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Kim Wexler

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Kimberly "Kim" Wexler
Better Call Saul character
First appearance"Uno"
(episode 1.01) (2015)
Created by
Portrayed byRhea Seehorn
Full nameKimberly "Kim" Wexler
  • Kim
  • Giselle Saint Claire
FamilyUnnamed grandmother (deceased)
Significant otherJimmy McGill

Kimberly "Kim" Wexler is a fictional character who appears in the AMC television series Better Call Saul, a spin-off of Breaking Bad. She is portrayed by Rhea Seehorn, and was created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould.[1]

Kim Wexler is a love interest of fellow lawyer and titular character Jimmy McGill.

Character biography[edit]

Rhea Seehorn portrays Kim Wexler.

Kim Wexler was born and raised at the Kansas-Nebraska-border. She left her hometown and moved to Albuquerque, because of the few opportunities she had in her hometown.

Season 1[edit]

Due to Howard Hamlin and Jimmy's dispute in the pilot, "Uno", Kim keeps her distance in public away from Jimmy while he makes a speech. However, she takes a smoke break and goes down to the garage where she rights the trash can that Jimmy has kicked and dented and finds him leaning against the wall of the car park. She lights a cigarette and smokes it, allowing Jimmy to take a puff before he puts it back in her mouth.

In "Mijo", Kim is awarded the Kettleman case, which Jimmy had had his eye on before they decided to go with HHM. Jimmy's not pleased to have lost them to the firm, but acknowledges that Kim is not to blame. Kim then receives a rambling call from Jimmy poking around her new clients. It's early , so she doesn't find it suspicious until the next day when it seems like her clients have vanished. She calls Jimmy to the scene. He shrugs off her offers to connect their phone call with the Kettlemans' leaving. Later, she finds out that Jimmy's been arrested and one of his clients is suspected of kidnapping the Kettlemans.

While Kim is working in her office in "Hero", Hamlin walks in and asks her to come with him. She does only to be brought to a provocative sign depicting Jimmy looking very much like Howard and his initials looking very much like HHM's on a billboard. She hedges on being called Jimmy's friend, though Howard assures her that he doesn't much care about that. He sends her to bring him a notice that he'll be bringing him to court about it. After Hamlin successfully gets the court to decide with him, they both realise the truth behind Jimmy's ad: Jimmy is somehow filming while he has to 'save' the man supposed to bring it down and now it's all over the news. It's an act of showmanship and both of them can't help but admire the ploy. When Jimmy decides to get a new office, he takes Kim to view it, taking her by surprise by offering her a corner office. She's broken hearted when she has to tell him the practical truth: that she feels as if she owes HHM for financing her becoming a lawyer and she predicts that she'll make partner in two years. She can't go into law business with Jimmy as much as she respects him. She is in the doghouse with Howard, but despite even Jimmy , now representing the Kettlemans, on her side, Betsy refuses to budge. She accepts Jimmy's apologies about it, understanding he's caught. She explains the deal she'd gotten for them and that the evidence against Mr Kettleman was substantial: he even signed the money to his name.

A few days later in "Bingo", Jimmy calls Kim about the Kettlemans and they've agreed to go ahead with her plea deal. Kim is extremely grateful for what Jimmy did.

In "RICO", Kin is working late, she gets a call from Jimmy, who starts smooth talking. She calls him out and he asks her to print out some things for him. She wonders how this going to be paid for because it's hours of work and is surprised to find out that Chuck has decided to pay the tab. She expresses concerns about Chuck's condition but is convinced to do the printing. Kim's worries seem unfounded when Chuck seems able to come to the office, albeit with all the lights and electronics needing to be turned off. Chuck's arrival seems like a watershed moment and the office offers him a round of applause when he arrives. They meet in the conference room so that Jimmy and Chuck can explain the class action lawsuit they've found dealing with the residents in Sandpiper care homes. Despite Jimmy's expectations, Hamlin refuses to take Jimmy on as a lawyer and the meeting falls apart. This has pricked Kim's sense of fair play, which makes her put aside her private policy of keeping her relationship with Jimmy out of the office. She goes to Howard and puts Jimmy's case to him and asks why Jimmy deserves to be shafted. Howard initially dresses her down in response, but as she makes to leave, relents and asks her to return where he tells her the truth. Armed with the truth, Kim is nonetheless unable to tell it Jimmy, but feels she must do something. She goes to the nail saloon and defies his expectation that she's there to simply back him up. She asks him to take the offer Hamlin had given him: to be paid for his trouble, and takes his betrayed diatribe without complaint. She insists again that he takes the deal and leaves. Jimmy eventually finds out the truth himself: that Chuck sabotaged his attempt to join HHM as a lawyer, both back when he initially passed the bar and again with the Sandpiper leverage. When he decides to take the deal with this information, he apologises to Kim who explains that she didn't want him to hate his own brother.

When the Sandpiper case gets bigger (in "Marco"), HHM has to involve another law firm, Davis & Main. She and Hamlin put Jimmy's name forward and they're interested. Kim calls Jimmy to tell him that they have an offer for him and it's for a partner track. She tells him when they want to meet him and he thanks her.

Season 2[edit]

After Jimmy declines Davis & Main's employment offer in Santa Fe and closes down his law practice in "Switch". Kim confronts Jimmy about his odd behavior, but Jimmy is content with his decision as he originally tried to be a lawyer to impress Chuck. Instead, he convinces her to help him con an obnoxious businessman, Ken, into paying their expensive tequila bar tab by posing as a pair of inexperienced investors. Thrilled by the experience, Kim spends the night with Jimmy, but it becomes clear that she does not want to participate in this behavior all the time. After some contemplation, Jimmy then changes his mind and decides to take the job with Davis & Main.

Before a meeting between Hamlin Hamlin & McGill and D&M in "Cobbler", Kim rearranges the seating so that she and Jimmy sit side by side. She asks Jimmy how he is adjusting to his new firm. On a break, they share a cigarette, a kiss, and she gives him a thermos with "World's 2nd Best Lawyer" written on it. They agree to meet later that night. That night, Jimmy meets with Kim and tells her the story of Daniel's case and the fabricating of a video that was needed as evidence. Kim is appalled that Jimmy has possibly jeopardized his career. Jimmy counters by asking why she was willing to play along with conning Ken. She retorts that it had nothing to do with work. She asks him why he was willing to falsify evidence to exonerate a client and, when Jimmy cannot provide a satisfactory answer, Kim says, "I can't hear about this sort of thing ever again" to which Jimmy responds, "You won't".

After Jimmy independently films his own ad in "Amarillo", hiring the camera crew he previously used for the billboard stunt to depict one of his elderly clients. Kim is impressed with Jimmy's work, and Jimmy decides to run the ad without the firm's approval. It is a massive success, with D&M gaining over a hundred clients in a single day. However, Main is furious upon finding out that Jimmy released the ad without consulting him or the partners first and demands an explanation from him. Jimmy then lies to Kim about the setback.

Despite Jimmy's assertion that the commercial was a client recruitment, the partners at his job lambaste him for airing the commercial without their prior consent. Even though the majority of the partners want to fire Jimmy for cause, Cliff decides to give him a second chance with the understanding that he'll be under a great deal of scrutiny going forward. Jimmy leaves Kim an urgent voicemail requesting that she call him before speaking to Howard. However Jimmy was too late because at that moment, Kim is down at HHM, already being grilled by Howard and Chuck over her failure to warn them about Jimmy’s commercial. Not wanting to put Jimmy under more stress, she explains that she didn’t think it was necessary to give them a heads up. A furious Howard reprimands her because of the actions Jimmy caused.

Jimmy meets Kim in the HHM document room and proposes that she sue HHM in "Rebecca". Kim rejects this idea, pointing out how that would be career suicide and tells Jimmy to worry about his own job while she worries about hers. Throughout his day, Jimmy is accompanied by fellow associate Erin (Jessie Ennis), who claims to want to help Jimmy fit into D&M better, though Jimmy suspects she has been ordered by Cliff to keep an eye on him. Kim works hard to bring in a new client to impress HHM enough to reinstate her old position. Kim eventually delivers a valuable new client, Mesa Verde Bank, to HHM, but Howard decides to keep her on document review. Chuck then talks to Kim, and tells her a story about how years ago, Jimmy had secretly embezzled money from their father's business, which led to its eventual collapse. Chuck then promises to try to get Kim reinstated.

Kim, with Chuck's help, is reinstated to her old position in "Bali Ha'i", but she is treated coldly by Howard who gives her the most humiliating and menial assignments, such as sending her to try and argue unwinnable motions at court. Kim is then approached by Rich Schweikart of Schweikart & Cokely, who tells her that he was impressed with Kim's performance and offers to hire her into S&C with better benefits. Unsure of what to do, Kim relieves her stress by running another con with Jimmy, fooling an investor into giving them $10,000, although the next morning Kim tells Jimmy they will not cash the $10,000 check and will only keep it as a "souvenir". She then confides her doubts to Jimmy about whether to move to S&C or not, and expresses jealousy at how Jimmy always seems to know what he wants. Jimmy lies to Kim about how working at D&M is everything he had always wanted in order to keep her from quitting the law.

After Jimmy is fired from Davis & Main in "Inflatable", he approaches Kim and attempts to convince her to become a partner in their own law firm. Kim agrees only on the condition that Jimmy play it "straight and narrow". Jimmy admits that he can only be himself, so Kim politely refuses his offer. Jimmy moves back to his old office at the nail salon. Meanwhile, Mike promises to buy Stacey a new house and begins scouting out Hector's restaurant. Kim approaches Jimmy and proposes a compromise, suggesting both she and Jimmy start separate solo firms, but share an office space so that they can share expenses and lend each other support, if needed. She asks Jimmy if he is willing. Jimmy doesn't answer her.

In "Fifi", Jimmy accepts Kim's offer, and Kim goes to announce her resignation from HHM to Howard. Howard accepts Kim's resignation, wishes her well and they both shake hands. Immediately after Kim exits Howard's office, they both race to secure the Mesa Verde account. Kim meets with the Mesa Verde boss and his chief legal counsel; the meeting ends with Mesa Verde's stated intention to become Kim's first solo client. Kim then agrees with Jimmy to set up their practices in a re-purposed dentists' office. Howard reports Kim's resignation, the loss of Mesa Verde and her teaming with Jimmy to Chuck. Alarmed, Chuck arranges a "final, tie up loose ends" meeting with Mesa Verde and masterfully damns Kim with faint praise enough to change Mesa Verde's boss' mind, whereupon he decides to stay with HHM. However, forcing himself to appear normal in the HHM office environment, without "protection" from everyday office electromagnetic radiation leads to Chuck's collapse, in the aftermath of the meeting. Kim begins to have doubts about their future, but Jimmy reassures her that there will be other opportunities like Mesa Verde. Jimmy hears that Chuck's condition has worsened, and visits him.

At what should be a routine meeting between the New Mexico Banking Board in "Nailed", Mesa Verde Bank and Chuck and Howard, it is revealed that the addresses in the documents Chuck submitted (based on those Jimmy falsified) do not match those initially filed, creating a six-week delay in Mesa Verde's plans to open their newest branch. A humiliated Chuck immediately suspects that Jimmy is responsible for the sabotage. Dissatisfied with this turn of events and HHM's performance, Mesa Verde decides to leave HHM and sign with Kim. Jimmy and Kim arrive at Chuck's house to pick up the Mesa Verde files, whereupon Chuck accuses Jimmy of sabotaging his case. Kim sides with Jimmy and claims Chuck simply made a mistake. Kim further points out that Chuck has no concrete evidence, and that Chuck's life-long treatment of Jimmy has made Jimmy into who he is today. Once alone in the car with Jimmy, however, Kim angrily punches him. Later that night, in bed, Kim tells Jimmy she never wants to discuss the matter, and she warns Jimmy to make sure all of his tracks are covered. Jimmy returns to the copy store where he altered the files and buys the clerk's silence. Chuck then arrives to interrogate the clerk, but faints in reaction to the electricity there and hits his head on the counter. Jimmy secretly watches from across the street, anxious to save Chuck but reluctant to come out of hiding.

While waiting in the hospital in the season finale, "Klick", Kim visits Jimmy, and the two catch the television commercial Jimmy had been working on for his firm in the past few episodes. Shortly after, the doctor tells Jimmy that Chuck is otherwise healthy, but has entered a stress-induced coma as a result of the scan. When Chuck finally wakes.

Season 3[edit]

When Jimmy returns to the office after confessing to Chuck in the season premiere "Witness", he shares with Kim and confides to her on how refreshing it is to not be hated by Chuck even for just a few minutes. Kim begins to experience anxiety at running her own law firm as well as keeping the knowledge of Jimmy's fraud secret, despite also making progress in getting Mesa Verde's hearing bumped to an earlier date.

Francesca Liddy, a former clerk at New Mexico's Motor Vehicle Division, appears at the Wexler-McGill firm for a job interview in "Mabel". During her sit-down with Jimmy and Kim, Jimmy asks Francesca unorthodox questions and is eager to have her immediately start working as the new receptionist since he has a new commercial airing in a few minutes and that he needs Francesca to handle the incoming calls. However, Kim protests, insisting on going through a more thorough hiring process. After hiring her, Jimmy coaches Francesca as two calls come in, one of which turns out to be from Mike. Jimmy agrees to meet with Mike the next morning. After a paranoid Ernesto tells her what he knows about Jimmy's scam on Chuck, Kim takes Jimmy into a private room and makes him give her a $20 bill to officially make her his lawyer. Now protected by the attorney–client privilege, she tells Jimmy that she knows about his confession to doctoring the Mesa Verde files. Jimmy defends his actions and then assures Kim that it’s his word against Chuck’s. Kim reveals that Chuck taped his confession, which stuns Jimmy. Kim, after consulting her old professor, figures that Chuck cannot use the confession tape in court and will not use it to win back Mesa Verde. Kim suggests that Jimmy not act and wait for Chuck to make the first move. Instead, Jimmy angrily leaves. At Chuck's house, Howard sneaks over several walls to be let in through the back door. Chuck reveals to Howard that he intentionally allowed Ernesto to hear the tape, knowing he would reveal this to Jimmy.

In "Sunk Costs", Jimmy is arrested following a few harsh but hesitant words with Chuck and chooses to represent himself (against Kim's wishes), pleads not guilty and posts bail. Jimmy later explains what happened during his break-in and tells Kim to work on Mesa Verde while he works his own legal battle, to which she flatly agrees. The prosecutor in Jimmy's case, Hay, meets with Chuck and tells him that she doesn't plan to let Jimmy off easy. Chuck wishes to seek a "better solution for everyone." Jimmy talks with Kim outside of Wexler-McGill and informs her that he can avoid jail time, but will have to confess to his felony break-in and submit his confession to the New Mexico Bar Association, which will likely result in disbarment. Kim convinces Jimmy to let her help him fight Chuck's plot.

In "Sabrosito" Jimmy, Kim, Hamlin, Chuck and ADA Hay meet in order to finalize Jimmy's confession, with Jimmy agreeing to have his confession reviewed by the New Mexico Bar Association. After the meeting, Kim confronts Chuck, telling him that she suspects he has a copy of the tape. Chuck confirms her suspicions and states that he plans to submit the tape as evidence in Jimmy's disciplinary hearing. Kim then relays the information to Jimmy, revealing that having Chuck admit the existence of the second tape was all according to their plan.

After a successful hearing before the New Mexico Banking Board in "Chicanery", Kim informs Paige and Kevin of Chuck's allegations that Jimmy tampered with the Mesa Verde files. Neither Kevin nor Paige believe the allegations, which they attribute to Chuck not wanting to admit that he made a mistake. Kim assures Paige that Mesa Verde will not suffer any blowback. Before the bar hearing begins, Howard, reluctant with Chuck testifying, tells him that they could build a solid case based on his and David's testimony. He reminds Chuck too that he is putting HHM's reputation at risk. Chuck is dismissive of his concerns. As the hearing begins, Kim and the bar's attorney make their opening statements, with Kim asserting that the real story is the feud between Jimmy and Chuck. Howard testifies first, explaining Jimmy's history at HHM and that Chuck did not want to take Jimmy on as a lawyer, claiming that Chuck acted against Jimmy to avoid an appearance of nepotism. However, Kim points out Howard himself is the son of HHM's founding partner. Jimmy's confession tape is soon played before the panel presiding over the case. Meanwhile, Howard drives Chuck to the courthouse where the latter bumps into Huell Babineaux in the stairwell. Jimmy leads Rebecca into the courtroom much to Chuck's surprise. After asking the panel for a recess, he meets with his ex-wife. Rebecca explains that Jimmy had contacted her about his condition and expresses sympathy. Chuck tells her that Jimmy brought her in as a psychological tactic. During cross-examination involving the circumstances of the recording, Rebecca’s presence and his illness, Jimmy questions Chuck about how close he has to be to an electrical object to be affected by his EHS. He asks Chuck to identify the closest source of electricity and reveals that he has his cell phone in his pocket, but Chuck – calling his bluff – points out that Jimmy had removed the battery. However, Jimmy asks Chuck to remove an object from his breast pocket, which is in fact the fully charged battery. Jimmy reveals that he had Huell plant it on Chuck in the stairwell, and although Chuck has been carrying it for an hour and 43 minutes, he has not been affected at all. When the bar attorney argues that Chuck's mental illness is an irrelevant detail – comparing it to schizophrenia – Chuck snaps and goes on an angry rant about Jimmy's behavior. He desperately exhorts the panel to disbar Jimmy but stops in mid-sentence, realizing that he has shocked the entire courtroom including the committee. Jimmy somberly ends the cross-examination.

In "Off Brand", Kim makes her closing argument before the New Mexico Bar Association, arguing that Jimmy has made good contributions to society through his elder law practice. She further argues that Jimmy had cared for his brother. While Jimmy and Kim celebrate the verdict at Wexler-McGill, Rebecca drops by the office, hoping to get Jimmy to have Chuck open his door. He refuses to get involved, and when Rebecca says that Jimmy lied to her about wanting to help Chuck, he coldly says that he told the truth about Chuck having problems and needing her help and that's all he wanted to say. Rebecca says Chuck is Jimmy's brother and Jimmy says "Not anymore, he's not." Rebecca angrily says Chuck was right about Jimmy and leaves after bitterly telling him and Kim to "enjoy your champagne". Jimmy isn't moved by this but Kim looks upset. At Kim's place, Jimmy explains his new business plan: to air a "commercial for commercials," offering the services of himself and his film crew to shoot ads for small businesses and putting them on the remaining airtime in his contract from the TV station. Jimmy shows Kim a videotape of the tacky commercial, in which he wears a disguise and uses the name "Saul Goodman". Kim, taken aback, notes that Saul has "a lot of energy", but Jimmy says that it's "just a name".

After going through their expenses in "Expenses", Jimmy hands Kim a large portion of money from his own end, which concerns her as he may be exhausting his savings.

In "Slip", Kim is having lunch with Paige and Kevin when the party is greeted by Howard. She tries to pay back her law school loans to Howard, though he refuses and coldly accuses her of betraying the firm, to which Kim replies that he should not have tried to cover up Chuck's condition. Kim returns to the office to find Jimmy with his half of the rent, indicating he used the "slip and fall" to coerce the guitar shop into paying him off. Despite Jimmy's assurances, Kim still expresses doubts about Jimmy's ability to pay and considers taking on another client. Jimmy later is able to make $700 during his community service, after helping a drug dealer "see his sick child" by threatening the supervisor with a class-action lawsuit.

After Jimmy returns to the office in "Fall", to give the good news to Kim, but she is too busy preparing for an important meeting with Gatwood Oil and leaves in a rush. However, due to her fatigue from overwork, Kim falls asleep at the wheel and drives her car off the side of the road, crashing into a boulder.

Jimmy visits Kim in the hospital in the season finale, "Lantern", where her broken arm has been put in a cast. After she is discharged, the two return to the site of her car crash and Jimmy picks up her scattered Gatwood Oil papers. The following morning, Jimmy feels partly responsible for her accident by making her keep Wexler-McGill open. Kim replies that she alone is responsible for the accident, expressing guilt at the possibility that she could have killed someone by falling asleep at the wheel. A few days later, Jimmy and Kim move out of their office space at WM. They apologize to Francesca for laying her off, but she says that she will be able to return to her job at the Motor Vehicle Division. Kim then insists that Jimmy keep his contact list, despite the fact that his actions have guaranteed that no elderly person would ever hire him again. After admiring the WM wall mural, the two leave.


Due to Kim Wexler's popularity in Better Call Saul, creator Vince Gilligan hinted at a possible spin-off about her, he also said that a Wexler-spin-off is the most likely to do, saying, "If we were to do another spin-off it would be the Kim Wexler show.[1]

For her performances in season 1 and season 2, Rhea Seehorn won a Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actress – Series, Miniseries or Television Film in 2015 and 2016.[2][3]


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