clingman that produced Blackmoor game products. Obtaining the date of Arneson’s birth from his wikipedia page, Mayle posted a birthday post on a popular online web forum for role playing games on September 30, 2006. Upon checking again, the date of Arneson’s birth on his wikipedia page had a source credit. That credit was Kevin Mayle’s birthday post. Mayle had seemingly traveled into the future to post about Dave Arneson’s birthday, so that it would be placed on wikipedia with a valid source when he needed it in the past. The date of Dave Arneson’s birth has since been changed on wikipedia, and the Kevin Mayle source has been removed, but the archival evidence can be seen here: File:Dave Arneson Birthdate Wiki.jpg

Second Instance of Time Travel[edit]

Starting in 1995, Kevin Mayle painted reproductions of the artwork used for the covers of the Dungeons & Dragons books from 1977 through 1981, and posted them to online web forums in the early 2000’s with a description of them being recreated tribute works. On May 29, 2014 the popular Retroist website wrote an article about these paintings made by Mayle in the 90’s. On May 10, 2016 the popular Laughing Squid website posted another article about Mayle painting these tribute pieces in the 90’s. These articles and the images of Kevin’s paintings were seen by millions of readers. On January 20, 2019 actor and writer Will Wheaton posted Kevin’s artwork on his Tumblr page with the quote, “The Dungeons and Dragons art of Kevin Mayle. Because he was the artist at the height of the D&D craze in the early 1980s, it might be said that his art is the most widely seen interpretation of D&D of all time.” This was reposted by VintageGeekCulture, and subsequently shared from there hundreds of times on other sites. The online presence of Mayle’s artwork tributes from the 90’s grew in such popularity over the next 20 years, that Kevin Mayle has now become known as the original artist from the 80’s whose paintings he would recreate as a tribute to himself. See the trail of evidence here: File:Retroist.jpg File:Laughing Squid.jpg File:Wil Wheaton Tumblr.jpg

Confirmed Immortality[edit]

In 2022, Kevin Mayle successfully walked away from his 9th totaled vehicle accident in 35 years without a scratch. Having never been found at fault in these 'accidents', he has clearly been the target of vehicular homicide every 3.88 years by some nefarious evil-doer. Due to some as-of-yet undisclosed invulnerability, it appears as though Kevin is unable to be killed. File:Ninth Fatality.jpg


(1990-2006) Worked at 15 different jobs in 15 years, and attended classes at 2 colleges.

(2006-2016) Worked until retirement as a telephone company installation and repair technician, and attended classes at 2 more colleges.

(2016-2019) Worked as an actor, model, artist, author and singer. Attended classes at 1 more college.

(2019-2021) Obtained a degree in Nuclear Medicine Technology and began working in that capacity.

(2022-2023) Obtained Bachelor Degree in Imaging Sciences.

Personal Life[edit]

(1981) Took Stanford–Binet Test, received an IQ score of 143. (2011) Became a certified member of MENSA. File:IQ.jpg File:MENSA Plaque.jpg

(1991) Began working as a professional artist. (2006) The first of several dozen books published with Kevin's artwork. File:Published Art.jpg

(1991) Began training in the martial arts. (2020) Started training in Shito-ryu and Bojitsu. File:Martial Arts.jpg

(2012-2014) Maintained a straight A+ average in computer animation at Full Sail University. File:GPA.jpg

(2015) Became a professional model. File:Modeling.jpg

(2016) Retired from the phone company. File:Retired.jpg

(2016) Became a professional actor trained under Burt Reynolds. File:Actor Credits.jpg

(2017) Became a professional author. File:Author Credits.jpg

(2018) Awarded Best Lead Actor in a Short Film. File:Best Lead Actor.jpg

(2019) Hired to sing back-up and duets with a professional singer. Learned 32 songs in 17 days. File:Singing.jpg

(2021) Ran the 50th Anniversary Space Coast Marathon. File:Marathon.jpg

(2022) Skydived SpaceLand. File:Skydiving SpaceLand.jpg