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Saeed safari

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Saeed Safari is a professional Iranian Mixed martial arts instructor (MMA) and he lives in Tehran province. Master Saeed Safari is a national champion and a former member of the national wushu and boxing team of Iran. He is the instructor of several world and Asian champions in the fields of wushu, boxing and martial arts.

Saeed safari
saeed safari
saeed safari
Born Tehran, Iran
🏳️ Nationality Iranian
💼 Occupation Master and Instructor

Former member of

the national wushu

and boxing team

📆 Years active   2008-present
Honors -Country Wushu Champion

-Three championship of national


-MMA master



He started his sport with gymnastics at the age of 4, and from the age of 7 when he was interested in martial arts Because of its intensity to Bruce Lee , he traveled to Tehran to training with the founders and professors of Jet Kun Do. He is one of the founders, technical instructors and national trainers and is one of the smartest and well-trained martial arts instructors in Iran. He has trained gymnastics and has a professional background in sports.

He has been very interested in various sports since his childhood and currently has a bachelor's degree in physical education and is a student in the field of physical education and sports sciences. According to Dana White, the founder of UFC, Bruce Lee is the father of mixed martial arts, and Bruce Lee's style has been the beginning of MMA in the world. he Is the most technical and one of the top 4 martial arts instructors in Iran .sifu Saeed Safari is a Class A Martial Arts Instructor in Iran who has federal and official coaching: Professional Boxing, Jeet Kun Do Bruce Lee, Wing Chun, Wushu, Muay Thai, Fitness and Top Class MMA Mixed Martial Arts Coaching in Iran.

Complete list of Honors[edit]

National wushu champion and former member of the Iranian national wushu team, one of the most technical and intelligent national players in Iran and invited to be sent to world competitions also invited to contract with the Chinese Professional Wushu League
Three boxing championship and former member of the Iranian national boxing team, with the Iranian boxing cup technique
MMA champion and participating in prestigious world and international cage competitions, but without setting a record and Sherdog
participating in world tournaments
One of the best and most technical coaches in terms of technique and on of the top 4 martial arts and boxing trainers in Iran
Instructor of several national boxing, wushu and martial arts champions in Iran and Asia
Private coach of a number of Iranian actors, singers and celebrities
Sifu degree in Martial Arts from the World Organization that equates to a doctorate in physical education in universities


~Master and technician Wing Chun instructor

~Instructor of Jeet Kun do Bruce Lee in Iran

~Professional Muay Thai trainer Boxing coach with nearly 10 years of professional boxing practice in Iran

~Wushu instructor in three styles of wushu


saeed safari
saeed safari
Saeed Safari 2.jpg


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