Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon

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Lloyd Garmadon
Ninjago character
First appearance"Rise of the Snakes" (2011)
First gameLEGO Ninjago: Nindroids (2014)
Created byTommy Andreasen
Voiced byJillian Michaels (2012–2017)
Sam Vincent (2018–present)
Dave Franco (The Lego Ninjago Movie)
Karen Strassman (Lego Dimensions)
AliasGreen Ninja
Golden Ninja
The Chosen One
The Evil Green Ninja
Master Lloyd
Leader of the Resistance
SpeciesPart human, with Oni and Dragon blood.
OccupationLeader of the Ninja team (currently)
Leader of the Resistance (Seasons 8–9)
Student at Darkley's Boarding School for Bad Boys (formerly)
Master of the Ninja (Season 8 and onwards)
Student at Ninjago High School (Movie)
Second-in-command of the Ghost Warriors (Possessed by Morro)
Leader of the Resistance (Never-Realm)
The Resistance
Elemental Masters
The Resistance (Never-Realm)
Sword of Sanctuary
Dragonbone Blade
FamilyFirst Spinjitzu Master (Grandfather)
Master/Lord Garmadon (Father)
Misako (Mother)
Sensei Wu (Uncle)
HomeNinjago Island

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Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon is a fictional character in the Cartoon Network series Ninjago. Lloyd is destined to be the legendary Green Ninja who is destined to save Ninjago, and the leader of the team.[1] He is the son of Garmadon and Misako, and the nephew of Sensei Wu. He frequently wields either a sword or dual swords. His powers are elemental Ergokinesis, and he possesses the ability to shoot green beams of energy and passively shield his body.


Lloyd has blond hair and usually wears green. He has black eyes for the first seven seasons and has green eyes from Season 8 onwards. This change in color is attributed to an increase in his powers. Lloyd was shorter than the average character until he was aged up at which point he became the standard height.


Like most of the characters, Lloyd's precise age is unknown. However it's implied that Garmadon and Wu are elderly men are nearly a thousand years old and that Oni-Dragon hybrids like the First Spinjitzu Master and his sons age slowly over hundreds of years. During the first season he was ten years old since Garmadon and Misako gave birth to him 30 years after the Serpentine Wars, which ended 40 years before season 7 and given approximate time jumps may have taken place 35-37 years before season 1. After consuming Tomorrow's Tea he ages to his teens and is the same age as the ninja. He and the other main characters age to young adults between seasons 7 and 8.

Role in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu[edit]

Lloyd made his debut in Season 1 as a mischievous child wanting to be an evil warlord just like his father. This resulted in childish schemes that were often foiled by the original four Ninja. Lloyd was eventually captured and reformed by the Ninja and Sensei Wu, Lloyd's paternal uncle. Later, it was revealed that destiny had chosen Lloyd to be the prophesied Green Ninja. From this point forward, the other Ninja trained him for the day when he would need to confront the ultimate evil and save Ninjago. In the episode "Child's Play", Lloyd was dramatically aged up after being exposed to Tomorrow's Tea. His power progressively grew until he unlocked his Golden Powers, allowing him to become the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master, defeat the Overlord, and free his father from evil's control in the Season 2 finale.

When the Overlord returned as the Digital Overlord in Season 3, he captured and drained 90% of Lloyd's Golden Powers. Lloyd chose to redistribute the remainder of his power into Kai, Jay, Zane, and Cole. After the Overlord was defeated and Zane was lost, Lloyd was the only one who remained a Ninja, the rest opting to take a break and recover. He eventually brought the team back together and they, along with Garmadon, set out to compete in Master Chen's Tournament of Elements in order to investigate a lead on Zane still being alive. There, he learned both about his father's history and Chen's plan to conquer Ninjago. Lloyd eventually united the elemental masters, serpentine, and citizens of Ninjago to fight against Chen and his Army. When Garmadon made the choice to sacrifice himself in order to achieve victory, Lloyd initially reacted negatively but quickly reconsidered, himself reciting the spell to sacrifice his father. Lloyd was possessed at the start of Season 5 by Morro and when he was later freed, he had an emotional conversation with his banished father who inspired Lloyd to become a Master/Sensei.

Lloyd also appears in Season 6, but the whole season is reversed due to Jay's final wish. In the Day of the Departed Special, Lloyd is attacked by Pythor while visiting his father's statue on the titular holiday, but defeats him and chases him away. In Season 7, After Acronix defeats Master Wu in battle by hitting him with the forward time blade, Lloyd assumes position as Temporary Master Lloyd in Training. Although he struggles at first, he gains control and matures into the full-time Master as Wu gets lost in a time stream. In Season 8, a year after Wu was lost, Lloyd is protecting Ninjago City when an evil biker group known as the Sons of Garmadon steal the Oni Mask of Vengeance from Cyrus Borg. Lloyd calls the other Ninja together and they are asked to protect the Royal Family. While protecting the Royal Family, Lloyd develops feelings for the Jade Princess, Princess Harumi. After the Sons of Garmadon steal the Oni Mask of Deception and kill the Emperor and Empress, Lloyd promises that he will protect Harumi and find the Oni Mask of Hatred. Lloyd talks with Mistaké and finds out the Sons of Garmadon are planning on resurrecting his father, but only the evil sides of him. Lloyd, now more determined than ever, sets out to find the Oni Mask of Hatred with the other Ninja and Harumi. After an attack by the Sons of Garmadon, Harumi and Lloyd are left alone to find the Oni Mask of Hatred. Harumi and Lloyd adventure through the wilderness,have a kiss and find the Oni Mask of Hatred. Harumi reveals that she is known as the Quiet One, the leader of the Sons of Garmadon. She was only using Lloyd to get the Oni Mask of Hatred and she wants Lloyd to suffer after her parents died due to The Great Devourer. Harumi gets the Oni Masks and resurrects Lord Garmadon. Lloyd tries to turn his father good again, but loses badly in battle and is nearly dead. Lloyd drinks a healing tea and is alive, but without powers. Garmadon creates an Oni titan and Lloyd watches Kai, Jay, Wu, Zane, and Cole get 'crushed' by it.

In Season 9, Lloyd, Nya, Misako, and P.I.X.A.L. form a resistance and quickly discover the other ninja and Wu had survived by using Traveler's Tea. They are joined by the other Elemental Masters who help Lloyd send a message of hope to Ninjago. The Sons of Garmadon attack and everyone is captured but Lloyd, Nya, Mistaké, Skylor, and Dareth. Mistaké reveals she is an Oni and they hatch a plot to get Skylor to absorb Garmadon's elemental abilities. The plan works, but Mistaké is killed off-screen. Lloyd was told to endure for long enough until the Ninja returned, which he did. The Ninja return with new dragons and they battle the Oni Titan while Wu and Lloyd battle Garmadon. Lloyd defeats Garmadon after discovering it was the fight that fuels him and gave Garmadon his abilities. Lloyd gains his elemental power back, but Garmadon warns of a looming darkness about to consume all of Ninjago.

At the beginning of Season 10, Lloyd visits Garmadon in Kryptarium Prison and asks what his warning was. Garmadon says he is the only thing that can stop it, but Lloyd declines to let him go. However, Garmadon was right as Oni appear in Ninjago and start to spread darkness and consume everything in their path. Lloyd and Garmadon enter the Oni cloud since they can both survive due to their Oni blood. Garmadon says destroying the Realm Crystal will end the Oni, and he was wrong. Garmadon and Lloyd are chased by hundreds of Oni until P.I.X.A.L. saves them. They return to the Bounty only to find out Cole fell into the cloud and is presumed dead. Garmadon and Lloyd fight and they head to the Monastery. Everyone prepares for a final fight, until Lloyd comes up with the idea to use the Tornado of Creation, which ends up defeating the Oni. In the process, however, Lloyd is injured and finds himself in the presence of the First Spinjitzu Master. (It that his meeting takes place in the afterlife). The First Spinjitzu Master thanks Lloyd for everything he has done and give him the choice of either returning to Ninjago or remaining with him forever. Lloyd ultimately declines the offer to returns to his duties as the Green Ninja. He wakes up in the arms of his friends, believing his very real interactions in the afterlife to be a dream.

Lloyd plays a supporting role in Season 11. Several months after the Oni's defeat, the Ninja have grown lazy, so they go in search of an adventure, eventually meeting Professor Clutch Powers, who had discovered a mysterious Ancient Pyramid which supposedly only a Ninja could survive exploring. The Ninja explore the pyramid, but unwillingly release a Serpentine sorceress named Aspheera, who steals Kai's fire powers and uses them to resurrect her army of Pyro Vipers, intending to conquer Ninjago and exact revenge on someone who betrayed her in the past (later revealed to be Wu, who befriened Aspheera at a young age, before being forced to defeat and imprison her when she turned evil and attempted to take over the Serpentines). The Ninja eventually defeat Aspheera and her forces using the Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu - which grant the user great powers, but also have a chance of corrupting them if overused - but, in a final attempt to exact revenge on Wu, she casts a spell to banish him to the Never-Realm, which hits Zane instead. The Ninja then venture into the Never-Realm against Wu's orders to save their friend, whom they believe was captured by the Ice Emperor and his army of Blizzard Samurai. When Lloyd goes to track Zane down on his own, he befriends a Formling named Akita and is eventually captured by the Ice Emperor, discovering that he is actually a brainwashed Zane, corrupted by one of the Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu. Lloyd then forms an alliance with Akita's brother Kataru and Blizzard General Grimfax (the former ruler of the Never-Realm) to overthrow Zane. After Lloyd helps him regain his memories, Zane undoes all the wrong he has done to the Never-Realm, and the Ninja return home to Ninjago after saying their goodbyes to the new friends and allies they made.

In Season 12, after Jay goes missing inside a video game called Prime Empire, Lloyd and the other Ninja venture into the game as well to save their friend, soon finding themselves attempting to overthrow the virtual world's leader, Unagami.


While initially mischievous and naive, Lloyd has been tempered by experience and time into a mature and capable ninja. Though still the youngest, he has emerged as the natural leader of the Ninja, displaying wisdom beyond his years. Lloyd greatly appreciates his friends, saying that it was them who taught him the "importance of being brave, of being strong, and most importantly, being good". He believes the team's strength comes from "no one being more important than the other". Although, he can still be rash in matters of family, especially regarding his father.


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