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List of OpenBSD games

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This is a list of specific PC titles. For a list of all PC titles, see List of PC games.

The following is a list of games released on the OpenBSD operating system. Several terminal-based games are available by default:[1]

  • adventure (Colossal Cave Adventure)
  • atc
  • backgammon
  • battlestar
  • boggle
  • bs (Battleship)
  • canfield, cfscores (Canfield Solitaire)
  • cribbage
  • fish (Go Fish)
  • gomoku
  • hack
  • hangman
  • hunt
  • mille (Mille Bornes)
  • monop (Monopoly)
  • phantasia
  • pig (Pig Latin)
  • quiz
  • robots
  • sail (Wooden Ships and Iron Men)
  • snake
  • tetris
  • trek (Star Trek text game)
  • wargames
  • worm
  • wump (Hunt the Wumpus)

Other games are available as installable packages.


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Name Genre(s) Date Released Notes
0 A.D. Real-time strategy July 21, 2014[2]
1oom Turn-based strategy February 10, 2019[3] game engine recreation of Master of Orion
2048-cli Puzzle December 10, 2017[4] clone of 2048


Name Genre(s) Date Released Notes
Abuse November 18, 1997[5]
Ace of Penguins Card, Solitaire August 5, 2016[6]
Afternoon Stalker Maze, Shooter February 28, 2002[7] clone of Night Stalker
Aleph One First-person shooter July 9, 2008[8] source port of Marathon 2: Durandal
includes Marathon, Marathon 2: Durandal, and Marathon Infinity
Amoebax Tile-matching December 8, 2007[9]
Amphetamine Platform July 13, 2001[10]
Angband Roguelike April 16, 2000[11]
Angry, Drunken Dwarves Tile-matching November 11, 2006[12]
Armagetron Advanced October 12, 2012[13]
Arx Libertatis Role-playing May 6, 2018[14] source port of Arx Fatalis
AstroMenace Shoot 'em up December 10, 2015[15]
Atomix Puzzle January 14, 2008[16] based on Atomix


Name Genre(s) Date Released Notes
Barony Roguelike May 4, 2018[17]
Barrage Shoot 'em up June 26, 2007[18]
Beneath a Steel Sky Adventure game August 2, 2003[19]
Bastet Tile-matching June 8, 2016[20] clone of Tetris
Batrachians Action October 27, 2008[21] clone of Frog Bog
Belooted Card September 29, 2007[22]
Beret Puzzle February 27, 2012[23]
Blobby Volley Sports October 27, 2012[24]
Blob Wars: Metal Blob Solid Platform May 27, 2007[25]
Block Rage Tile-matching October 13, 2013[26] clone of Xixit
Blue Moon Card, Solitaire November 12, 2013[27]
BomberClone Strategy March 22, 2007[28] clone of Bomberman
Bos Wars Real-time strategy July 14, 2007[29]
BrainCurses January 3, 2012[30] implementation of Mastermind (board game)
Brum Brum Rally Racing December 5, 2015[31]
Burgerspace Platform August 7, 2001 clone of BurgerTime
BZFlag First-person shooter February 3, 2003[32]


Name Genre(s) Date Released Notes
Captain 'S': The Remake Platform June 5, 2011[33]
Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead Roguelike, Survival horror October 29, 2017[34]
C-Dogs SDL Shoot 'em up June 8, 2014[35]
cgames December 1, 2014[36] suite of games
Cgoban September 16, 1999[37]
Cube 2: Sauerbraten First-person shooter April 29, 2013[38]


Name Genre(s) Date Released Notes
Danger from the Deep Simulation June 7, 2013[39]


Name Genre(s) Date Released Notes
eboard Board game October 3, 2001[40]


Name Genre(s) Date Released Notes
F-1 Spirit Racing March 19, 2009[41] clone of F-1 Spirit: The Way to Formula-1


Name Genre(s) Date Released Notes
Galois Tile-matching May 15, 2014[42]


Name Genre(s) Date Released Notes
HedgeWars Turn-based strategy December 27, 2015[43]


Name Genre(s) Date Released Notes
IceBreaker Action July 20, 2001[44]


Name Genre(s) Date Released Notes
Jagged Alliance 2 Stracciatella Tactical role-playing, Turn-based tactics June 13, 2017[45] source port of Jagged Alliance 2


Name Genre(s) Date Released Notes
Kobo Deluxe April 12, 2003[46]


Name Genre(s) Date Released Notes
Late Action August 9, 2003[47]


Name Genre(s) Date Released Notes
Maelstrom Shoot 'em up June 4, 2008[48]


Name Genre(s) Date Released Notes
Naev January 25, 2012[49]


Name Genre(s) Date Released Notes
OilWar April 14, 2003[50]


Name Genre(s) Date Released Notes
Pacman Arena Maze October 11, 2012[51] clone of Pac-Man


Name Genre(s) Date Released Notes
qGo Board game October 3, 2006[52]


Name Genre(s) Date Released Notes
Red Eclipse First-person shooter April 29, 2013[53]


Name Genre(s) Date Released Notes
Scid Board game January 17, 2018[54]


Name Genre(s) Date Released Notes
Taisei Shoot 'em up August 22, 2015[55] clone of Touhou Project


Name Genre(s) Date Released Notes
UFO: Alien Invasion Real-time strategy, Turn-based tactics May 27, 2011[56]


Name Genre(s) Date Released Notes
Vacuum Magic Shoot 'em up December 7, 2015[57]


Name Genre(s) Date Released Notes
Wanderer Puzzle April 17, 2003[58]


Name Genre(s) Date Released Notes
xasteroids Shoot 'em up May 20, 1998[59] clone of Asteroids


Name Genre(s) Date Released Notes
Yamagi Quake II First-person shooter January 17, 2016[60] source port of Quake II


Name Genre(s) Date Released Notes
Zangband Roguelike July 28, 2001[61]
Zaz Puzzle May 31, 2011[62]
Ztrack Racing August 31, 2007[63]

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