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Made to Measure Wardrobes: Perfect for Customization

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Bored with your current bedroom decor and want to upgrade it? Consider investing in made-to-measure wardrobes for a custom look that adds style and is functional and tailored to your needs. Get inspired by ideas for customizing the perfect wardrobe here!

Consider all the accessories to make organizing easy[edit]

When customizing your Made to Measure Wardrobes, don’t forget to consider all the accessories that come into play. Shelving, drawers and hanging bars are essential for organizing and keeping everything you need within easy reach. Add small items, such as hooks, baskets or boxes for jewellery or personal items, to maximize the use of your space and have everything tucked away and looking neat.

Small Walk-in Wardrobe with Dressing Table Set
Small Walk-in Wardrobe with Dressing Table Set

1. Space-Saving: Made to measure wardrobes are specifically designed to fit your unique space and needs. This means they can be customised to make the most of every square inch of your bedroom, creating ample storage without wasting any valuable space.

2. Highly Durable: Custom-made wardrobes are built to last through rigorous use and frequent opening and closing, making them highly durable and reliable for long-term use.

3. Unique Design Options: Most people assume that made to measure wardrobes have limited design options, but this is untrue; you have complete control over the design of your wardrobe from the material used, such as wood or plastic, the handles and hinges, the doors' style, internal lighting, colour choices and more.

4. Improved Protection: People sometimes need to remember about security regarding their closets, but with custom-made wardrobes, you can choose a high quality lock to keep your items safe at all times. This is especially important if you want extra protection against thieves or curious children!

5. Walking Closet: By choosing a made-to-measure wardrobe option, you not only gain extra wardrobe space but also enable yourself with a luxurious walking closet experience since they come with options such as insides shelves and rails for accommodating multiple items easily in one go meaning you avoid cluttering up your bedroom floor!

6. Cost Efficient: Apart from being aesthetically pleasing and practical, custom fitted wardrobes are also cost-efficient due to their built-in nature. There are no additional construction costs involved in paying for them compared to buying ready-made ones that require bulky furniture installation fees.

7. Compatibility With Other Furniture Items: Due to its one customised size feature, MTM moves smoothly with other furniture around, so you don't have to worry much while purchasing it, nor worry if it fits nicely into a room ensemble where it's going be placed in future!