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La Société (novel series) (2)

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La Société
La Societe A.Behelle.jpg
"La Société" a saga of Angela Behelle

Qui de nous deux ? (2014)
Mission Azerty (2014)
À votre service (2014)
La Gardienne de l'Oméga (2014)
L'Inspiration d’Émeraude (2015)
La Fille du boudoir (2016)
Sur la gamme (2016)
Le Premier Pas (2017)
Secrets diplomatiques (2017)
Paris-New York
AuthorAngela Behelle
Original titleLa Société
GenreErotic literature, Women's erotica, Romance novel
PublisherJ'ai lu
Media typePrint (paperback,ebook)

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La Société is a series of ten books written by French author Angela Behelle in 2012. This title refers to the red thread of the series, namely the formation, organization and drift of a secret society branching around a network of sexual services imagined by wealthy contributors for the sole purpose of their own pleasures.

Its originality lies in the range of services offered, from the hairdresser to the dresser or even the beautician, to the luxurious mansions made available to members of this circle who are grateful for a particular symbol: The Omega.

The action is contemporary and takes place in France, mainly at Paris.

La Société is a erotic literary series.


Mickaëlla Valmur, a 27-year-old widow, is the head of a huge fortune. Although wealthy at a very young age, she decided to retain her position as professor of Philosophy in a private institution reserved for the privileged class.

It is urged to deal in particular with a new pupil with a seemingly singular character.

Seventeen-year-old Alexis Duivel had only preceptors and an education adapted to his introvert temperament. His parents had to leave for New York, they preferred to see him follow a normal course in France to get his Bac. Sensing that Mickaëlla Valmur could demonstrate pedagogy adapted to their offspring, they persuaded the director to impose their decision without possible discussion.

Disturbed by this peremptory choice, she decides to accept the challenge.

Alexis, whom nature has gratified of amazing beauty, has to adapt to her school and get her degree.

Thanks to his intelligence, his confidence and his disturbing reparting, the young man manages to move his teacher. It imposes itself on it in a singular relationship that exceeds the framework of school education to open oneself to a knowledge of self that quickly reverses roles, the young Duivel becoming the master of a game to which Mickaëlla will lend itself with delight.

Qui de nous deux ? is the first opus of this family saga that opens the doors to the secrets of La Société and the hectic life of its members whose absolute imperative of discretion will not prevent a few deviations that will shake power until Highest peak.

Inspiration and controversy[edit]

In 2003, Angela Behelle becomes aware of a press article at least disturbingly.[1]. This article from Le Nouvel Observateur, "On attend Monsieur le ministre" ("We are waiting for the minister"), describes a bourgeois, Parisian, cultured and affluent society, indulging in the libertine pleasures without restraint and cultivating the self by having no concern for the rank or influence of his members.

Long before the French political news was upset by his first politico-sexual scandal of magnitude, soon known as the New York v. Strauss-Kahn, the author had completed the writing of her series[2]and the controversy arises at a completely different level. Indeed, at the appearance of the first opus, in June 2012, the undeniable success of the British literary series Fifty Shades of Grey[3] has not yet swept over France (the first episode will only appear in October 2012) and the erotic literature has not yet experienced its profound readership renewal[4].

Initially outraged by the pretended age of the protagonist, and then by the realistic description of certain sexual practices, part of the readers described the work as "dirty, vulgar, raw and violent", where others saw it as a real thrilling erotic suspense[5].

The remarkable success of this French series[6] owes a great deal to the success of the Anglo-Saxon erotic literature given to the taste of the day in 2012[4] and, somewhat paradoxically, to the fact that all the action of La Société takes place in France.


After Qui de nous deux ?, Paris, J'ai lu, 2014 ISBN 978-2290075999 Search this book on Amazon.com Logo.png., nine books complete the saga :

  • Mission Azerty, Paris, J'ai lu, 2014 ISBN 978-2290077047 Search this book on Amazon.com Logo.png., set in the middle of the edition and at the heart of the organization of the society with the influential Paul Peyriac, a retired publisher as machiavellian as touching, who meets the young and seductive Mina.
  • À votre service, Paris, J'ai lu, 2014 ISBN 978-2290077054 Search this book on Amazon.com Logo.png., describing the codes of honor of La Société through the character of the young governess, Pascaline Villers, who will defy Alexis Duivel and learn at his expense that we do not kid with the rules of the organization.
  • La Gardienne de l'Oméga, Paris, J'ai lu, 2014 ISBN 978-2290100943 Search this book on Amazon.com Logo.png., where we discover the essential role of Lou-Anne Mesnil, the armed arm of the mysterious organization, called to the rescue by the administrators of the network.
  • L'Inspiration d’Émeraude, Paris, J'ai lu, 2015 ISBN 978-2290100950 Search this book on Amazon.com Logo.png., allowing the writer Emmanuelle Travel, aka Emeraude, for those who know his naughty tales, to meet Yann Le Breuil, an attractive and talented writer who will guide her to the gates of L'Ecarlate, an establishment whose only watchword is the pleasure.
  • La Fille du boudoir, Paris, J'ai lu, 2016 ISBN 978-2290100967 Search this book on Amazon.com Logo.png., whose action takes place this time in Brittany, takes the reader to the Luxury hotels through the character of Isabelle Marle whose original skills will serve Alexis Duivel in her willingness to extend the ramifications of La Société.
  • Sur la gamme, Paris, J'ai lu, 2016 ISBN 978-2290119525 Search this book on Amazon.com Logo.png., taking place in the midst of the music, allows Lalie, a young professor of disillusioned music, to meet the virtuoso Samuel Florent and describe the instrumentalisation of certain members of the network.
  • Le Premier Pas, Paris, J'ai lu, 2017 ISBN 978-2290119532 Search this book on Amazon.com Logo.png., drives the readers into the medicine environment, and more precisely to the meeting of Frédérique Roche, a physiotherapist who is responsible for putting back on foot an enigmatic road accident, on the order of the organization.
  • Secrets diplomatiques, Paris, J'ai lu, 2017 ISBN 978-2290119549 Search this book on Amazon.com Logo.png., plunges into the meanders of diplomacy with Natalia, a young amnesia woman who is the subject of all the attentions of two men determined to cover the memory. The first is his brother, Vladimir, and the second is only Alexis Duivel.
  • Paris-New York, Paris, J'ai lu, 2017 ISBN 978-2290119570 Search this book on Amazon.com Logo.png., when the pen of the reporter David Hertman, the son of the famous manager of the press, shook the world politics and media by endangering the entire organization of La Société; This is the most voluminous novel in the series.

Main characters[edit]

This eloquent list is not exhaustive[7] :

  • Mickaëlla Valmur, 27 years old, professor of philosophy at Lycée Saint-Haymard, widow of Henri Valmur
  • Henri Valmur, 64 years old, philosopher, writer, deceased two months before the beginning of the narrative
  • Samuel Forgeat, 35 years old, professor of mathematics at the lycée Saint-Haymard
  • Michel Morel, 56 years old, principal of lycée Saint-Haymard
  • Jacques Duivel, 51 years old, one of the directors of a major cosmetics company of luxury
  • Éléonore Duivel, 48 ans, nez internationally recognized
  • Alexis Duivel, officially 17 years old... unofficially a little more. Officially high school student... unofficially more talented than his mother
  • Hermine Dalambray, 22 years old, journalism student. She calls herself Mina in reference to the female character of Dracula of Bram Stoker
  • Paul Peyriac, 67 years old, editor at retirement
  • Mathieu Deshamel, 59 years old, journalist and director of the School of Journalism
  • Pierre Peyriac, 44 years old, current Director general of the eponymous editions
  • Patrick Luillier, 60 years old, host of a famous literary program of a major national television channel
  • Philippe Peyriac, 24 years old, law student at Montreal
  • Pascaline Villers, aka Cali 26 ans, housekeeper in a hotel
  • Renaud Frecourt, 60 years old, judge
  • Benjamin Dautun, 50 years old, hotel manager Lutz
  • Daniel Sitrange, 37 years old, business man
  • Guislaine Lemarchant, 60 years old, businesswoman, director of a luxury shipbuilding company
  • Lou-Anne Mesnil, 26 years old, keeper of the Omega
  • Liam Lenoir, 26 years old, musician
  • Emmanuelle Travel, 28 years old, writer, author of erotic novels aka Émeraude
  • Yann Le Breuil, 32 years old, featured writer of editions Peyriac
  • Louise Sperkling, 43 years old, literary agent
  • Isabelle Marle, 27 years old, manager of Boudoir
  • Lalie Hubert, 25 years old, music teacher in a college
  • Samuel Florent, 32 years old, pianist
  • Simon de Maisonneuve, doctor. A founding member of La Société, he has been dead for two years
  • Frédérique Roche, 26 years old, physiotherapist
  • Clément Vallate, 59 years old, her dad, manager of Vallate Link Access
  • Professeur Cressier, neurologist in Suisse
  • Bernard Saint Morgins, 57 years old, former Ambassador of France to Moscow, stationed at the European Council in Brussels
  • Svetlana Kovaliovskaïa, 52 years old, wife of Bernard Saint Morgins. Daughter of a former Russian minister.
  • Vladimir Saint Morgins, 31 years old, marketing Director of a very large brand of articles from sport
  • David Hertman, 33 years old, reporter
  • Bernard Hertman, 63 years old, press boss
  • Mia, 24 ans, danseuse stripper, member of ""la Société""
  • Xavier Delrochas, 33 years old, investigative journalist specializing in the celebrities.
  • George, butler of Duivel
  • Claude Lanstier, former minister, highly probable candidate and favorite at the french Presidential elections
  • Étienne Pinantski, 42 years old, secretary and hand man of Claude Lanstier

Anecdotes on the series[edit]

Angela Behelle gave the name of a grand cru de Chablis to the creator of La Société, Henri Valmur[2].

The name of Alexis Duivel refers to the Flemish translation of the French surname: the Devil.

The author distinguishes the odd volumes, with the more piquant eroticism, of the even volumes which contribute to the discovery of the meanders of the network of services[8].

The symbol of Omega is present on each cover of the different volumes of the series[9].

There have been many rumors about possible translations or adaptations, but none have materialized so far[10] · [11]

This series is not the author's only essay on the complex and often irrepressible relationship between men of influence and polymorphous sexuality. Au Bonheur de ces Dames, a novel published in 2015 continues the examination of political consciousness in the guise of a young virgin still ignorant of the brilliant future to which he is promised. His spiritual mistress takes the form this time of a buxom voluptuous librarian determined to reveal the full potential of this man in the making.

See also[edit]

  • BDSM in culture and media
  • Sadism and masochism in fiction
  • Marquis de Sade in popular culture


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