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Lola Bunny is Bugs Bunny's girlfriend. Lola talks a mile-a-minute, can be absent-minded on occasion, super friendly and adorable, and grows on anyone who is around her long enough.


Lola first appears in the episode, Members Only, at the Royal Oaks Glen Oaks Oakwood Oaks Country Club (or the R.O.G.O.O.O.C.C.) where she meets Bugs, while playing tennis when she accidentally hits him with multiple tennis balls as she's practicing her horrible swing. They are both instantly attracted to one another, so they decide to go out for dinner and a movie. However, Bugs quickly finds out on their date that Lola's high-spirited personality causes her to talk constantly (speaking what's on her mind at all times), be forgetful or confused about certain facts, and become so absent-minded that she even mistakes the trailers before the movie as the movie itself.

After the date Bugs decides to avoid Lola, having become annoyed and embarrassed by her quirks (going so far as to say their first date was the worst of his life). Lola, on the other hand, found their date to be the best of her life and tries to get a hold of Bugs through constant phone calls and 128 emails, all of which Bugs exasperatedly ignores. Lola then "runs into" Bugs at the dry cleaners, grocery store and gym. Lola startles Bugs at the gym, which causes an accident that results in a massive weight being dropped on Bugs's neck, but is soon saved by a gym regular. Lola tearfully tells Bugs that she doesn't know what she'd do if she ever lost him. He then tells Lola he can't see her anymore, saying he's not sure if they're right for each other. Lola, devastated, starts crying uncontrollably until Bugs deceitfully exclaims he didn't mean it, and to his dismay and Lola's excitement, agrees to go out with her again.

In an attempt to end their relationship, Bugs dresses up as a woman at the R.O.G.O.O.O.C.C. and tries to convince Lola that he'll end up breaking her heart, by saying that he'll break up with her and being "unbelievable". When Bugs returns to Lola moments later, without his disguise on, Lola reveals that the only thing she took away from the conversation with the "ugly woman" is that Bugs is a "bad boy", making her a "bad girl" and even more attracted to him. Lola then notices her parents and introduces them to Bugs. Her dad says that Lola has told them so much about him, however Bugs decries that she doesn't know anything about him. Lola and her parents hysterically laugh his comment off, much to his uncomfortableness. Bugs excuses himself and goes to the bathroom and talks to himself in the mirror in an attempt to convince himself to end it with Lola. He takes a mint from the bathroom attendant before he leaves, but drops it before making another break-up attempt. It rolls underneath Lola's seat, and when he reaches down to pick it up, Lola thinks he is proposing to her and screams yes. Lola is quick to plan and organize the wedding with Pepe Le Pew, the club's wedding planner. In a twist of events, at the wedding, she runs off with Pepe, saying she is in love with him, much to Bugs' relief.But she breaks up with Pepe eventually, sometime before Eligible Bachelors..

In Eligible Bachelors, it was discovered Lola had "broken up" with Pepe in order to date Bugs again, as she bids $100,000 on him at Porky Pig's bachelor auction while she happily claims that she's back in his life, much to Bugs's surprise and somewhat horror. When she comes to fetch him for their date the next day, she announces that they're going to Paris. He denies going, but she eventually forced him to, after showing him the rules. On the airplane, she constantly annoys Bugs, even though they had only been on it for a few minutes. After they get off the plane, the two visit the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, and the Versailles, which Lola mistakes the three of these things as a "shopping mall", "Stonehenge", and "the White House." As Lola continues on with her incessant chattering, Bugs tells her to stop talking, and enjoy the beautiful sights. Lola stops talking and the two go on a romantic montage, and Bugs actually enjoys his time with Lola more than he did in Members Only, and he even dances with and kisses her. Although, Lola says it would have been more better with talking (although considering the way she said it, Lola may not have been serious), which makes Bugs frown and drop her while in dance position. Later when Bugs comes home, he puts a picture of him and Lola standing in front of the Eiffel Tower on the refrigerator, showing it still meant something to him.

In Double Date, Bugs calls her to ask her to give Daffy dating advice. She gives Daffy a script about what every girl wants to hear, and when he reads it aloud, she apparently develops an attraction for him. Daffy, oblivious to Lola flirtations, asks Tina to go to dinner with him, causing a determined Lola to continuously tell Daffy that Tina is a fake-named stalker. Lola convinces Bugs (who is initially reluctant) to go on a date to the same restaraunt to spy on Tina and Daffy, who end up having a great time, much to her annoyance. Her ignoring Bugs the whole night confuses and disturbs Bugs, since Lola is usually crazy about him. Bugs, fed up, goes to the bathroom and talks to himself in the mirror, and decides to not be ashamed of her and realize his supressed, deep-down feelings for her. When Bugs emerges, Lola eventually declares that Daffy is her boyfriend. This drives Bugs to tell Lola that Daffy isn't her boyfriend; he is. When Lola hears this, she falls back in love with him. (Given this, it's possible her 'crush' on Daffy was pretend). She then suggests she, Bugs, Daffy, and Tina on a double date. Now, Bugs and Lola have officially become a couple and start dating exclusively.

Lola also appears in DMV, where it's revealed she's been driving her car without a license, and is pulled over by a police officer. At the DMV, she believes she can pass the written test, but quickly decides to cheat by calling Bugs (who's at the DMV as well), who refused to help her or Daffy (who's also at the DMV and is calling him too). When she tries to do the test herself, she gets distracted and instead writes I love Bugs, with hearts and pink confetti all over her paper. However, she unintentionally trades her test with Porky's, and passes to the driving test, and performs awful driving. After her reckless driving traumatizes and paralyzes her instructor Yosemite Sam, she approves herself.

In Beauty School, Lola drops by Bugs’s house unexpected and sees a cross-dressed Bugs rushing out to his car and driving away. Believing Bugs is being unfaithful, Lola follows the "mistress" until she is distracted by a cupcake store. She later confronts Bugs, about the ugly woman she saw leaving his house. Bugs explains that the woman was actually just him wearing a wig that Daffy was cutting to help Tina with her beauty school homework, and that he rushed out with it on because he was late for the dance class that he agreed to take with Porky. Lola dismisses Bugs’s explanation as a lie and vows to find out what’s really going on. Later, Lola walks past the dance class and spots Porky and the crossed-dressed Bugs through a window, dancing together. She also notices Speedy, who is the course’s instructor, which confuses her further. Determined to find out what is going on, Lola scales the building to the second floor and peers in through the window in time to see Bugs remove his wig. Lola realizes that the ugly woman is just Bugs taking a dance class with Porky and remembers that Bugs had already explained that to her.

Dee Dee and the Man[edit]

In Dee Dee and the Man, Lola was send by Ms. Mimi to her mission to find clues on the AllSpark. While on Earth she took from a rabbit in possibly a dump or a demolitions bay. Some Decepticon drones were also in Tranquility at a nearby construction site, so she confronted and destroyed the drones before any civilian casualties could ensue. detected a Cybertronian code matching that on an artifact owned by a boy named Harry but attacked by the Decepticon Hulking monster Krlo Believing that She knew the whereabouts of Smurfette, the Decepticon grappled with the little Autobot in an attempt to get him to speak; when her foe retorted that he would never disclose Smurfettes location, Krlo "made it official" by ripping out Lola Bunny's voice box and greviously injuring her by hurling her off a cliff. Before the Decepticon could execute her, however, Lola emerged triumphant by jamming one of Krlo's missiles into the Decepticon's superstructure, blowing Krlo to smithereens.

Her voice box damaged, her memory cells offline, and his body failing, the critically wounded Lola Bunny was able to limp to a nearby riverbank, and before entering stasis he was able to scan a new disguise: a jackrabbit. It was in this form that Lola remained for some time while she recovered, and at some point the derelict rabbit found its way to a run-down salvage yard in Brighton Falls, where it was sheeted and left to rust.

In August of that year Lola was finally awake that the Decepticon named Olts was also on Earth and threatening to take Harry and his Dinos So the Autobot had to incapacitate the arm-spinning, spike-punching, tantrum-throwing Decepticon while the humans escaped. Now that Lola knew of the Decepticons' growing involvement in finding the AllSpark's location, he obviously needed help. The only problem now with the Autobots' landing was their radar systems. The Decepticons had hacked radio towers throughout Tranquility to mess up any aircraft radar. Naturally, she went to the scene and destroyed the towers. With the Autobots having landed, it was time to find the Omnitrix.

Ms. Mimi explained to Harry Charley and others about the Omnitrix the importance of the glasses, and Humanity's fate. Before moving on the matter at hand Lola scan a tan Rabbit current version. Later, a government group called Sector Seven went after the Autobots with their helicopters and cars. After Milli's successful distraction, Sector Seven then switched their sights to her, who got captured, but then got away with the efforts of Ms. Mimi.

Sector Seven sent Lola Bunny to Hoover Dam. The Autobot immediately saw the AllSpark and a frozen Vilgax. After a mysterious blackout, she break free and started to shut down the power faster by ripping out the mainframe, blowing up the cooling fans, and removing nuclear canisters from their generators. Omnitrix was his, but she had to wait for it to shrink while fending off Sector Seven troops, a lot of Energon drones, and a defrosting Vilgax. (Oy!) Eventually, Harry and Charley got to the dam and fled with Lola Bunny to Mission City before the monstrous could get his huge, pointy clutches near the cube.

The Autobots' first priority was then keeping the cube from Vilgax. Unfortunately for Lola Bunny, she crashed into a building due to interference from energon drones generated by the cube's radiation. Rex and Larry came in and helped. While the rest of the Autobots fought the Decepticons, Lola Bunny had one final showdown with Glitch After a lot of punches, blasts, and flight chases Glitch finally went down for good. Vilgax then went to the scene and incapacitated the wounded Autobot with one shot from his fusion cannon. Lola urged the two humans to take the cube to Ms. Mimi for he could not go on any longer. For The Last Voyage Lola has decide to defeat The Kraangdroids with her fellow autobots and they head to the Island of Darkness to defeated but the Autobots have a rough time against Mandark.

Fed up with the interference, the Overlord creates a portal for his army, declaring that they will go to Ninjago City personally to finish the job leaving the heroes trapped on the Island of Darkness.

Meanwhile Lola and her fellow Autobots held back to Ninjago city proceeded to ascend the tower but only to be victim of the Overlord's corruption. Diamond Sister was forced to limp up to the top of the tower alone, where the Overlord was waiting. In the aftermath of the Overlord's defeat, all of his creations and corruption vanished. Lola reunited with her allies in the crater left by the Garmatron's disappearance.

After the battle was won by the Autobots, Lola struck a pose with the other remaining four as they listened in on Ms. Mimi's final speech.

In The Shelf, Lola stops by to congratulate Bugs on winning the Nobel Prize, but he’s too worried about his house flooding to pay her any attention. She thinks of this as arrogance, because he won the prize. Before she departs, Lola runs into Speedy, who now needs somewhere else to live, because of all the water in the house. Lola points out that Speedy is an adult and should have his own place, so she decides to help him find a new apartment. Once they find an apartment, Speedy says it’s too big. Lola tells him she’ll help him decorate, however she ends up decorating everything more to her liking than Speedy’s. Speedy decides to move back in with Bugs, when Lola asks him who will live in the apartment, he suggests she should. Lola says the apartment isn’t really her taste, but admits that it could work if she gets rid of the "Speedy Gonzales influence".

In Muh-Muh-Muh-Murder, Lola calls Bugs and tells him that she has broken her leg. Bugs rushes to Dr. Weisberg’s office and find’s Lola with her leg in a cast. Bugs asks her what happened and Lola proceeds to tell a story about her attempt to rescue a baby (which actually turns out to be an angry crow) from the top of a building. The story turns out to be completely irrelevant and Lola explains she broke her leg in Dr. Weisberg’s office while she was climbing up on the table to get a checkup. Bugs agrees to take care of her while she recovers and Lola moves in with Bugs temporarily as a “favor” to him to make it easier to care for her. Bugs immediately regrets the arrangement as he ends up having to deal with Lola’s antics in his own house for six weeks.

Season 2[edit]

In Bobcats on Three, Lola appears briefly at one of Bugs' parties, eating and chatting with Tina. This is the first episode to show off her new season outfit.

In You've Got Hate Mail, Lola convinces a reluctant Bugs to be in her family's yearly photo along with her her parents. However, before the shoot, Daffy accidently chips Bugs' tooth. When Lola sees his slight disfigurement, she lies and tells Bugs the shoot has been canceled. Bugs sees through the lie instantly and determines he will be in the photo to spite Lola. Lola attempts to get her parents to take the photo at a different location, so Bugs can't find them, but he manages to catch up to them anyway. During the resulting chase, Lola and her parents end up each chipping their teeth as well. Bugs manages to get in the photo, much to Lola's displeasure.

In Itsy Bitsy Gopher, Lola teams up with Daffy to find the missing Tosh Gopher. However, they were unsuccessful. At the end, she gets a pet gopher, which she names Frank.

In Rebel Without a Glove, Lola accepts Bugs' personality change, which is being a bad boy, much to her father's disapproval. Later, she is disappointed when Bugs sells his motorcycle.

Dee Dee and the Man 2[edit]

Since she hadn't seen combat in some time, Lola was sent through some retraining under Rex, Despite being fully combat certified, she was not deployed during the Shanghai mission. When the Decepticons learned of the Omnitrix used by Gwen and Dexter had left to Blossom. She was sent to rescue the girl and protect her from the drones dispatched to capture the shard. After a vicious fight, Blossom was air lifted to safety. After Monstrous of Vilgax was reborn and kidnapped Dexter Lola Bunny was sent to an industrial sector near his college to rescue the boy. She fought through twenty eight Decepticons while Larry hacked their processors to learn Dexter's location. Once she found Dexter at an abandoned foundry, she races him to the extraction point. However, the Decepticons sent reinforcements under Ganon/Meisterburger. Lola  was able to fight off the Decepticons and defeat him and safe Dexter. However, it was learned that some knowledge from the AllSpark had been absorbed into the boy when she kill Vilgax. Dexter was forced to go seek out Seymour Simmons to learn what was going on. Lola protected the boy while talked at the deli Simmons' mother owned. He told Lola  that he needed to get to the museum nearby to speak with Lapis from Steven Universe, fought off the Decepticons sent to destroy the museum long enough for Lapis to open a space bridge and take her and Dexter to Egypt.

Once there, Lapis explained what was going on: thousands of years ago, the Dynasty of Primes came to Earth to build a Star Harvester to convert Earth's sun into Energon. When they discovered the humans, twelve of the original Primes upheld the sanctity of life, but one Prime, forever known as The Fallen, betrayed and slaughtered his brothers. The machine was hidden from the Fallen, who went on to become the master of the Decepticons. The machine was hidden within the Great Pyramid of Giza, and Devastator was sent to destroy it and expose the harvester. On the way, he decided to terrorize the city of Cairo. Faced with the largest Decepticon ever seen, the Autobots decided that Lola  the smallest of the Autobots, would be a good choice to help NEST counter Devastator's rampage. Surprisingly enough, it worked: Lola was able to whittle down Devastator's cannons and missile launchers before finally defeating the beast.

In Semper Lie, Lola and Porky are lied to by Bugs about his "sister" Viola, because he secretly doesn't want to attend the peach festival with Porky.

In Father Figures, Lola stands by as her father and Bugs enter a father and son tennis tournament. She later enthusiastically cheers for them in the crowd.

In Customer Service, she tries to teach Tina how to be more positive by taking her to the mall and Tutty's.

In It's a Handbag, she goes searching for the perfect anniversary gift for Bugs, although it isn't actually their anniversary.

In A Christmas Carol, Lola tries to perk up the Christmas spirit of everyone in town by putting on a version of "A Christmas Carol", completely re-written by her. To help her, she recruited Bugs, Porky, Speedy, Yosemite and the Gophers. She then participates in a large pop song, with all the other main characters of the series, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

In Dear John, a miscommunication with letters causes her and Bugs to break up. She practices monastery for a year, while Bugs travels around the world to try to get over heartbreak. In the end, her and Bugs come back together, and discover it was all a misunderstanding.

In Daffy Duck Esquire, Lola assists Daffy pretend to be a lawyer by being Daffy's secretary, giving him a client that he doesn't want and making banana milkshakes and coffee.

Lola made a brief cameo in Spread Those Wings and Fly, where she is seen in a crowd scene. Here, she does not speak.

Lola also went through a series of events in The Black Widow, when she stole a diamond and forced Bugs to help her return it and made him help her find her mother's diamond bracelet, which she borrowed without asking. In the end, her bracelet was on her foot the whole time, much to Bugs' exasperation.

She appeared in the Merrie Melodies song "I Love To Sing-A," in Gribbler's Quest.

In The Shell Game, Lola drops by Bugs' and Daffy’s house, criticizing the appearance of the recliner Bugs bought. When Bugs questions the validity of her opinion, Lola claims that she has watched Design Divas, a show where "diva decorators change other diva’s lives once piece of furniture at a time". She then borrows Bugs' credit card to go swipe out the recliner for a better one.

At Home Warehouse, she and Daffy explore the different sections of the store for a better recliner. Lola goofs off and ends up getting stuck in a folding bed before being saved by Daffy. Once he accidentally uses the restroom in one of the display toilets, the duo are thrown out of the store. While they aren’t able to find a replacement recliner, Lola happily purchases a closet organizing system.

Lola makes a cameo in The Grand Old Duck of York. She is seen chattering on and on while Bugs zones out, due to his earbuds.

In Year of the Duck, Lola arrives at Bugs' house and looks through his mail. She excitedly tells Bugs that he’s been invited to host the Royal Oaks Glen Oaks Oakwood Oaks Beauty Pageant. While originally skeptical, Lola convinces him to accept the invitation. She tells him that all he has to do is show up and say "And the winner is..." and that the pageant helps reward scholarships to young women - she knows all of this since she competed once in the pageant as a lion tamer, before she was disqualified. Lola later meets Bugs at Pizzarriba, asking him how his plans for the pageant are going. She then explains that there is much more involved when being the host, and that Bugs must prepare many different choreographic dances for the pageant. Lola then shocks Bugs by telling him he must preform a stunt, in which he is shot out of a cannon - the reason why a new host is needed in the first place.


Described by Bugs in their first Merrie Melodie as a "very pretty lady, but crazy, crazy, crazy", Lola is considered physically beautiful and is usually nice to others, but is incredibly perky which causes her to talk constantly, speaking exactly what's on her mind and what she thinks is important to say which tends to annoy others (Bugs included). She quickly gets eager to have a relationship with someone who is being romantic to her (Bugs), as well as get her feelings "temporarily misplaced" to others who are also being romantic around her (Pepe in Members Only, and Daffy in Double Date). This could be in doubt, however, as her "infatuation" for Pepe wasn't expanded upon, and it was implied at the end of Double Date her attraction to Daffy was a ruse, possibly her plan to make Bugs jealous and make him admit that he is her boyfriend. She values her love for Bugs greatly, and will go at any length to see he feels the same for her. She will go so far as to seek him out when he's not responding to her and will do anything, even if it puts her own life at risk just to be with him. Although she sees Bugs as something of a saint and a "bad boy" combined and appears attracted to his appearance, intelligence, and his personality, Lola is not above criticizing his cross-dressing habits, finding his female disguises incredibly ugly. She even tried to keep him out of her family photo because she thought his chipped tooth would ruin it. This shows she places some importance on appearance and is a little shallow. While most likely not unintelligent and nonathletic, Lola's enthusiasm also causes her to be unfocused in sports (as shown in Members Only), and confuse certain things with others. She mistakes certain monuments as another one (Eiffel Tower - Stone Henge), what she's allergic to (pollen, even though the carrot soup she ate contains it), likes and dislikes (carrot soup, bread) and even records certain thoughts of what she was supposed to do to remind herself. She is also able to sew and play the organ. Her stalker obsession has been shown to go to extremes, to the point where it is implied she would be willing to abandon family and friends to be with the one she loves (as shown in "Double Date" and "Rebel without a Glove"). Despite this, she is still loyal to her friends and family and will help them and make sure they are happy. Ironically, she is also not the best at listening to others. Nonetheless, she is a kind, helpful (if not somewhat nosy person), absent minded, talkative person filled with exuberant energy and wants to spread her happiness and optimistic thinking to others and wants to spend as much time with her friends, family, and boyfriend as much as possible.

Physical Appearance[edit]

Lola is seen with tan fur, and has a blond bang of hair. Her outfit usually consists of a dress with two stripes (one on the waist, and one on the bottom). Throughout season 1, her dress is purple and her stripes are yellow. In season 2, her dress is bright blue with white stripes. She also wears either a matching hair band, or a bow on her ears (purple season 1, blue season 2). A patriotic version of her outfit appears in "President's Day". Originally in Looney Tunes: Laff Riot, her outfit was set to be the same as her ones throughout the show, albeit a dark teal blue, with lighter stripes. Though in the pilot for Laff Riot, she was also set to have her dress short sleeved. In Looney Tunes: Rabbits Run, her outfit was the same as season 2, but had yellow stripes instead of white, which makes it a combination of both of her outfits from The Looney Tunes Show. Though, it appears less vibrant due to the film's coloration.


Bugs Bunny[edit]

Lola and Bugs first met at the Royal Oaks Glen Oaks Oakwood Oaks Country Club while playing tennis separately. Upon first sight, they fell for one another, with Bugs even commenting she's perfect for him. However, he loses belief that they are made for each other after realizing their personality contradictions. Lola did not immediately see the relationships flaws, and almost married him before leaving him at the altar.

She later bought him at a bachelor auction and tried to reconcile their romance, to a partial success. Although Bugs would not admit their relationship until he was tricked into proclaiming his role as her boyfriend. Currently, Bugs is still reluctant to be more involved with Lola, yet he has shown support from time to time. Although Lola is sometimes confused by Bugs, it has been shown many times that she's truly in love with him.

Tina Russo[edit]

When Lola and Tina first met, Lola was "attracted" to Daffy. After hearing that Daffy invited Tina on a romantic dinner for two, an outraged Lola becomes "furious" with Tina, competing with her for Daffy's affection. In the end, Lola "goes back" to loving Bugs, after he admits that he is her boyfriend.

So far they have socialized positively. When Tina's boss fires her after she mistreats a customer. Her boss advises  her that she should have someone teach her how to be "positive and upbeat." So Lola agrees to help Tina become less annoyed by people, with poor results. In "Daffy Duck Esquire", Lola told Daffy that he needed to prove himself to Tina's dad if he wanted to stay with her and how lucky Daffy was to be dating such a nice woman, since he had no money, class, education or job. She also helped Tina get ready for a beauty paegent in "Year of Duck".

Daffy Duck[edit]

She was in "love" with him until Bugs reminds him that she is his. They hang out every now and then like in Itsy Bitsy Gopher when they search for Tosh. They also hang out when Bugs isn't around or when Tina is working.