Mahabub Alam Chisty

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Mahabub Alam Chisty
Shah Sufi Md. Mahabub Alam Chisty Nizami Alfakheri (Rh).jpg
Born23 June, 1929 (বাংলা:৯ই আষাঢ় ১৩৩৬)
West Bengal, India
Died23 July 1997(1997-07-23) (aged 68) (বাংলা:৮ই শ্রাবণ ১৪০৪ & Arabic: 18 Rabi' al-awwal)
West Bengal, India
Main interest(s)Sufism
Sufi orderChistiyya

Mahabub Alam Chisty, Also known as Al-Hajj Khwaza Shah Sufi Mohammed Mahabub Alam Chisti Nizami Al Fakheri (Rh) {আলহাজ্ব খাজা শাহ সুফি মোঃ মহবুব আলম চিশতী নিজামী আলফাখেরী (রঃ)}. He is one of the most famous Sufi Spiritual leader (Peer) in Bengal. Most of his follower are from West Bengal, Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. His predecessors were Monsur Ali Chisty, Abdul Rashid Chisty, Shah Safatullah Chisty. In that sequence, they constitute the initial spiritual chain or silsila of the Chishti order, widely prevalent in the Indian subcontinent. His peer Khwaja Shah Sufi Monsur Ali Chisty is from Bangladesh. His dargah located in Village:Kaluttak, Dist: East Barddhaman or Burdwan, State: West Bengal in India. Mahabub Alam Chisty had much influence on Sufism in Bengal. As he continued and developed the traditional ideas of universal brotherhood and charity within the Chisti order. He forms an important part of the Sufi movement by build a Sufi Missionary Organization name is "BHARATIYA MANSURIA ANJUMAN" which attracted many people to Islam in India and Bangladesh. People of every religions like Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, etc. visiting his Dargah.

Born 23 June, 1929 (বাংলা:৯ই আষাঢ় ১৩৩৬) at a small village name Kaluttak, district- Burdwan, state- West Bengal in India. Death 23 July 1997 (বাংলা:৮ই শ্রাবণ ১৪০৪ & Arabic: 18 Rabi' al-awwal).

Early Life[edit]

He was born in a very poor family. In his childhood age most of the day his family, did not have to eat anything. Some of days they eat boil rice only. Most influential person in his life is his Mother Mabudia Khatun Chisty and Most supporting person in his life is his grandfather (from mother side) Munsi Isahaq Chisty. He has 3 brothers and one sisters. Also he has 2 wives, 2 sons and 4 daughters. Elder son Khwaja Khurshid Alam Chisty is Present Gaddinshin Peer after Mahabub Alam Chisty and Presend President of BHARATIYA MANSURIA ANJUMAN (Non Communal, Non Political, Nationalist Spiritual Sufi Missionary Organization Estd. 1969 * Regd No. S/40136) founded by Mahabub Alam Chisty.

Mahabub Alam Chisty has completed his study with very difficulty because of money problem of his family. When he was a high school student he has started selling vegetables which helped his family. After his graduation he has join as a Imam of a Mosque or Masjid. Later he join Nityanandapur Vilage Primary School as a teacher. By his support his two brother also became teacher.

Later Life[edit]

Second half of his life, he has meet Peer Khwaja Monsur Ali Chisti from Bangladesh that completely changed his life. From an accomplished teacher, Mahabub Alam Chisty was transformed into an Sufi mystic, saint and scholar. After a long time initiation, he got Khilafat from his Peer Khwaja Monsur Ali Chisti for spreading Peace and Love within people. Many people start bay'ah to his hand and became his Murid. He has visit many places in India and Bangladesh and feel very bad for people's life, Education, etc and later he asked his Peer Khwaja Monsur Ali Chisti for social work. His Peer Khwaja Monsur Ali Chisti give order him to make an Missionary Organization in India and Later he has founded a Non Communal, Non Political, Nationalist Spiritual Sufi Missionary Organization name "Bharatiya Mansuria Anjuman" in 1969. Mission of Bharatiya Mansuria Anjuman (Regd No. S/40136) are 1. Siksha 2. Seva 3. Sanskriti 4. Sahitya 5. Sangathan

He also founded a Magazine name "Satyabak" or "সত্যবাক". He has wrote many islamic books on the base of ma'rifa, Haqiqa, tariqa and Sharia. Anjame fatiha (আঞ্জামে ফাতেহা) is his one of most famous book.


1. Anjame Fatiha (আঞ্জামে ফাতেহা) 2. Zulfiqar-E-Ali (KW) {জুলফিকার-ই-আলি (কঃ)} 3. Maulude Mansuri (মৌলুদ মানছুরী) 4. Zinda Pir (জিন্দা পীর) 5. Anjali (আঞ্জলী)


1. Groups roots for communal harmony

2. আলহাজ্ব শাহ মোঃ মহবুব, আলম চিশতী (1966). আঞ্জামে ফাতেহা. Search this book on Logo.png 1st publication: 1966, 2nd: 1976, 3rd: 1996, Published by Bharatiya Mansuria Anjuman, Print: মুকুল মুদ্রায়ণ কুষ্টিয়া

3. আলহাজ্ব শাহ মোঃ মহবুব, আলম চিশতী (1973). মৌলুদে মানছু্রী. Search this book on Logo.png

4. আলহাজ্ব শাহ মোঃ মহবুব, আলম চিশতী (1967). আঞ্জালি. Search this book on Logo.png 1st publication: 1967 (বঙ্গাব্দঃ ১৩৮৬, ১৩ই ভাদ্র), 2nd: 1982 (বঙ্গাব্দঃ ১৩৮৯), 3rd: 2004 (বঙ্গাব্দঃ ১৪১১) Publication: Zero Point Publication

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