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List of areas, landmarks, institutions and businesses of Metropolis (comics)

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Note that the numbering goes from northwest to southeast:
  1. Centennial Hotel - Offers world-class cuisine and an observation deck with views across Centennial Park.
  2. Centennial Park[1] - Activities in the wooded acres include horseback riding, boating, and golfing.
  3. 1938 Sullivan - Owned by Wayne Enterprises, Lois Lane[2] and Clark Kent's apartment building is one of the city's oldest buildings.
  4. University of Metropolis[3][4] - Clark Kent's alma mater, this Ivy League institution boasts well-respected schools of journalism, law, and business.
  5. S.T.A.R. Labs[5][6] - The Metropolis arm of the privately owned scientific think-tank founded by Dr. Garrison Slate.
  6. Steelworks[7][8] - John Henry Irons' foundry in the Old Hook Basin district of Suicide Slum includes a variety of advanced technology to aid Superman.
  7. Suicide Slum - Despite being razed and renovated by Brainiac 13,[9] Suicide Slum, where Bibbo has his Ace O' Clubs bar, is still a sink of crime and poverty.
  8. Special Crimes Unit Precinct[10] - Metropolis' S.C.U's upgraded headquarters houses offices, armories, and holding cells.
  9. Stryker's Island Penitentiary[11][12] - The ultimate maximum security prison possesses high-tech detention facilities designed to accommodate the most powerful metahuman villains.
  10. Union Station - Location in the heart of the city, Union Station links the national railroad network to Metropolis' unique "Rail Whale" commuter grid.
  11. Metropolis City Hospital - The state-of-the-art medical center maintains a privileges-sharing program with S.T.A.R. Labs.
  12. Jules Verne Extra-Terrestrial Museum[13] - The museum exhibits artifacts from alien worlds and presents guest lectures by interplanetary heroes.
  13. Lena Luthor Science Explorarium - Technological advances abound this interactive museum.
  14. City Hall - The administrative center of Metropolis has mayoral, governmental, and emergency services offices.
  15. S.A.I. Dam - Hydroelectric waterworks control the flow of the twin rivers and the recycling of the city reservoir.
  16. Hypersector - The business and financial center of Metropolis.
  17. Hotel Metropolis - Five-star luxury accommodation located amid the heart of Downtown.
  18. Shuster Hall - Metropolis' premier theater has been in service since 1938.
  19. GBS Building - The corporate hub of Galaxy Communications'[14] media conglomerate.
  20. Daily Planet Building - The home of the respected, globally circulated newspaper.[15] The Daily Planet Building, with its distinctive hologram globe, is one of the city's most important landmarks.
  21. Metropolis Museum of Art - Galleries include important historical and contemporary artistic works.
  22. LexCorp Towers[16][17] - Designed to form a double L, Lex Luthor's 307-story citadels (with robot sentries and mutable glass windows) are Metropolis tallest skyscraper.

Boroughs of Metropolis[edit]

  • New Troy[18] - Encompasses the urban boroughs of the island itself.
  • Park Ridge (and its subdivisions) - Metropolis' oldest suburbs.
  • Bakerline - Home to the city's middle class.
  • St. Martin's Island[19] and Hell's Gate - Only the wealthiest can afford the oceanfront real estate of St. Martin's Island and Hell's Gate.
  • Queensland Park[20] - Home to the city's growing immigrant populace.

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  1. Centennial Park is a public recreation area located in midtown, Metropolis. The Superman memorial statue (and his former tomb) are located in the center of Centennial Park. A second statue has been added honoring the memory of Superboy (Kon-El). Archived 2007-11-06 at the Wayback Machine
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