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Melvin Jones Gallano Repol

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Melvin Jones Gallano Repol
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Picture of Melvin Jones Gallano Repol
Quezon City
🏡 ResidenceCaloocan City
🏳️ NationalityFilipino
🏫 EducationB.S in Information Technology
💼 Occupation
📆 Years active  2021-present
🏡 Home townCaloocan City
💪 Weight50 kg 50 kg (110 lb)
TitleSoftware Engineer
🌐 Website
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Melvin Jones Gallano Repol (born June 13, 2002) is a young software engineer[1] who has shown remarkable skills in full stack web developmet[2], SEO[3], data analytics[4], embedded system design with arduino programming[5], hardware & software troubleshooting[6] and PWA[7]. He is best known for creating Webvium Browser[8] and Orion Chatbot[9] other awesome projects that provides various features and functions to showcase his skills in software engineering and full stack web development. He continued to hone his skills during his teenage years.

Personal Life[edit]

Melvin Jones, was raised in Caloocan City, Philippines[10]. Growing up in Caloocan City, he had a strong sense of community and developed a deep appreciation for the culture and traditions of his hometown. Despite facing various challenges in his upbringing, Melvin was determined to succeed and pursued his passion for technology, ultimately becoming a self-taught programmer.


Melvin Jones' success as a programmer is a testament to the power of self-learning and determination. Despite lacking formal training, Melvin pursued his passion for programming while studying Computer System Servicing at the South East Asia Institute of Trade and Technology[11]. He took the initiative to teach himself by scouring the internet for materials, codes, and tutorials that he could use to hone his skills. By doing so, Melvin developed a strong foundation in programming that allowed him to create successful applications like WebView Browser and Lyrics Applications for popular artists such as Linkin Park[12] and Alan Walker[13].

His dedication to creating user-friendly and accessible applications also speaks to his commitment to sharing his knowledge with others. He not only developed applications for entertainment purposes, but also designed learning apps like the C Programming Tutorial[14] and Web Development Tutorial. These apps were created with the intention of helping others learn programming and web development without an internet connection, demonstrating Melvin Jones's desire to make programming more accessible to those who are interested in it.

His story is an inspiration to aspiring programmers everywhere. By embracing the power of self-learning and sharing his knowledge with others, he has achieved remarkable success in his field. Melvin Jones's passion for programming and his willingness to work hard and learn on his own terms serve as a reminder that anyone can achieve their goals if they have the right mindset and dedication.


Melvin Jones is a young student who has a keen interest in the field of information and communication technology. In 2018, he enrolled in the South East Asia Institute of Trade and Technology to study Information and Communication Technology[15]. During his time at the institution, Melvin Jones gained valuable knowledge and skills that would help him achieve his career aspirations in the technology industry. He studied at the institute until 2020 before moving on to pursue his academic career further.

After completing his studies at South East Asia Institute of Trade and Technology, Melvin Jones continued his education at Bestlink College of the Philippines[16] in 2021. He is currently pursuing a course in Information Technology[17] major in Information Management[18], a field that he is passionate about. Melvin Jones is an ambitious student who is dedicated to achieving his goals in the technology industry, and he believes that the education he is receiving at Bestlink College will help him reach his full potential.

His academic journey is a testament to his commitment to pursuing a career in information and communication technology. His determination to gain knowledge and skills in this field is evident in his choice of courses and his decision to continue his education beyond the basic level. As he continues to study, Melvin Jones looks forward to acquiring more expertise in information technology and using his skills to make a meaningful contribution to the industry.


Webvium App Icon[20]
Webvium Browser[edit]

A lightweight, material design, full featured android web browser. It stand as one of his notable projects with a thousands total downloads and gain positive reviews.

Webvium VPN App Icon[21]

It featured customization, lightweight, fast, material designed, total browsing control, privacy protection, you in control, manage space, adblocker and other cool features.[22][edit]

his is where i showcase my projects, landing pages, tools and other awesome things.

Webvium VPN[edit]

With help of his friend Samiun Nafis[23]. Inspired by the Webvium, they build a VPN that is lightweight, fast, simple, secured and private.

Orion Chatbot[edit]

Meet the lightning-fast Facebook Messenger chatbot, seamlessly managing multiple accounts with access to 271 commands. With distinct privileges for admins, owners, roots, and users, it's the lightweight solution for efficient and personalized interactions.

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