Korney Aleev (Корней Алеев)

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Korney Aleev (Корней Алеев)
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Unknown, Russia
💀Died(2018-01-24)January 24, 2018 [citation needed]
St Petersburg, Russia [citation needed](2018-01-24)January 24, 2018 [citation needed]
Cause of deathHeart Attack [citation needed]
🏳️ NationalityRussian
💼 Occupation
🌐 WebsiteSocial Media

Korney Aleev

Korney Aleev or Корней Алеев (19XX - January 24, 2018) is a Russian YouTuber who became very well known for the videos he shared on creating a Homunculus by injecting human Sperm into a chicken egg.

Korney's YouTube channel Как Сделать ... which translates to 'How to Make ...' focused mainly on the topic of alchemy, and creating or discussing otherworldly things, such as; Aliens, Immortality Potions, Telekinesis and much more.

YouTube Career[edit]

Korneys most popular video was 'How to make a homunculus (Homunculus #1)' which gathered over 17 million views. In the video he is seen to inject the chicken egg with human sperm and leave it in a sealed container for 10 days, as a result when he breaks the egg open a small white creature is seen in the yellow and black slime of the egg.


Korney Aleev was a very private man, not very much is known about him or his life, however his neighbour a Russian woman spoke about him after his death, saying that he was very knowledgeable and loved gardening. [citation needed]

Not much else is known about Korney other than he lived in St. Petersburg Russia. [citation needed]

Homunculus Experiments[edit]

It took Korney Aleev multiple experiments before he actually succeeded in creating a Homunculus that remained alive for more than 30 seconds. One notable failed experiments was on Homunculus #2 where the creature looked at him and spat a black liquid described as acid at him. In self defence Korney hit the Homunculus with a book. He proceeded to wear a gas mask and full protective suit in the following video.

His first breakthrough was in Homunculus #4 where he got a small creature. He placed it in water where it continued to grow rapidly. Korney created a second creature and eventually placed them in the same container where they devoured or fused with each other as seen in Homunculus #10.

The new Homunculus was measured to be emitting an electrical current through the water it was placed in. in Homunculus #19 Korney placed a small fish into the aquarium, where it quickly died from the Homunculus. Korney proceeded to try place the fish into the mouth of the Homunculus however it shocked him as well.

Two episodes later in Homunculus #21 he measured the voltage in the water. This is when he stopped uploading altogether and the description on the video was changed by someone else who knew Korney and had access to his channel, notifying followers of the death of Korney Aleev. The description has since been changed.


Many have questioned the authenticity of Korney Aleevs Homunculus videos and many have come forward claiming to have debunked his videos; given that the concept of a chicken-human hybrid is utterly ridiculous, and that the "Homunculus" bears a striking resemblance to digitally distorted modeling clay, the correct response to these videos is "No shit, Sherlock."

People claim that Korney Aleev is actually the Russian Actor and Astrologer Rinat Akhmetov who died around the time of Korneys death however this has found to be false.

It is speculated that Korney was in fact murdered and it was covered up. Who would want to kill him is unknown, though many say it was the Russian government or an escaped Homunculus. None of these claims have any solid evidence and can be dismissed as well. His neighbour stated that the multiple police and ambulance were outside his house for a very long time taking items in and out. [citation needed]