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Khalil Rizq

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Khalil Rizq
🏳️ Nationality Palestine
Other namesخليل سعيد رزق
💼 Occupation
📆 Years active  2000- present

Khalil Rizq (also known as Khalil Saeed Rizq, Arabic:خليل سعيد رزق), (born January 1, 1974 [1]) is a Palestinian programmer,Graphic designer[2] marketing consultant and author. [3] [4] [5]

Early life[edit]

Rizq was born and raised in Lebanon, he graduated from high school and start teaching himself programming and basics of marketing.


In 2000 he started his career as an individual programmer, in 2007 he became an e-marketing consultant for individuals and companies.

Nonprofit programs[edit]

Rizq is best known for his nonprofit programs devoted to handicapped and blind people, in 2002, he launched a program called (Develop the Right Application) aimed to teach handicapped the basics of programming for free to help them start their own career. [6]


Working as a Team, ISBN 9780463969748, OL 27251376M

تبسيط مفهوم الموارد البشرية, ISBN 9780463961001, OL 27251957M


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