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List of people killed in traffic collisions in San Francisco

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This list contains people who have been killed in traffic collisions within San Francisco. Traffic fatalities are tracked in San Francisco as part of the city's Vision Zero commitment to reduce traffic fatalities to zero by 2024.[1] Individual departments within San Francisco's government have adopted the Vision Zero target, including the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency and Department of Public Health.[2][3] Six years into the program, the city had not yet reduced traffic fatalities.[4] From 2018 to September 2020, 60% of those traffic fatalities occurred in a community of concern, populations considered by The City to be exceptionally vulnerable to traffic deaths.[4]

This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by adding missing items with reliable sources.

Date of collision Location Victim type Victim Victim Age Hit & run? Notes Sources
1/8/2020 9th Street and Avenue H Driver TBD 45 Yes Hit and run then crashed car into tree at 11:30 p.m on Treasure Island, San Francisco [5]
1/11/2020 101 North at Paul Avenue Car occupant TBD 88 Unknown [6]
1/12/2020 Bayshore Boulevard at Sunnydale Avenue Pedestrian Todd Odnamar 21 Yes Fell while riding between Muni trains at 1:30am [7]
1/18/2020 280 at Cesar Chavez Pedestrian TBD 36 No Struck by car while walking on I-280 (CA) at 8pm [8]
1/26/2020 Mission at 14th Street Motorcyclist DeCarlis Wilson 30 No Car collided with motorcycle at 4:45 p.m [9]
2/21/2020 O'Farrell and Polk Pedestrian David Chow 80 No Car collided with David at 8:27 a.m. while turning [10]
3/1/2020 Taylor and Geary Pedestrian Rui Xai Zhen 67 No DPW truck hit woman at 7:30am [11]
3/6/2020 18th and Valencia Pedestrian TBD 49 Unknown [12]
3/17/2020 16th and Guerrero Motorcyclist TBD 38 No Motorcycle crashed into side of Prius [13]
4/21/2020 25th and Dakota Car occupant Angelique Starks 28 No Drive off ledge [14]
4/21/2020 25th and Dakota Car occupant Shanti Rhodes 32 No Drive off ledge [14]
5/29/2020 700 block of Frederick Street Bicyclist Devlin O'Connor 31 Unknown Doored, and then a driver ran them over [15]
6/18/2020 Dwight Street and San Bruno Avenue in Portola Pedestrian Sergio Montes 60 No 7am collision [16]
6/18/2020 Crossover Drive near MLK in GGP Motorcyclist Tim Cramer 53 No Motorcyclist crash 4pm [17]
7/10/2020 Van Ness and Grove Pedestrian TBD 50 Unknown Person in wheelchair struck [18]
7/17/2020 Dolores and 20th Street Bicyclist Andrew Sanders 23 No Collision with skateboarder while riding down Dolores [19]
7/19/2020 Bayshore Boulevard and Jerrold Street Pedestrian Michael Kingsley 50 Yes Hit and run, suspect arrested (21-year-old Nifo Ufau) [20]
8/8/2020 NB 280 San Jose Avenue exit tunnel Pedestrian Unknown Unknown Unknown
8/11/2020 Geary Boulevard and Gough Street Pedestrian Mark Berman 50 No 7am, Raja Whitfield crashed into the victim will speeding and running a red light [21]
8/15/2020 Geneva at Progue Driver Fred Robino 63 Unknown Ran red light after SFPD chase. Suspect is Paris Powell, 19. [22]
9/7/2020 Turk Street and Central Avenue Motorcyclist Tom Hellevig 57 No Crashed into the back of a car at 2:35 p.m. [23]
10/2/2020 César Chavez and Evans Pedestrian Unknown Unknown Yes 4:50 a.m hit and run [24]
10/13/2020 Arguello and Turk Driver Dewayne Phoenix 57 No 12:36 a.m. crash into a building at Arguello and Turk [25]
10/14/2020 Hayes and Masonic Motorcyclist Jeffrey Larry 42 Unknown Crash occurred at 4:18 a.m. [26]
11/16/2020 Bay Bridge at Treasure Island Motorcyclist Robert Peng 58 Unknown Reported at about 1:40 p.m. Westbound on the bridge. [27]
12/1/2020 Geary Boulevard and 38th Avenue Pedestrian Lawrence Holman 68 No Struck by a car driver around 6:57 p.m [28]
12/1/2020 16th and Bryant Scooter Jeremy Ingram 45 Yes Hit and run, chased to Potrero and not caught [29]
1/1/2019 Haight and Stanyan Pedestrian Lucy Morales 84 No Struck at Haight and Stanyan at 6pm [30]
1/7/2019 Bryant Street 80 on-ramp Pedestrian Unknown Unknown Unknown 11:44pm struck by car at onramp [31]
1/29/2019 Cabrillo and 46th Pedestrian Nancy Ng 84 No Struck by car while crossing street [32]
2/3/2019 101 at Vermont Driver Kayla Wilson 21 Yes Wrong way driver collision on NB 101. This is the suspect driver. [33]
2/3/2019 101 at Vermont Driver Waheed Etimad 40 Yes Wrong way driver collision on NB 101. This is the victim driver. [34]
2/8/2019 2100 Bayshore Blvd Driver Matilde Cheng 78 No Crashed into pole [35]
2/26/2019 18th and California Pedestrian Zhao Guan 64 Yes Hit and run [36]
3/1/2019 McLaren Park Driver Gerard Graybosch 44 No Head on collision of two cars [37]
3/1/2019 Woodside Ave near Laguna Honda Pedestrian Jose Manuel Haros Carrasco 37 Unknown Struck by a vehicle while crossing Woodside Ave and rushed to SFGH. Died 4 days later. [38]
3/5/2019 Leavenworth at Golden Gate Avenue Pedestrian Janice Higashi 58 No Struck and died 5 days later [39]
3/8/2019 6th and Howard Bicyclist Tess Rothstein 30 Unknown Doored by a woman and then run over by a truck [40]
3/15/2019 600 block of John Muir Dr. Pedestrian Madlen Koteva 14 Unknown Struck and died 10 days later [41]
3/31/2019 Cesar Chavez and Vermont Car occupant Phala Neuo 31 No Two car crash, maybe racing [42]
4/23/2019 7th and Mission Skateboarder Pablo Ramirez 26 No Run over by car while skateboarding [43]
4/30/2019 Bay Bridge at Fremont exit Motorcyclist Jose Vargas 36 No Fleeing police [44]
5/1/2019 Divisadero and Sutter Pedestrian Galina Alterman 77 No In crosswalk, 8:45 a.m., as the driver of a San Francisco Toyota Dealership truck [45]
5/11/2019 Pine and Polk Motorcyclist Darren Travis 47 Unknown 10:12pm collision with BMW [46]
5/11/2019 Hyde and Golden Gate Pedestrian Mark Swink 66 No "Fell into" GG Transit bus [47]
5/29/2019 Geary and Laguna Pedestrian Grace Jang 70 No Struck at 5:25 a.m. died two days later [48]
6/23/2019 Paul and 3rd Car occupant Syed Waseem Ali 26 Yes Crash in Bayview 1:15am [49]
6/23/2019 Paul and 3rd Car occupant Sela Henriquez 49 Yes Crash in Bayview 1:15am [49]
6/24/2019 Park Presidio and California Driver Alexander Reyes 56 No DUI crash two cars 3am [50]
6/27/2019 1st and Howard Pedestrian Alexander Norton 30 Unknown Struck by a westbound car on Howard turning onto 1st around 1:53 a.m. [51]
7/1/2019 SFO Pedestrian Jedidiah Crews 33 No Multi car crash at arrivals [52]
7/4/2019 280 at Geneva Pedestrian [Inquired] 53 No Struck at 5:10 p.m. at Geneva Avenue on 280 [53]
7/18/2019 5th and Market Pedestrian Michael Evans 54 Yes Hit and run by Oscar Matus, driver of tractor trailer. Oscar was arrested. [54]
7/21/2019 Taylor & O'Farrell Pedestrian Benjamin Dean 39 Maybe Tesla driver Kelsey Mariah ran red light and sped, crashed into car and peds. Kelsey Mariah was arrested. [55]
8/4/2019 Carroll Avenue and Arelious Walker Drive Pedestrian Bruce Romans 59 Yes Struck by car in hit and run and died on 8/8 [56]
8/10/2019 5th and Market Pedestrian Hui Jun Yang 79 No Struck by taxi on Market at 5th [57]
9/15/2019 80 at 101 Motorcyclist [Inquired] 29 Unknown Crash at 1:37 a.m., body fell to streets below. [58]
10/3/2019 101 NB at Candlestick Point Driver Emilie Ross 34 No Wrong way driver on NB 101 [59]
10/3/2019 101 NB at Candlestick Point Car occupant Mary Miller 57 No Wrong way driver on NB 101 [59]
10/3/2019 101 NB at Candlestick Point Car occupant Judson Bergman 62 No Wrong way driver on NB 101 [59]
10/3/2019 101 NB at Candlestick Point Driver Berkant Ahmed 42 No Wrong way driver on NB 101 [59]
10/6/2019 Evans Avenue and Hunters Point Boulevard Driver Lee Andrew Dominique Jr. 50 Unknown Sideshow driver crashed into his car [60]
10/26/2019 1000 block of Gilman Ave in Bayview Pedestrian Robert Walsh 41 Unknown Hit by truck driver at 10:45pm [61]
10/31/2019 19th and S Van Ness Pedestrian Pilsoo Seong 69 Unknown Truck struck her [62]
11/2/2019 16th and De Haro Pedestrian Jesus Ocampo 60 Unknown Hit by 30 yo driver at 8:48am. Died 5 days later. [63]
11/13/2019 Mission Street and Italy Pedestrian Faamaini Fau 63 Yes Struck at 2:50am [64]
12/1/2019 280 at 25th Street exit Driver David Pulido-Contreras 31 No Crash at 5am [65]
12/7/2019 Bacon Street and Bayshore Boulevard Pedestrian Piu King Dea 79 No Struck at 6am by sedan driver [66]
12/21/2019 Ocean and Ashton Driver John Griffin 67 No Solo crash into a bus island at 1:07 a.m. [67]


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